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  1. Indeed... and as the author / instigator of the event that seemed to gather quite a bit of nostalgia from the old friends / nemesis on this site, I might have a chubby right now.
  2. Wow... this thread just made me smile. It's been QUITE a long time... just recently came back, although on WRA MAIN RP Toon - Cavanaugh Guild - Fabled Order, several times, Praetorian Guard, some misc raiding guilds whose names I cant recall... FAV RP memory was the battle in Stonetalon w/Raven Cross etc, so glorious, had a few great memories though, FO guild meetings, etc... general banter... I could go on forever naming people here that I enjoyed, pretty much everyone I ever interacted with in game I have very positive memories from. Miss all you guys... While I wouldn't come back to TN, at this point, WRA is highly populated and I enjoy it there quite a bit... just came back from a near 2 year break 2 weeks ago, REAL ID me anytime! If anybody does still play.
  3. <p>I agree with that 100%, and HOPEFULLY, they fix it sometime soon... at least somewhat...</p>

  4. <p>Hopefully the dailies keep drawing people back, but I think the gold reward will need to be increased to guarantee people keep doing them.</p>

  5. <p>Yes. I concur with that! The daily area is awesome for PvP... some minor ganking can turn into a huge battle in a matter of seconds, it is JUST like QD. Awesome.</p>

  6. <p>TB the battle sucks. But the daily area? <strong>Oh. My. God. </strong>Thelsuo, Leoren and Myself had SO MUCH FUN last night. We killed about 5 Alliance in the Spider area, and then next thing we know it's us versus a massive group of about 15 Alliance. And then all the Horde on the island band together with us and we just start a war.</p>

    <p>It reminded me so much of Quel'Danas. I have had more fun in the daily area than the actual battle area!</p>

  7. <p>Lol i figured I didnt because I did agree with you, I of course just had to get a wee bit of fun out of the fact we were winning, but truth be told, I loathe TB hahahaha, and I said it, I just have to ya know... be a doucher a LITTLE bit.</p>

    <p>TB does suck, for the record, and I PRAY one day they will do some sort of last man standing BG /world pvp type of thing, that would be so sexy.</p>

    <p>But yeah, it is DEF broken, obv if you dont think so you are wrong hahaha</p>

  8. <p>You really didn't offend me, I was just saying my peace and getting out of the thread before I WAS offended. Just been stressful here as of late, is all. And I didn't want to get stressed out because of something so inane as an internet conversation.</p>

  9. <p>Lol you didnt, apparently Abric didnt like our exchange, and then I gave him some much deserved tude in a PM and now Cav is muted hahaha ;-) </p>

    <p>He also didnt like my internet speak? the You mad bro? Im sorry if I offended you cutie pie.</p>

  10. <p>How did I get you banned?</p>

  11. <p>Stop getting me banned you worthless cow!</p>

    <p>OH you are a gobbo now, I forget! Well... you will always be a hunk of beef to me. ;-)</p>

  12. <p>Happy Birthday!</p>

  13. <p>The clean part.</p>

  14. <p>Soooooo what part of the balls taste the best?</p>

  15. No I am saying if baddies like ME can be serviceable with a ret paladin, IMAGINE the possibilities! Plus, you geat to look hott in your shiney armor. Unless you don't like that sort of thing, and / or are emo and hate anything shiney / bright / sexy / better than you / the world.