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  1. And I'll make another post! I've shown this picture off to a few friends of mine, and they're 1) Very jealous of me because you're not taking commissions anymore, and 2) Blown away at the accuracy of how they look. <3333333333333333333
  2. <p>So you like it then? I'm glad. =)</p>


    <p>-hugs and glomps and all sorts of stuff-</p>

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    <p>There you go! I'm sorry I couldn't give you the disc/shadow bubbles you asked was too difficult with my markers and i ended up having to erase them on the computer. Any digital attempt I made failed as well. =(</p>

    <p>If there is an issue, let me know.</p>

  5. *points to Ada's pictures and squeals* AMG YOU ARE LIKE REAL LIVE CHIBI!!!!! *puts on her bed next to her stuffed monkey* ...ok, So I have stuffed winged monkey on my bed. He's cuddly!
  6. <p>I will come down to visit, then! We will make plans.</p>

  7. <p>But Kentucky is awesome...sorta.</p>

  8. <p>I don't wanna live in Kentucky! But the rest of it sounds like a plan!</p>

  9. <p>So, I has a proposition for ya. Move down here. You can has my job, and I will stay home with the kids. We can have oodles of them and get on welfare and eat lobster forever. How's that sound?</p>

  10. Changed my mind. There's still a lot of work to be done with my story. Maybe next time.
  11. PART TWO: ---------- The next morning --------------- "T'chu, you crazy beast! Stop digging through my bags while I sleep!" Anne was flitting about her makeshift campsite on the outskirts of Shattrath, looking quite disheveled and feeling even more hysterical. Her mounting Raptor, T'chu, simply screeched and sniffed at the dirt around the smothered campfire from the night before. Hastily, Anesta collected her change of clothing, bits of food (With raptor teeth marks in it, no less), and the leather drape she used for cover and stuffed them all into an oversized bag that Haris Pilton said would 'Hold just about anything you need!' For a large amount of gold, it had better, Anesta thought as she crammed her things into the satchel. She loaded it onto T'chu's back, latching it to her saddle, before mounting the raptor. T'chu, slightly displeased with the weight, screeched in disapproval. "I know, I know." Her soft hand patted the raptor's head as she dug her heels into its flanks. "Come along, dear. We've a ways to go, and there are too many enemies to stay put." And the journey began. The morning light that dared to peek through the twisted branches overhead was warm, and Anesta smiled when it touched her cheeks. But the light turned from warm to cold as the pair passed through the Thicket. Her vision grew hazy as the sounds of groans and whispers filled her mind. For a moment, she felt drawn to the midst, and turned T'chu's reins to go deeper. "No, Little One. That is not your fight." The deep, gruff voice broke her from the daydream as a heavy hand clamped around her ankle. She turned around, prepared to scream. But her eyes met the gentle gaze of a Tauren, Tavgren. "Oh! But, you've startled me!" Anesta clutched at her chest, trying to calm her racing heart. The old Earthbinder simply shook his head, and pointed beyond him, to the east. "Your fight, Little One, lies past this mystery. Do not let the magics confound your mind." She nodded thankfully, and tugged her reigns to lead T'chu further down the worn path. The raptor snorted, but obeyed and began plodding along further. They stood outside the entrance to Tuurem for a long while as Anesta contemplated their next action. To go in? Or, go around? The boy could be anywhere, but confrontations would pull time away from his recovery. T'chu was never really a patient type of animal. Before Anne could make up her mind, he charged into the ruins, trampling the first wrekt he saw, which just so happened to be a Seer. "T'chu!" Anesta dismounted, and the raptor purred and clucked at his decision. Anne knelt down by the seer, touching its head to try and heal it. "PAH!" The wrekt spat a bloodied wad of goop on her robe. "Your magic...feeble. Never find him." Its split and bruised lips peeled back to give a toothless grin to the elf before its eyes rolled back in its head. Anesta jerked her hand back as if the wrekt could scorch her fingers. She shook her head, and climbed back onto T'chu's saddle. "No more confrontations. I don't think he's here." The Sun began rising higher as they trod along the road, T'chu's panting keeping time with Anne's nervous heartbeat. Things around the forest seemed quiet enough, with the gnashing of warp stalker's teeth and the howls of timber worgs echoing in the distance. At last, the first smoldering ruin of the Allerian Stronghold came into view. She stopped to memorize where she was, the surroundings, as she knew she'd have to return here soon. Clicking her tongue, she gave her reigns a sharp jerk and headed back into the treeline.
  12. I'll sub,it "To Prove Onesself" Just to say I've submitted something. It'll be finished by Sunday.
