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  1. <p>You are Toad. However, your icon... tis an elephant. A green one, at that.</p>

    <p>This baffles Roofcat.</p>

  2. Incan purses her lips, "Yeah, yeah. I know him. It's just..." Her voice trails off as she stares at her hands for a long moment. "Well, there was that whole nasty things with him and Yueme, right? But when I actually meet the fellow..." The Elf sighs, running a hand through her hair as she looks up at the reporter, a small frown on her face. "He and the Dusk Watch save me when I'm in a, tight spot, right? He said he was sorry about what happened with him and Yueme, but -" Her eyes narrow, and she stares just to the side of the reporter as she thinks, muttering to herself. "-I just don't really believe him for that last bit. I'm thankful for his help though."
  3. Toad

    Yueme Ravensong

    "Yueme?" Incan smiles and starts to drum her fingers on the table. "She almost feels like a sister, she's quick to help and stuff. You know?" The Death Knight pauses, "I have a lot of found memories with her, she's sweet but... A little slow. Eh?" She leans in close as the man repeats his question. The Elf narrows her eyes, glaring at the reporter. "What do you mean, does she have weaknesses? Are you trying to hurt Yueme? For the love of life, if something happens to her and I find out you had something to do with it..." She quickly stands, pushing her chair back from the table, as she walks out of the tavern as she mumbles curses.
  4. Wow, thanks guys! Overall it seems like I have the green light, since my characters never interact with any important Lore figures. And thanks for clearing up everything about Fandral Staghelm!
  5. What's his face, the leader in Malfurion's absence (the man in the tree/tower, not the High Priestess) actually had a quest for you to gather dirt from Un'Goro. I read or heard from somewhere that the dirt's special properties were being used to slowly poison Malfurion, so that this man could keep control. He would take his place when Malfurion dies. Malfurion is a leader, and any leader can be a target for assassination. A lower-official can make a push for power during the chaos afterwords, or, as Emyi said, he could have been hired by someone working for the Legion/Twilight. There's always someone willing to kill someone else for enough money, no matter how well liked that person is. The more well liked presidents, for example, are more likely to be targets for assassination.
  6. That zombie is so... so cute! On a side note, my boyfriend goes to CU and I just realized that this is the event he was talking about. I want to be a part of it.
  7. In Incan's back story, she fell for a man who turned out to be an assassin who ran away after a failed attempt of assassinating someone important. I figured that Malfurion would have had enough unnamed assassination attempts while he was in the Emerald Dream to make my idea acceptable. My character has no relationship with Malfurion other than knowing someone who attempted to kill him, an attempt which failed badly. (The Sentinels were tipped off before hand, and the room he thought Malfurion would be in was actually a trap.) I feel like Incan would be far enough removed from Malfurion, especially since the Man would not have even seen him, at least, during the attempt. The question, in short, is if this would be acceptable? If not, is there a less important figure that could be used instead? It could be something vague like, "The current <postion of office>." Thanks in advance.
  8. Wow! I loved being able to see how you drew your art. The only thing I would point out is that the collar bone looks a little awkward, at least compared to looking in a mirror. It looks a little low and too defined.
  9. Your art's so cute and pretty. I can't wait to see the finished one of Yueme! So... When are you going to get that done?
  10. Toad


    Full Name: Sanila Stormstar / Incandescent Nicknames: Incan, Inca, Captive 96 Date of Birth: January 21 Age: Adult Race: Night Elf Gender: Female Hair: White Skin: Dark, grayish Eyes: Pale Blue Height: Slightly taller than most Weight: Average Place of residence: Stormwind Place of Birth: (Pending) Known Relatives: Parents, lost contact Religion/Philosophy: “Live Life” Occupation: Currently: Adventurer Group/Guild affiliation: <Freelance Police> Guild Rank: “Blue” Enemies: Anuari, Niine, Urich and Cuergo (sometimes), Narith (Off-screen character), Toad Likes: Armor, weapons, dresses and casual clothes, Ale, roses and Peacebloom, swimming alone at night, stability, Life, Anuari, Hector/Hektor Favorite Foods: Stews and Soups Favorite Drinks: Ale, Beer, Bourbon, Whiskey, etc. Favorite Colors: Almost any shade of Blue, Grey, Black, White, and Red Weapons of Choice: A large two-handed axe or sword Dislikes: Anuari, Niine, Urich, Cuergo, Narith(Off screen character), Hector/Hektor when he’s mean, relationships, Warlocks, running out of drinks, conflict Hobbies: Drinking, mumbling, attempting to be “normal,” dressing up, swimming Physical Features: Several old and faded scars from her training during life, mostly on her arms. She also has a few newer looking scars, concentrated on her legs, chest and back; these would be the wounds that killed her. Special Abilities: Getting into trouble, saying/ doing the wrong thing, misjudging terrible people Positive Personality Traits: Typically kind and friendly, eager to help, loyal, attempts to be a law-abiding citizen, trusting, protective Negative Personality Traits: Loyalty is often misguided, too trusting, liar, coward, her opinions change fairly quickly, and she can't concentrate on fighting when confronted Misc. Quirks: St-stutters when frightened, tells bad pickup lines when extremely drunk History: Sanila /(Incan) was once a Sentinel. Narith, a man she had an unrequited love for, committed treason and she helped him escape. In the end he betrayed her, tipping the guards off on what she did and where she could be found. Instead of being killed outright as a traitor, her captain and a few others convinced everyone else to simply banish her. She went to Northrend to make a name for herself, and ended up dying protecting a few traveling traders. An assassin is tracking her in order to find Narith. More recently she has been capture by the Redblade Corsairs, who attempted to sell her. Incan has grown strangely fond of them, hiring them assassinate the assassin tailing her, it failed. ((This is currently in the process of being completed and fleshed out, so if you see any errors PLEASE point it out! :3 ))
  11. Toad scowls, "You mean the Fel damn him Worgen who tackled me into the canals? Aye, I know 'im." Grinning wickedly, she leans in close, "Seemed to get awful mad when I said something 'bout hurting a little Worgen fellow. Why dun you tell me if you run into him? I want to give him the bill they charged me for cleanin' my robe." She stands, smoothing her robes as she continues to grin from behind her mask. "But I suppose' I already got myself even with him, hmm?" She laughs hoarsely.