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  1. Hey folks, The Gambler is back! While I no longer play WoW I was hoping to get into contact with some of the former rpers I have wrote with in the past and see if they are interested in working on some projects together again.  Message me if you are interested!

  2. Hey folks, it’s Gurrah the Gambler here! Those of you who know me or even vaguely recognize my name probably know me best from the “Goblin Interim year 23” started in 2010 as a precursor to the cataclysm release and an introduction to all the Goblins joining in the twisting nether RP community at the time. An epic RP trilogy started by brothers Rikt and Chikt. Over the course of this trilogy I met many amazingly talented writers, some were good from the get go and had the entire story and character development plotted out way in advance (looking at you Rikt and Chikt), others like myself evolved and improved as the stories went on developing both our characters and ourselves as writers. Others swooped in unexpectedly and blew us away with a epic antagonist/protagonist encounters like “Smiles Macblaster” whom to this day has been one of my favorite writers to work with. I remember during the writing of these rp’s I would log in from my trade school when I got out of class every damn day, so excited to see who wrote what and how the story progressed I could barely contain myself. Through these experiences I grew as a writer, I learned where my strengths and weaknesses were and just through working with you was inspired to improve just so I felt worthy playing on the same field as you folks. I realized my strengths were solid in combat scenes and sarcastic humor, I developed ways to show the darker side of my character P.T.S.D, Alcoholism, and haunting memories and regrets from life as an assassin. I learned how to express my character’s point of view in emotional and rational (and occasionally irrational) reactions. Working with you folks helped me develop skills in writing that required more finesse and thoughtfulness than any collegiate writing class had ever taught me. As of now I have long left the depressing swamps of Florida, moved to the Seattle area, and have a beautiful wife whom I get to enjoy the pleasure of writing collaboratively with as a bonding pastime (she’s an absolute bookworm, a status I wouldn’t have been able to impress had it not been for my experiences of writing with you amazing folks.). I still find myself nostalgic and logging back into TNG just to read and re-read the Goblin Rp’s where I got my start writing stories rather than just poetry. To any of the writers I’ve worked with in the past please, reach out to me on here. I would love the opportunity to reconnect and work on more projects together, just send me a message and a link to the story we’ve worked together on and I will get back in touch as soon as possible. I will be logging on to check about once a week, and while I don’t play wow anymore I am working on other non-wow related projects that I would love to work with some folks on. If you have wow stories you’d like help with I can bring in Gurrah the Gambler or other characters for a Cameo or two. To the fellow writers of the Goblin interim stories from 2010, and the others I’ve worked with in the past (looking at you Venedict, also we totally need to meet up again and catch up for old times sake, I haven’t forgotten about you.) Thank you for a fun and memorable experience and helping me evolve as a fantasy writer. if any of you still scout these forums please feel free to PM me. Sincerely, Gurrah the Gambler. Goblin, assasin, smart-ass, and alcoholic.
  3. ((I'd just like to point out this particular story is based during cata and is simply a back story to help relate the events from then till MoP. One of several installments, i've been meaning to pick back up on this for a while ))
  4. Gurrah hadn’t slept a wink by the time the sun rose the next morning. Although he’d become accustomed to restless nights, his visitor had shaken him up a bit, that compounded with his nightmares had made sleep impossible. With a sigh of relief at having lived to see the next sunrise he got out of bed and made his way to the counter. He noticed the sack of coins was rather large, after counting three-hundred-fifty pieces of gold he grew curious. It was an unusually generous amount of gold just for the chance at a business proposal, and seeing how the offer was brought about it meant that whoever wanted to hire him had far from benevolent intentions. That being the case he reasoned that this event would lead him to one of two possible outcomes, either this was a job that would land him with a ridiculous amount of coin…. Or this was a set up. But the reality was that work was hard to find with so many blades for hire, and the amount of gold up front would be enough to put food in his belly for another few months, perhaps even allow him to fix up some of his worn down equipment. “Besides if it were a trap, why