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  1. I cant imagine anything more cool then this!
  2. Full Name: Lanacain Nicknames: Lana, Pretty, Fairest in the land.... Date of Birth: This woman never tells her true age, you wouldn't believe it anyways, I look so much younger. Race: Troll. Gender: Female. Hair: Fiery Red with auburn highlights. Skin: blueish green, clear and shiny. Eyes: Twinkly Amber. Height: 6'2 Weight:125lbs Place of residence:I am of a wondering soul , I reside where I am adored the most. Place of Birth:Ratchet in Kalimdor. Known Relatives: My over protective Parents and only the greatest healers of all time, Atal and Thraze. I am on only child. Religion/Philosophy:I am my own Goddess, I am all I need in this life, my beauty is second to none. I need no one to make me happy, especially some smelly sweaty ugly troll, ICK! Occupation: Seamstress. Group/Guild affiliation: Have not found one worthy of my beauty. Enemies: Anyone who thinks they are prettier then I am, especially those skinny , bony , pale night elves. Eeuuuuu! Likes:I love my hair, I love the way it blows on a breezy day. I can sit and brush it all day long. Favorite Foods: I like cheese. Favorite Drinks: Alterac spring water. Favorite Colors: Green is pretty. Weapons of Choice: My advanced mind. Dislikes: Dirt, I really don't like it at all, its so, dirty. Hobbies: Picking flowers. Physical Features: I am blessed with stunning features, my amber eyes are perfect, my long nose comes to just the right point of perfection, my tusks are generous and heathy and of course my full lips. My body is tall and lean with curves as a woman should have. Positive Personality Traits: I am charming above all else, when I do find friends who are worthy of my friendship I am loyal and kind . Negative Personality Traits: excuse me? Theme Songs: Girl just want to have fun! Favorite quote: Some smart guy once said."Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid." I am not sure what that means, but I like fish.