  13. PART ONE: The sunlight poured through a crack in the curtains, warming Anesta's room as it rose over Shattrath. The squeals and giggles of children slowly crept up the stairs and joined with the sunlight to make the priestess's alarm clock. "MISS ANNIE!" The pitter patter of small feet and disjointed knuckle-raps against her door meant no sleeping late in the orphanage today. "Coming.." Anesta's soft voice was half-muffled from her comforter, and as she slowly sat up against her pillows, her door gave under the persistence of the children. They clamored to her, jumping onto her bed and pouncing the elf. "Ack! Children! O-okay, dears, I'm up!" "Miss Annie, a letter came for you!" An orc girl squeaked as her green eyes popped over the foot of the bed. "Oh, did it now?" Anesta tucked her comforter around her waist, and began tying the collar to her nightgown, as it had come undone while she slept. "And who could have written this letter, hm? Was it you Jeren?" Her blue eyes narrowed at the Draenei boy that was still jumping on her bed. He quickly sat down, and shook his head. "Nah, not me this time, miss Annie." Anesta's arms flung open, and she grinned widely at the orphans. "Well, no matter! Come and give miss Annie a hug before breakfast!" And with the invitation, she was piled on by every child until there was a mass of legs, elbows, and smiles on the bed. "Now, let's scoot downstairs so we can have breakfast. Because..." "It's the bestest meal of the day!" the children sang in unison before toppling from the hug pile, and bounding through the doorway. Anne chuckled, closing the door behind them, and locking it. She went to her dresser where a bowl, towel, and pitcher of cool water waited. She hummed happily to herself as she poured the water into the bowl before replacing it. Her hands reached for the water, scooping it and then quickly splashing it to her face. She gasped, and shook her head as the shock woke her completely. Dripping fingers fumbled for the towel, and she snatched the soft fabric and patted her face dry. Walking across to the closet, she quickly pulled her plain Matron robes from the selection before stripping away her nightgown, and dressing. As she did normally, she pulled her hair from her face, and tied it back with a ribbon, paying no mind to the damp tendrils that stuck to her forehead and jaw. Anesta could hear the children laughing and dishes clinking as she came down the stairs. Her smile quickly faded as her bright eyes met the cold, distant gaze of the Orphan Matron. "Lady Anesta." The woman's voice was oddly calloused this morning, which could only mean a tragedy had occurred. "Yes, ma'am? Is..something the matter?" Her slender fingers joined and rested before her as she waited to hear the news. "There is..a letter of the utmost importance waiting for you in my office. Go, quickly, before the children see you and wish for their story." Anesta bowed her head. "As you say, ma'am." Her footsteps were light, but to Anesta, her slippers felt like they were encased in iron. Her hands shook as she reached for the Matron's doorknob, and she turned it was if every motion pained her. Gulping, she shoved the door open, and pushed herself to pluck the letter from the woman's desk. It was opened, obviously. Anesta had little privacy in the orphanage, but she also never had anything to hide, so the open mail was normal. Her Cerulean eyes scanned the handwriting, and as each word sunk in, her face paled considerably. High Priestess Anesta, I am a guard of the Allerian Stronghold in Terrokar, and I bear no ill will in this message. In fact, your compassion is known to every elf, draenei, human, and orc in these lands. Your proclivity to help any and all is why I write to you now. My son, Ishah, has gone missing. He was last seen by a messenger, playing on the ruined bridge of the Stronghold two days past. I had hoped it was merely a boyish prank, running away from home to worry an old man like me, but his treasured belongings are still here in his room. After my own search had proven in vain, I was told to bring my plight to you. Attached is a photograph from a gnomish machine. It should prove useful to you. I beg of you, Lady, bring my boy home, and make a father happy once more. ~K Anne sunk to her knees in the Matron's office, her eyes brimming with tears as the image of a smiling human boy began to tear at her heart. Had her deeds given her a reputation as a hero? A lump formed in her throat, and she choked as she tried to swallow her tears. 'Who am I to save this life? I'm only a protector...' "It is grave news, indeed, Anesta," The Matron stood in the doorway behind her, wrinkled face hardening under a stern gaze. "But you must do what is asked, when a child is involved. You -must- fulfil your duty as a matron, and as a Priestess, to protect life." Anne whipped around, her reddened face frozen in shock and horror. The letter was crumpled in her shaking fists as she spoke. "B-but...I am not a hero! I am no detective to uncover the missing child! I could care for him after, yes, treat his wounds and troubled mind, but that is as far as my power goes!" Unable to keep her composure any longer, tears began dripping down her cheeks, landing in neat circles on her hands and the letter. The Matron simply sighed, and knelt down to place a reassuring hand on Anne's shoulder. "My child, when you came to me for shelter those years ago, I saw something. A power, a strength, something inside that carried you through your trials to my doorstep. You must rely on that, little one, and never forget your faith in the Light." Anesta leaned into the comforting bosom of the Matron, and wept in her arms.
  14. -squeals!- I do so adore your artwork! There's so much character in their expressions!