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  1. Updating with few commissioned pictures. Inzema Trigin Onderon
  2. I am an artist, art teacher and illustrator from Finland. I have done work for White Wolf publishing's RPG products. I am now offering commissions for personalised and unique illustrations of your World of Warcraft character. GREYSCALE BUST COMMISSIONS [special Shattering Offer!] 3/4 portrait of a character of your choice. Greyscale or sepia picture, maybe with accent colour or two if it seems appropriate. (Something like this.) Price: 35€ Status: Open, 4 slots available Email me at palelonginus[at]gmail[dot]com to reserve a slot, or for questions and queries. (See general rules and guidelines at Kiyo's post.) 1. Reserved 2. Reserved 3. Reserved 4. Reserved SAMPLES OF MY WORK (boob warning on a few of them) More can be found at: http://palelonginus.deviantart.com All artwork made for personal and non-commercial use only. For commercial use contact me for further information. I reserve the right to display any artwork made in my portfolios and for promotional purposes. http://www.xe.com/ For currency conversion.
  3. Well that was quite a more work than I first Imagined! Fun, nevertheless. I'd like to do one for my rogue next, but with her emotional range (or more like lack of it), I'm not sure if there is much point...
  4. Wraithe is utterly adorable. Rage is scary.
  5. These are awesome and hilarious. And drawn insanely fast, may I add. I did manage eleven expressions in the time Kiyo drew all of hers. Well, I'll post mine at some point in the distant future...
  6. That is wicked! Is it made out of normal clay?
  7. Iri has to explain that.
  8. Little fun and 'quick' project. The Duskfire and Bloodwreath family tree. Even though the individual portraits are kind of quickish and sketchy, the whole crazy project ended up being rather time consuming nevertheless.
  9. You can check whether you can see it on my DA page, Masq. It is the last picture posted. I added a link to the sig.
  10. That is strange. Well, I think you saw it already on the Stormwolf forums.
  11. An another picture of Ashïel.
  12. Sure the gear is magical, and probably makes you fight better, but it is totally surreal to assume that lore-wise item's power would be dependent on its mechanics. It has been pointed out several times that NPCs tend to wear some pretty ancient gear. So if they can kick arse in it, why the hell a PC wearing exactly similar looking gear couldn't?
  13. ... This... erm... yeah. I think my brain broke.
  14. <p>ppaaasssiiii <3</p>