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  1. SKeying and Keyboard turning is the reason Hitler lost the war. Don't be Hitler. I generally flat out reguse to do arena's with a keyboard turner. The only exception is Carlos because . . well I don't play on my Rogue anymore so.
  2. THIS IS IN TURING The GUI button only works once, and the if statement for 'Health' doesn't seem to operate correctly. And yes, Saphiron is the mob that is being attacked >.>. import GUI setscreen("graphics:700;725") var Saphiron := Pic.FileNew ("Saphiron.jpg") var Health : int var Damage : int Health := 100 Damage := Rand.Int (100, 300) process Playmusic Music.PlayFile ("Doom 2 Shawn's got the shotgun.wav") end Playmusic fork Playmusic if Health <= 0 then put "You have won! :)" end if procedure attack locate (1, 1) put "You have dealt ", Damage, " to Saphiron!" delay (10) Health := Health - Damage end attack Pic.Draw (Saphiron, 150, 70, picMerge) loop var Attack : int := GUI.CreateButton (20, 10, 30, "Attack", attack) GUI.SetColor (Attack, brightred) exit when GUI.ProcessEvent end loop
  3. I have it, but its ridiculously laggy on my computer.
  4. I am going over it at the moment, and fixing the glaring errrors, etc "Michael Jackson's Skeletor-Like Face." I'll repost later tonight. And I already said this is the first draft of a first-draft. And I just realized that it has to be formal, so here we go fixing all the contractions. YAY
  5. This is my extremely badly-edited first draft of my first draft of my essay for Academic English. So, if any of you want to have a go at editing this, it would be hugely appreciated by me And I'll name my firstborn child after you. Thanks! Looking good is a commonly sought after attribute in this modern day age. People strive to look as attractive as the girl in the magazine. Unfortunately people are willing to go to great lengths to get it, including artificially altering their appearance through use of lasers and other such tools, this process is called Plastic Surgery. What do you think when you hear of Plastic Surgery? Initially people think of that vain of old movie star trying to delay the effects of aging. The issues with Plastic surgery are that the effects are never quite guaranteed to be to your satisfaction, it is unnatural and you may be paying thousands of dollars for your death. Plastic surgery is an negative malicious thing that is dangerous to do, and that many people do for the wrong reasons. Quite often plastic surgeons find themselves dealing with depressed teenagers who believe that the surgery will change their life. They take plastic surgery for the wrong reasons, and are disappointed with the results. Many teenagers in modern day society are unsatisfied with their bodies, and come to conclusion that a face lift or a breast implant will do them good, and against there friends reassurances, they do so anyway. They are unsatisfied with their bodies because of the girl in the magazine, and resort to artificially altering themselves to give them what they want. But the breast implants that would be so perfect are too small now, or too large. More Netrosio was one of these girls, she attempted to rid herself of the horrors that Plastic Surgery left upon her face, paying thousands of dollars for no feeling on the right side of her face, a permanent dental freezing. She slurs her words, being accused of drinking. She is too embarrassed to tell them of her failed plastic surgery. The surgery left one fragile minded woman act upon a botched suicide to relieve her from the pain, because plastic surgery hadn’t done the job, only worsened it. What about re-constructive surgery/ Couldn’t that help? Pete Burns, front man of the British Band Dead or Alive, thought so. After having a procedure upon his lips take a horrible plunder, Burns thought that reconstructive surgery would restor his face. He spent almost all of his life savings over eighteen months trying to restore it. And even today, it still isn’t quite right. Regardless of what you receive from the Media, Teenagers receive these surgeries as well and rarely do they turn out right. Just another opart of plastic surgery. The patient may be unsatisfied but the surgeon still got his money. Second, many people frown upon plastic surgery as seen upon my Michael Jackson, and the price itself is unnatural. Criticism is often received by celebrities who receive plastic surgery such as Michael Jackson who received criticism on skeletor-like face. He received so much plastic surgery that is face began to actually look similar to plastic and not real. A woman, Ms. Byrant, says that she has contemplated suicide due to her failed plastic surgery. Her sex-life has all but vanished, and she is hesitant to look at her friends or husband in the face because she doesn’t feel like a woman anymore. Given the unpleasant taste that media has given the general public, many are frightened to reveal their artificially altered face to their friends or family given the unpleasant response that other people have received on the issue. Statistics say that 44% of men and woman disapprove of cosmetic surgery. 21% of men and woman would be embarrassed if a family friend or co-worker saw their plastic surgery. Several people are unac0cepting to the practice of plastic surgery and saw some regard that who have under-gone is with disdain. Finally, a plastic surgeon will often reassure you that the procedure is 100% safe, when numerous incidents have indicated that is it not. Breast implants are often the most common forms of plastic surgery. Breast implants are the implanting of implants which make the breasts larger. Regardless of being one of the most common surgeries, the recovery period is still 1-2 weeks in which you will be taken out of work and face infection, rupturing and deflation, permanent numbness and cause of unnatural shape. Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed on the nose and is one of the most common surgeries performed. Yet it’s safety is still questioned. For Rhinoplasty, they make an incision along the tissue between the nostrils which can cause numerous issues if an error is made. Mor Glisko was an eighteen year-old beauty who dreamed of reconstructive surgery after a car accident. Butt minutes into the surgery, she fell into a coma and died the very next day from complications under sedation. Even if the surgery is commenced with little issue, bleeding and bruising are common, with a rare risk of infection, or you can possibly die. Another common surgery is buttocks surgery in which surgery is performed on the buttocks to make it larger or make it smaller. Solange Magnano, 37, died from receiving plastic surgery. The surgery went wrong, and she died from pulmonary embolism, a blockage of blood supply to the lungs. A very unfortunate and painful way to die. Regardless the cost is $1, 00 and more with a recovery time of almost two weeks in which you can receive bruising and numbness, permanent numbness, ripping of skin, raised scarring. The danger of plastic surgery is an aspect that cannot be overlooked. And overall contributes to the vulgarity of the practice. Many people look at only the feint positive aspects of plastic surgery, and rarely it’s frailities it is a dangerous profession and that should cease to exist. If you decide to go under the knife, there is the possibility that surgery will turn out completely different than you wanted, you can die, and for the fact that many teenagers do it for the wrong reasons. Plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery is frowned upon in the public, and it is right to do so given that you are paying thousands of dollar to die or receiving severe bruising and swelling for a few weeks for such a minor change. Given that look attractive is a trait admired by people in this modern day age and many people are going to great lengths to become attractive. Teenagers feel the need to starve themselves to become as attractive as the girl in the magazine, do we want them to have new ways of killing themselves as well?