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  1. <p>Did you go horde again? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/unsure.png" alt=":/" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/unsure@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  2. It's resolved, then. All those Horde, or "Horde" or whatever they wish to be known as are little more than dead to me. It's just a matter of making it offical. The Praetorian Guard is too narrow sighted. Once they understand that my ideals are the ones that make changes in this world, maybe they will ask for me to rejoin their ranks. I am considering refusing them, but that's all in due time. For now, I just bide my time and wait...He who rushes headlong into battle is usually the first killed, and that defeats the purpose of what I am going for. We have information of Svetlaena, of Ugraz, of many others who wish to see us destroyed. Their efforts are in vain. All of them shall firsthand witness the wrath of Elune. Elune-Adore. -Saruron Shadowhisper
  3. Saruron read the paper, knowing that he was asked about it in the past. He was somewhat dismayed to learn that Svetlaena had an article in the paper...and it was about something that was not only wrong, but downright insane. Perhaps he could write a letter to the editor and find out how he can contact the Sindorei about the "grave error" in her article...
  4. Well, I suppose this was a long time coming. I have left Praetorian Guard, probably for good. Their weak-willed leadership to purge the number one threat of the Alliance can't be ignored any more. If they lack the leadership, the insight, and the ability to take down our enemies, then I will do it without them. I will not wait days to take action, but instead do it immediately. Now that I am not under the restraints of others, this will no longer be an issue. It's sad that I had to abandon a group that had so much potential, but Paladins...they don't think about the people. They think about the Light and rightiousness. They lack the nerve to strike our enemies where it hurts. Cavanaugh doesn't seem to realize that the Crusade was backed by the Knights of the Ebon Blade, who were not restricted by foolish things like morals. They did what needed done. Why couldn't they? In any case, no more problems. I will be defending Stormwind my way from here on out. Elune-Adore. -Saruron Shadowhisper
  5. -This entry has been scribbled out.- Hasty assumptions. I have my worries, and i do believe she has betrayed us, but my thoughts don't matter. Things will continue as planned.
  6. Why do you enjoy torture? I want to give you a metal, but that would mean promoting this horrible exercise. And yes, I admit this is kinda old, but it's kinda like a bottle of wine: It enhances it's flavor over time. Or, in this case, it acts like a piece of cheese and rapidly degrades. Either one works. Also, I learned that Issue 8 is VERY MUCH NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I did not know this. I advise against even looking at that issue.
  7. I have good news for you. There's 10 of these damned things. I'm on "comic" 3 at the moment. It gets so, so, so worse.
  8. NOTE: This challenge will be extremely difficult if you are a fan of monsters that fit in your pocket, or of a hedgehog that moves at sonic speeds. DOUBLE NOTE: This fanfiction is 100% safe for work. Maybe not so much for sanity. http://thedailypos.org/misc/sonichu/Issue%200/ THERE ARE 9 ISSUES OF THIS. THIS IS JUST ISSUE "0". *Scores* My co-worker, Jake, got to page 7 before he said, "Screw this stupid ****". My friend, Neesa, got to page 1 before she said, "Yeah, I'm not going past the first page." HOW FAR CAN YOU MAKE IT?! BONUS: As mentioned, there's like 10 of these things. As you progress, you will learn that this innocent 23-ish year old (29 now) has quite a few repressed issues... I was not aware at the time, but this develops from a horrible fanfiction to a very pathetic life story. Please read at your own risk. http://thedailypos.org/misc/sonichu/
  9. (Internet issues. Sigh.) And here I am again. I realize every time I write in this little book, it's because something is annoying me, and I have no other outlet for it. Due to Nika's capture, my investigation is put to a halt. While I still do have my worries of Nika's loyality (and her capture here only helps fuel it still), she has proven herself on numerous occasions, and I will invest whatever resources necessary to help rescue her from The Grim. There is, of course, the threat from the Infection...while they won't try to take her from The Grim, they will sure as hell try to take her from us. It's going to be a complex situation. And time is not on our side. We need to get this going, but Janaelle is saying we have to wait. Why? We defeat The Grim on a regular basis. What's stopping us now? I will trust in whatever her and Creedy have planned, but...as I said, time is not on our side. Ugraz confronted