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  1. ah thats cool, thanks for the help anyway. i havent got to PP yet. eveyone said he was really hard. harder then the blood queen (which i loved btw) ill look other places for help. are you loving chakra? power word santray is my fav spell. i love it. and you can have the hole room all shiney. we had the whole of the room for blood queen all shiney. was epic! lol my HPS was like 9k too, was really good for me. WOOP
  2. hey you couldnt help with sindrgoza and pp also linch king. they the last ones i have left. keep failing in sin. she is hardcore! and also scary! also are you a priest? what do you think of the priest changes?
  3. its cool i got it down. on my sever no groups seems to get past plauge wing its its been a lil annoying! i have to pug it thats why! but i hope to soon!
  4. thanks for all that, ive pugged upto the dreamweaver and all the plaugewing, couldnt of done it so well without for help. thanks again!
  5. ive done the same, most of my spells are bound to healbot for 1 click action. some them im unable to bind i use bartender with a bar next to heal bot for quick click. thank you for all the information its so fantastic!
  6. thats great thanks! i use healbot not grid! find it easier and also keep an eye on aggro too
  7. wow that is bloody fantastic, real big help. thank u thank u
  8. i do have raiding experience though not a raiding noob!
  9. BIG ICC noob only done lord marrowgar, and i was the only one left alive lol! i use arcane torrent all the time! best racel spell in my books! lol
  10. just going to start healing icc, anyone got any tips, crib sheats tatics that can help for the bosses. ive been lookin online but its all kinda the same! thanks guys
  11. i dont know how to feel about this. but im going to ask a few durp questions. 31 points in say holy> then we get penence or mindflay? or do we not get the other spell?
  12. that would be perfect. id like to see IOQD showing the sunwell change, also a few draeni still there, i kind of church of the sunwell idea! also a clean up team with day quests that are helping rebuild! and lastly a shiny new silvermoon!
  13. bet they have done nothing to the sunwell either, just the quests!