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  1. Flyers are found distributed by goblins and orc peons throughout the streets of the five major Horde capitals to any hardened looking adventurers. Missives are also found on the doorsteps of the major guild halls, all marked with the seal of the Grim. THE GREAT HUNT BAYS FOR BLOOD In a test of skill, daring, trickery and ruthlessness, the Grim are issuing a call for all Horde to register a team to compete in the Goblin arena, in order that our blades may be sharpened and honed by fighting the best and fiercest among us, and the vile Alliance. The Great Hunt is intended to cull our weak and t
  2. Leyujin

    Quorum Finale

    Word's floating around that April 11 is the day for Duskwood PehVehPehs, so maybe we can figure out wrap up dates for the week after.


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  5. ((From the RP that took place on March 2)) Ulrezaj scratches his head, questioning Kex'ti's reasoning. Aderlee says: Wat makes ju say dat? Kexti says: Twilight Empire has more or less confirmed that Wreave is a catalyst in a ritual to transform mortals into demons. Leyujin looks over at Ul-Rezaj, and nods his head nearly imperceptibly. Kexti says: The conspiracy preys on the weak and helpless, so they will not be missed, and turned into weapons. You hail Cobrak. Cobrak nods at you. Syreena narrows her eyes as she listens. Kexti nods at Cobrak. Cobrak lights his pipe, taking a quick
  6. You nod at Cobrak. Cobrak nods at you. Leyujin says: 'ey der brotha. Desim unzips the body bag and pulls the succubus's corpse out There was a grievous wound in her abdomen, a blade had pierced through her, leaving a hole large enough to see through. Some sort of autopsy had been performed, leaving several cuts on the chest that would allow the cavity to be opened and examined. Cobrak says: Oi Ley.... Desim says: Everything below the head is regular for this creature. Everything from the D-cups to fel corruption and mutation of its extremities Leyujin eyes the corpse dispassionately
  7. The Wordbearer glanced over the report, written on soft vellum, with narrowed eyes. One of his spies, a Darkspear headhunter who had embedded himself in the Skullsplitter tribe by means of black magic, had contacted him through a dead drop which was regularly checked by Grim servitors. The spy had killed a low-ranking Skullsplitter scout and impersonated him by a dark ritual that involved some very foul-smelling glue, a concoction derived from spider and fly eyeballs, and the scout's own skull. That was really neither here nor there. What concerned the troll warrior was the report's contents.
  8. Dude, that I can do. I'll rally the troops. Shit gonna git DANK
  9. I'm out next week going to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, so I'm basically deadwood until the 6th. I'll help pass the word around though.
  10. Dude, the more the merrier! I'll add this to the original post. Also, once I get some time I'll see if I can make those changes, Shaelie. I'm using the AMD Gaming Evolved application, which I think is based on Raptr/is Raptr in disguise.
  11. All good suggestions, Xara! Might make some of those changes, 'cept the minimap one. As you might've noticed, I actually have the shift-M map up, but I just can't read people's positions on the tiny thing like I can when I bring up the full map. That, is a personal defect, but I ain't no killin' machine, jus' an average boi
  12. Awright. So it's a showdown. SHOGUNDOWN. No seriously, have some PvP videos, on us, the Horde. Fite Nite Lite 12/30/2015 Balls to the Wall - Temple of Kotmogu https://youtu.be/d_TUCS_JgsU Five Seconds to Midnight - Warsong Gulch https://youtu.be/g08SlhAtLio If you have any problems with a video that's been uploaded, contact me and I'll be happy to take it down. GL HF DDAS *Because of a change in recording software and my gross incompetence with the new program, my voice is unrecorded for these two. But the resolution is about thrice as good as what I used to use! Huzzah! ----------
  13. Team Fite Nite will be there. It'll be a good way to start off the nite.