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  1. The Paladin considered the question for a moment. "Because they aren't alive, the Undead can't technically starve. However, I know if they don't eat their decaying process would accelerate and they'd break off into tiny pieces. As such, I guess they can starve in a sense." He responded, taking a sip of water. "As for his eating, I assume it works a lot like stem cells. But that doesn't make it right. But if he's alive, why does he fight with the Horde?"
  2. Micael stopped. "He's a what?" Micael hadn't expected that. He hadn't expected anything that came in what was supposed to be a quick and easy ambush. He had, of course, studied Inzema carefully. Nika's intel told them he was from another world, a fear of squirrels, and was, of course, incredibly dangerous. "You mean an undead human right? Otherwise why would he be part of the Horde? That's like a Tauren saying 'Hey, lets just help the Night Elves!'" He removed his backpack, relishing the weight now off his shoulders. "So, I assume Inzema now knows I'm here, correct?"
  3. Micael carefully examined what he was putting into the cup. Ice and the clear liquid labeled water. Could poison be frozen into the ice cubes? Yes. Was he afraid? No. He was a trillion miles away from home, cut off from back up, cut off from supply lines. No army, even a one man rampaging machine, could not under any circumstances, win a war that way. Reaching into a small pouch on his belt, Micael removed a chow kit and a blinking blasting cap. He swore. Usually his gear was much more well organized. "So, what can you tell me about Inzema?" He asked as he threw them in his large bag before pu
  4. Goerin had no intention of surrendering the high explosives in his ruck. "The explosive charges in my bag are my safety measure, as I'm sure both you, and that... Ten? Ten and a half foot? Wolf thing are more than a match. I'm keeping them, you're just going to have to trust me." Realistically Micael had timed it out in his head. He could surround himself with a force field of the Light, and detonate the explosives before it wore off, thus ensuring that he survived the massive shockwave, however, he also knew Inzema had a certain honor code, one he did not plan on breaking. He smiled back. "A
  5. Micael was more than hesitant to remove his belt of explosives, but certainly less than excited to deal with the Ikai system. Trading safety and security for close recon of a serious enemy wasn't his favorite thing to do, but he'd do it none the less. His backpack still had plenty of explosives, including the heavier stuff, so he elected to compromise and remove the explosives on his belt, but not those in the harder to access backpack. He still had the pouches full of various gear and weapons, blasting caps, ect. and worst case he could improvise something big enough to kill himself and serio
  6. Micael landed with a lack of grace, barely standing, weapon ready. He slowly looked around, taking note of what was going on. He was in no place he had ever seen, and the last thing he wanted to do was get into a fight he couldn't finish. As such, when the blue woman spoke to him, he lowered his weapon. His helm would give him the advantage of disguising his identity, but it didn't matter if he was a billion miles away and out numbered. He had nerves of steel, but he truly feared being out numbered and out gunned with no backup. Could Ranavos possibly track him? It didn't matter. Right now Mi
  7. (Quick note: The thread is no longer open, so please don't post any random encounters) The winds sent blistering cold into their faces as Micael motioned for Ranavos to hide behind a tree, down wind of a small clearing. Reaching into his pocket, he pressed the button before tossing the coin into the snow about 4 feet in front of him, before he slid behind his own tree, sword drawn, ready to fight. With a quiet thunk, Micael dropped his great helm on his head. The coin had... done nothing? They'd just have to wait it out.
  8. Micael


    Mack looked at her for a moment. "Micael's attack gives me weird abilities. He wanted to save your soul... Oooooh look, you're in the snow now. Evellin is now a pirate dragon. That's badass. Anyway, Micael wanted to redeem your soul, so I have the ability to bring your soul into the Light. If you truly want to stay here with me, with no more pain, no agony, no more fighting and having to deal with the people you care about trying to assassinate each other, I can exorcise your soul. Your heart will stop and that will be it. You'll be a full blown ghost. No pain, no agony, nothing. Just peace. M
  9. Micael stood up. He was heavily armored in the Trillium plate mail, enchanted to be extremely light, with a great helm for his head. On his shoulders was a bag, which he began loading equipment into, including Ranavos's supplies. On his leg were the two smaller blades, and the other had the hatchet. His sword and shield were on the floor, as was Jon's shotgun with extra rounds latched on the butt stock. Reaching down, he attached his belt, armed with several pouches and half a dozen explosives. He picked up his weapons before turning to Ranavos. "Put it on my bill. You ready? We should take a
  10. The minute they got to his flat, Micael began putting on his heavy plate. "Ranavos, there's a pile of gold under the loose floorboard, pop it open, head into town, and get as many explosives, mana potions, and healing potions, everything we might need to take out 4-6 recon team. Also, we need shotgun shells and rope for the trap." He chugged one of the smaller mana potions he had and used it to heal his injuries. He was still sore, but he'd live. He lifted up a heavy looking tarp and pulled out a heavy shield emblazoned with the Alliance crest, as well as a longsword, a knife, a bayonet, and a
  11. Looking at the two fighting, Micael knew what he'd have to do. Eve needed to leave because Micael needed to use Ranavos. Walking over to the two, Micael grabbed Ranavos by the arm. "Eve, go. Do what you need to do. Thank you. Nika always liked the warmth. If you can't throw her in the lava, bury her in Elwynn. She loved the forest. Ranavos, you're coming with me. You want Nika's death to mean something? We get armored up, weapons and runic bombs and a shit load of mana and healing stuff, ambush the shit out of whoever comes after this beacon thing, then use them to flip on their friends and we
  12. Putting his hand on Nika's head, Micael considered blowing her brains out with the Light. And yet he held back. He still loved her deep down somewhere. Reaching out, the Light told him what he needed to know, as Paladin's were healers. She was still unconscious, meaning she was about a one on the coma scale. Her stomach had ruptured, her left lung collapsed, her heart, kidneys, and liver were shutting down as a result of getting blasted, poisoned by the Light. It killed him, but he needed to let her die. Paladin's believed before people truly died they were given a chance for redemption. If a
  13. Micael nodded slowly. Eve had a point. He could hit the beacon and ambush whoever it was that responded, use them for information. But he needed to get patched up, get some proper armor, back up and weapons, and get his God dammed shotgun. That would take at least a few hours, and of those few hours, part of what was the most important to a combatant was rest. If he was exhausted, he'd need to relax a bit. "Alright, Eve's got a point. Look, I did kill her. She killed a lot of innocent people, betrayed me a lot, whatever. She was still... You know, kinda special... Anyway, me and Ran will go wi
  14. "Ranavos, I have no idea if she's dead. If she is, fine, she was a traitor and killed who knows how many innocent people." He finished this statement just as Evellin roared overhead. "Shit. Get down!" He shoved the Lich down into the snow. "Come on, lets move. Where are we?" He asked, grabbing Ranavos's arm and pulling him up and running towards Eve landed. He was beat up and tired. He needed to think. 8 feet from Evellin he pulled Ranavos behind some scrub, noticing distinctly Dwarven architecture in the background. "Lets go, its freezing." Pulling Ranavos, he moved towards Eve and Nika. "Eve
  15. Micael landed on Ranavos, taking a rather nasty gash over his eye from the Lich's armor. He groaned and rolled off. "Evellin got her. The blast I gave her probably killed her and might have even exorcised her soul. I couldn't take the chance that someone raise her as a Death Knight. Shes too tough. We also didn't get Inzema or Ikai or Quarosine, who, by the way, burns like hell still. Hopefully I hurt Inzema enough that he's going to need to take some time off his activities. Are you okay? He asked as he began glancing over the Lich for injuries.