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  1. Daki sat there, shadows dancing around the goblin like a cat ready to pounce a ball. "You speak of my love? Ah...she is a cunning mage, i'll give her that." He grinned, a small sound came from the goblin as the room grew dark. "And if any shall try to harm her...lets just say my shadows will enjoy their fear." All grew silent as Daki stood, leaving the room.
  2. <p>Rawrs..where are you when I need you?</p>

  3. He softly sighs as he grabs the necklace, looking out over Eversong. He pulls his hood over his head as his eyes give a soft purple flash. "It was...her last choice..." As he walks to the gates of Silvermoon, the shadows dance around him. "Atleast she can stay dead.."
  4. ((Yes i do realize that it goes from he to she to it...but given that the nightmare inside the emerald dream as no gender or form..I used them all...))
  5. ((This was just a small thing I did to let people in on Daki's background.)) It was dark, the skies filled with thunder and lightning as it rained heavly upon his head. His emerald scaled wings hid his face from the tears of the sky as he walked slowly, calmy through the woods of Eversong. The gates came into his veiw,the rain touching his face for the first time sense his travels. "And so it begins." His wings tuck themselves into his robes, hidden from the world...for now. As he moves forward, continueing his path into the city of the commonly known as Blood Elves. The rain begins to slow as he reaches the gates, the sounds of bows being draw, swords slamming against plate as the people of the city tested one anothers skills in combat. The fighting stopped as he arrived, but the whispers began. "Who is he?" "What is he doing here?" "Do you know him?" He ignored them of course, pushing himself through the crowd of people. He searched for a place, one certain place where he could begin his studies. He found that there was an old abandoned Warlock study area known as the Inner Sanctum. Abandoned? He asked himself many times before heading to the spot that the elf told him. As he entered the area he found that either the elf lied to him or someone else had taken it as her own. "Excuse me..." His voice seeming kind and gental. "...I was told this place was empty...and abandoned...may I ask what you are doing here?" The small elf, not to much younger than him, turned quickly to him. He found himself starring into her eyes, lost in the void and shadows of her. She grinned slightly. "You must be Dakirokor....son of Ysera...brother to the Dreamers...I've been waiting for you." She moved closer to him, shadows dancing around her feet lashing out at him as she came closer. He nodded slowly, then his eyes widen. "How do you know my name..and who I am.." He took a step back, to find him standing on the edge of a cliff located in a place only dreamers can reach...the Emerald Dream. He looked around him, his body twisting from side to side as he looked around him. He couldn't believe it...he was home..but he was forbidden, to ever return. Only one thought filled his mind. 'If I didn't bring myself here...then-she- did...' He looked at her, his teeth growing into their long, slender canine features. A gental growl pulls from his throat. "Who are you? Or better yet...what are you!" He barked, his scaled wings pulled themselves from under his robes in fustration. She only stood their grinning, starring at him in amazement. "My my....you are an amazing little dragon now aren't you?" He moved forward, stopping only to find the dragons claws growing to their full length. "I'll only ask one more time..WHO ARE YOU?" He screamed this at her, his voice booming as he looked at her. She stood their grinning, her hands pulling from her pockets as shadows danced around her. "Oh you know exacully who I am...After all for every good dream..there must be..." Her words trailed off, grinning as the dragon moved his lips. "What was that?" He stood there shaking, tembling in fear. He thought this wouldn't...couldn't happen to him. His lips formed the word only to be reopened for the word itself to be said. "Nightmare..." The sound of its name made it grin, its shape taking a shapeless form. "Good boy..now come here..." Its voice seemed like none he has ever heard, it took no specific tone..it used all tones..all pitches...all frequences...its voice..was his. "No...no....stay away...please...find someone else..." He pleaded, screaming for the shadows to step away but they continued to move to him. His wings forced themselves out, stuggling to lift the dragon. They found the strength to lift him, but it was a short time...to late. The young dragon screamed in pain, his own ears aching as the sound of scales scrapping scales, flesh ripping, bones snapping filled the air. Only thoughts told him he was still alive...he felt no pain though...felt no feelings...felt nothing. He opened his eyes, blinking quickly as he found himself looking up at a young,beautiful elf. Or atleast he thought she was beautiful. She held out a hand, smiling at him. 'Was this a dream...or was it real...dream...dream..why does that word sound familar'? He reached up to grab the womens hand but pulling back, his eyes filled with horror as he saw what he wished was a lie. As he waved his hands, the shadows followed, flowing over his body as it they were...one. "Stop waving...your looking stupid. Can you stand?" The elf asked, her voice sounding annoyed. He nodded softly, pulling hismelf to his feet, not taking her hand in fear of what he might accidentaly do. "Well fine be that way...and what are you doing down here?" She looked at him, as if studying his features with a quick glance. His lips moved, but the words he heard sounded unlike his. "I can." He blinked quickly. Looking astonished as he waved his hands infront of his face, walking to the mirrow that hung on the wall and talked into it, the reflection only talked back, reflecting his every word. "Hello...i'm standing right here..." the female elf pleaded as she starred at the male elf, starring at himself in the mirror. He quickly turns to her bowing gracefully. "Umm...okay..." She turned and began to walk away only to have her hand grabbed by the stranger. His voice low and soft, second by the shadow's voice. "What is your name?" And what she said next, forever burned into his memory. "Calystae..."
  6. <p>.....................................WHERE ARE YOU?</p>

  7. <p>Ok, so, I'm on MSN, and you're not...and I'm wanting a little more detail as to wtf is happening while I'm farming pets. >.></p>

  8. <p>Your better have enjoy it</p>

  9. <p>Oh Noes! Its been pop'd!!...awsome...</p>

  10. <p>*pokes back with blunt side of her mace* RAWR I KNOW RAWR TOMO NEEDS For the HORDE!! RAWR!! *jabs back for giggles*</p>

    <p>btw.. I broke your coment's cherry!</p>

  11. <p>Heya Ada! *pokes untill he has her attention* IZ bored! we need to raid the alliance more! *rawrs with a hint of laughter*</p>