me in Stormwind. He told me of a nightmare he was having, and how if he does not defeat some sort of monster, he will die. I really did not understand what he was talking about, but he certainly seemed bothered, for once. Not the overconfident, foolish self he usually was. To be honest, I prefered this sudden change, but I know it won't last. I gave him whatever information I could, as well as someone who was with me at the moment. Most of this entry will be dealing with one by the name of Arevig. She is a Priestess of the Light who, in stark contrast to most of Stormwind, doesn't seem beyond half-way insane. I have enjoied my conversations with her, but I feel I may of made an error with my actions. She gave me a rose one night, and asked me to promise her one in return. I kept my promise by planting the rose in a secluded spot in Ashenvale. I showed her it today, and she seemed excited for the idea. I was somewhat worried she would of disapproved. However, I also learned that she had feelings for me. Feelings...the downfall of so many heroes of our time. Closest to home, Staghelm let his emotions take ahold of him, and as such, he was made little more than a pawn. He was used to simply further the goals of others against his own kind. A traitor of the worst kind. I am not going to falter due to something as foolish as emotions. She would be a burden, something my enemies could take advantage of. I wouldn't repeat Staghelm's mistake. I told her that I would not repay her emotions. She didn't stop smiling. She didn't stop...why? I don't understand. I explained to her that investing emotions into one who deals with violence on a daily basis was nothing but a waste of time. I don't understand... Regardless, I won't let it bother me. I have Elune to the left of me, and death to the right. They will be my only companions until all enemies of the Kaldorei are eliminated. I will not let myself be burdened by emotions. I will probably write again when Nika is rescued. I'm probably going to need to. Elune-Adore. -Saruron Shadowhisper
  10. With new events to strain on my mental state of well being, so too is there a new journal entry. That is how it works. An update on the investigation: The leader of the 73rd gave me a roster of all the female Dwarves in his unit. One was last seen in Tirisfal Glades...not a promising sign. She will be the first to be interviewed, but the head Dwarf and Janaelle should be there...I do believe, however, that this will be a promising start. Ugraz came by in his disguise again. He wanted to be "friendly" with me. Why would I be friendly with someone who recklessly attacks civilians, both Horde and Alliance alike? It would maybe be different if it was only the former, but it's clear he's missing something in the head. He wanted me to join some bizarre attack on Orgrimmar, claiming that defenses would be weak. I don't know how many "brothers" he has, but I doubt he has enough to overtake a capital city, even with my help. After this confrontation, me and the Guard went to the battlegrounds. The new recruits listened well, and we were victorious in most of the battlegrounds. This is a good sign for things to come. Earlier in the day, a Priestess by the name of Arevig came by the Blue Recluse. I have respect for the woman: She seems to understand the importance of balance, as I do. Light and Shadow...the world cannot exist without both. If all the world was Light, there would be no Shadows, and if there was only Shadow, there would be no Light. Both of these extremes lead to problems. She is hiding something, though. She wears these obnoxiously huge glasses/goggles, and is VERY uncomfortable about taking them off. It's clear her eyesight is not hindered by them, as she claims...I will confront her about it another time. That's all for this entry. Once we begin the interviewing of the female Dwarves in the 73rd, I will have probably something new to write about. Of course, the less I have to write about, the better, but-- Abrupt conclusion. Some Worgen are trying to kill each other in the Blue Recluse again. I go to these taverns to relax, but instead I have to babysit. I am thankful Elune has blessed me with an abnormal amount of patience. Elune-Adore. -Saruron Shadowhisper
  11. She is little more than a wretched, twisted soul that cannot tolerate change. New allies arise, and while bad blood exists, we must understand how it can help us reach our ultimate goals. Last I heard, she was being held captive by guards for murdering a mage. Hopefully she'll rot. And maybe next time people will heed my warnings.
  12. I have some mixed feelings about the game. Granted, I'm not gonna pre-order it, and I never got an invite to the beta, so I won't have much to say about it until it's actually released. The ideas seem interesting, but...guess I gotta wait to see if they can make it work. I'm just gonna chill back and watch. I learned my lesson from diving right into Warhammer Online.
