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  1. Highlord, I have compiled the images you have requested and attached them to this letter. I apologize for the lack of color, but my gnomish wold-capturer seems to misunderstand what I mean by 'color'. Well then, let us start. The first image in the list is the best I could capture of the ongoing struggle in Silverpine versus the Worgen and Forsaken. It seems the Gilneans have quite the insurgency going, even after their leader's surrender. We could use this to our advantage. The second image makes me sick to my dwarven stomach. The Forsaken continue to hold Alliance prisoners, and expiration on them within the Apothecarium. I tried freeing who I could, pushing them out of my wormhole, but I'm not too certain where they ended up, I'm hoping they all made it to Everlook all right. The next image is of the Apothecarium itself, it shows what we have suspected. Not only do the Forsaken continue to develop their plague, but they are still assembling Abominations. It seems the orcs are aware of this too, note the Orcish supervisor. The next image is one of hope, I traveled into Gilneas and found that the Seventh Legion has indeed landed. They have yet to push back the Forsaken, but it seems their forces are strong enough to give not only Gilneas hope, but your cause as well. Next we have the sepulcher. You will be glad to hear that it is no longer a civilian target, the Sepulcher has transformed itself into a Forsaken fortress. I suggest a tactical strike here as soon as possible. The next image was the least horrific I could take, it is of Southshore. What has happened there... Promise me you'll kill every one of those Forsaken bastards responsible. I had friends in Southshore. Next we have the rear of the Forsaken line, just outside of the Greymane wall. It appears a vulnerable position, hopefully you will relay this image to Alliance high command. The final image is of Tarren Mill. I regret to inform you that we of the Stormpike have failed our assault, the Forsaken sent spies to sabotage all of our camps, bringing them down around us. We were forced to retreat back into Alterac Valley. I hope all of this finds you well, and that you do what must be done with these images. I wish you and your organization the best of luck. ~ Eoghan Aleblade.
  2. <p>I don't know whether to take that as an insult or not.</p>

    <p>-shrug- I cut my hair off, a lot of people say my hair looks good short, some others say they liked my long hair better. Or if you just mean me in general -shrug- people like different things. Hell, I don't even know what you look like.</p>

  3. Bromley's a good lad. 'E helped me out in the Legion for a bit there, Oy wish 'im luck with whate'er organization 'e left fer. Let 'im know that drinks are on me next time 'e sees me.
  4. <p>You're less sexy than I anticipated.</p>

  5. <p>Well aware. An average life span of a gnome is actually 200 years, with 500 years being rare, but not unheard of. I intended her to be young but experienced with the world, being more of an explorer than an inventor.</p>

    <p>I get this info from<a href="" rel="external nofollow"> here.</a></p>

  6. <p>Noticed something on Minzi's page, her age is weird for a gnome. Gnomes live to the multiple hundreds like elves, 300ish I believe. Just making sure you were aware of that.</p>

  7. I've leveled it four times Gorvena, engineering twice, and blacksmithing once. I've also leveled skinning to 450 twice, and herbalism to 450. Quit yer bitchin.
  8. Kained single handedly finances all of Blizzard's activities with his constant faction swapping and appearance/name changing.
  9. I say skip ungoro, do EPL/WPL until you get to 265ish (rich thorium) and then head to silithus. Every other node is a ooze covered thorium node. There's about 2-3 per nest (each spot on the map has about 2 nests) and they respawn fairly quickly.
  10. I'm not going to spend all day arguing with you, I'm aware I can counter paladins abilities but that doesn't make them any less broken. If neither of us use our utility they'll still out burst me, if we both use all our utility they'll still outlive and out burst me. The class is too offenseive and defensive at the same time. Don't even get me started on protribution, that spec is just a huge crock of shit.
  11. Run along the outside, hop inside the nests. I made about 300 thorium in an hour and a half.
  12. No but you can bubble yourself, others, full heal others and yourself (though you can't full heal yourself shortly after bubbling) you can wings and burn, you can holy light and full heal yourself, you can 4 second stun people, you can negate mount speed, you run at a constant 15% increased speed (smart retadins use this to their advantage to kite classes that would otherwise rape them toe to toe), you have instant flash of lights, you have a self priest bubble, you can dispell any movement impairing effect, you out offense most other offense classes. Are they OP in group combat? Not so much. Is this game balanced towards 1v1? Nope, but it still pisses me off when I end up having to go 1v1 against ret paladins (See: most non organized world PvP). Can I beat them? Sure, if I severely out gear them, or they're very bad. But if they have any idea how to push four buttons to victory, then they're pretty much good. Ret isn't terribly OP, I think that's a horrid word for it because there are issues with ret that need to be adressed and fixed on both offense and defense. The paladin class is broken period, and needs some serious tuning. I think blizzard realized this and they intend to overhaul the class again, thus the delay on the class announcement. You don't need a gap closer, what you need is a spec that focusses on one damn thing at a time. Ret= offense Prot = defense Holy = healing Blizzard needs to stop making all 3 specs do everything.
  13. There is if you stick them next to a warrior. It's kind of silly that a ret pally can out burst a warrior toe to toe, while being able to heal, while taking less damage.