  13. I am sadly aware that most of my supposed allies are either crazy, or working with shady individuals. To prevent myself from lashing out at said allies, I am going to keep a small journal. I am sure that this will prevent me from going insane...much like the populace here in Stormwind. I will be truthful: I was fine with staying in the Temple of the Moon and tending to the wounds of the Sentinels and others. I was fine with eliminating the Horde threats at home, but when I was asked by Elune to put my talents to more widespread use, I could not refuse. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. In any case, I will try to make this as short as possible. I doubt anyone else but me will read this, but if someone does, I would like them to believe that I was one of the more sane residents of Stormwind. First, the investigation. Micael, an agent of SI:7, has evidence pointing to him being a Forsaken spy for a guild known as the Infection. When confronted by me, he would not spill any information, claiming it was classified. The problem was, Nika, who did his work for him, did not have those same restrictions. I managed to get a bit of info from him, but nothing really relevant. It's clear he's hiding something... Janaelle, who is joining me on this investigation, said to let her handle it. Clearly, me asking someone a few questions is being too harsh. If she takes too long, I will put matters in my own hands. Before we left, Janaelle told me that this "Draenei" had information to give to me regarding another spy. This "Draenei" seemed borderline insane, but he told me that there was a female Dwarf who was amongst the spies of the Forsaken. When I asked for more information, he asked me to follow him to the Old Barracks. Seeing how I had no choice, I did so. A rather foolish Kal'dorei followed me. Moments later, the "Draenei" was no other than Ugraz himself. The same Orc who has killed scores of civilians in Stormwind. I radioed Janaelle for assistance. It seems that the Kal'dorei, by the name of Yumei, and Ugraz were friends. So I was relieved to see Janaelle swoop in, and with that, made my attack. It seems that the Orc is, indeed, not strong in mind: He faltered under my Shadow spells swiftly, but then he pulled out a detonator. He claimed this building would explode. With Janaelle and, to a much lesser extent, Yumei within the building, I had to stand down from killing the stinking pig. It was here that I learned Janaelle had a relationship with the Orc. She claimed that he saved her life, and owed a "life debt" to him. She walks alongside a murderer, and doesn't think twice about her actions. If he saved you, reward him by bashing his head with your mace while he's vulnerable! You solve the problem right then and there, and we wouldn't have to worry about him ever again. That, and she knew of his disguise. She did not tell me. If he killed me through some trickery, my blood would be on her hands...and I doubt she'd be able to explain it. But I digress. Ugraz did give us information: The female Dwarf in question was of the Seventy Third, a militaristic guild of sometimes questionable character. Perhaps this female Dwarf can give us information linking to Micael. And, much to my chagrin, the bastard left...after shocking my hand. I told Janaelle that he's dead as soon as his usefulness fades, although, to be truthful, that may of been a mistake. Who knows? Maybe she'll work with him to take my head. All to repay a "life debt". I will be keeping an eye on her. Any sign of wrongdoing on her part, and I will be sure to let the heads of the Guard know. We can't have a spy in our own ranks... As such, my goals are as follows: -Ask the head of the 73rd of any new female Dwarf recruits, or a list of their current members. -Link information from said spy to Micael, or, if not possible, to any other spies lurking in Stormwind. -Make a fireproof-suit for Gracegobble. He's been receiving some really nasty burns... Hm. I was going to write of more subjects, but this first entry is going on more than I intended. This will be all for this entry. I will go on some patrols to eliminate possible Horde activity. Elune wishes that I safeguard the Alliance, and that is what I will do. I won't let those with excuses stand in the way. Elune-Adore. -Saruron Shadowhisper
  14. Has to be a silver coin. "Sometimes, I wish more Alliance were Horde. It'd give me a legal excuse to cull the idiots from our armies."
  15. Saruron has always been all about believing that a balance between Light and Shadow should be in place, and believed that only the strongest of Priests could master both. Never thought it was part of any actual lore or story, though. D: Pretty cool, imo.