pay so much up front? If they wanted to kill me he could have done it last night.” He reasoned with himself. He also understood the unspoken threat of how the offer was presented, at gunpoint. It was clear what they intended to do if he refused. All the more reason to be suspicious, but they didn’t leave much room up for debate. The Gambler let out a sigh as he stretched his arms back followed by a wide yawn. “This is gonna be a long day.” Gurrah decided that he may as well spend some of the coin to fix up his lucky daggers, the years had done a good amount of wear and tear, they needed to be refurbished, and he’d lost his last throwing knife a week ago. He also decided he’d have to get some decent food, after all you never know which day will be your last. After a tasty yet light meal of a few thin slices of roast pork, a piece of bread, and of course, a flask of rum; the hours had slipped by and dusk was upon them. Now that he was comfortably armed and had some grub he scoured the streets of Orgrimmar squinting for the address in the fading light. Finally he found the building down a small alleyway in the drag. The building was two stories tall, made of wood planks, and the windows were boarded up. It looked like it could at one point have been a pub, although it looked like it belonged in a shanty town rather then Orgrimmar. Though he supposed that the “Drag” could qualify as a shanty town, if not a slum. The boards covering the door however had been recently removed, the gambler pushed on the door and it easily swung open. Inside a small lamp cast a dim glow sitting on the bar counter, next to it sat a tall hooded figure with broad shoulders his back to Gurrah. “Come in, have a seat, I‘ve been waiting for you.” a gruff voice called to him. Tentatively the Gambler stepped into the building, glancing around quickly in the dim light to get a better grasp of his surroundings. He noticed another hooded figure sitting at the table at the far end of the pub the light barely glinting across his outline, and as he pulled up a seat at the bar a goblin popped his head up. “Evenin Guvnah, glad ya decided ta tag along. What can oi getcha?” The goblin asked with a wide toothy grin. His voice immediately identified this Goblin as the one who paid him a visit last night. “I’m good, thanks.” The Gambler replied bluntly. The hooded man sat his head slumped forward staring into his drink. Gurrah turned to speak to him. “So, you wanted to speak to me? Well on with it, what do you want from me?” Gurrah asked. The man continued to remain silent. “Hey are you listening to me?” he asked again this time a bit more annoyed, he nudge the man in an attempt to get his attention…. And the man fell off the stool collapsing to the floor, his face sprawled in the dim light. The dead eyes of an Orc stared up at him, his throat had been slit. Suddenly the door slammed shut behind him, two Orgrimmar guards stood in the door way blocking the only exit a wicked grin on their marred faces. A third Orc, armed with two vicious looking war axes approached, a scar across his right eye covered by a black eye patch. The Gambler reached into his vest for his throwing knives, only to be greeted by the click of a loaded pistol. “Ah, ah, ah, Play nioce now ya ‘ere? We can all be civil about dis can’t we fellas?” The Goblin spoke with venomous sarcasm. “Ha, yeah civil.” The one eyed Orc spoke in a gruff, cruel voice. “What’s the meaning of this?” Gurrah asked. “Hah, ya ain’t figured it out yet? Ya’s made quite a name fer yaself, made a lot of powahful people a tidbit angry ya did. Look it’s notin personal, I fer one respects ya for whatcha is….” The Goblin’s grin glinting with malice as he spoke. “Oh? And what exactly is it you think I am?” Gurrah asked. “Oi know’s whatcha is alright…. Ya’s a cold blooded killah, same as me. Now, dis ‘ere is da deal alright, put down dem dere throwin’ knives ya ‘ave tucked under that vest of ya’s, and oi’s put up me gun. Sound fair?” Realizing he was in no position to argue, Gurrah reached under his vest and untied his knife belt. the clink of steel resonating in the dimly lit pub as it clattered to the floor. “Good! Now me boss obviously doesn’t wantcha dead or I’d ‘ave just killed ya last nioght. Howevah, he does wantcha taken out of da picture, so dat’s we got dem two dead orc’s in ‘ere. Old washed up assassin gets a bit too drunk one nioght in da drag and breaks into dis ’ere old pub. dese two Orc guards catch him and try ta arrest him, and in a drunken rage the assassin killts him some guards in dis ‘ere pub. Course now ya’s got ta look da part, I mean ya can’t come out of a drunken brawl with two well armed orc’s and be unscathed.” “Let me guess, that’s where your friends come in right?” Gurrah guessed. “Ey now! Don’t be lioke dat! Lioke oi said, oi respects ya’s. So ‘ow bout we make a deal. Let’s ‘ave a lil bout me and ya. Just our blades and skill, oi ain’t aimin ta kill ya, but oi is gonna rough ya up a bit, if ya’s can kill me, den me boys will let ya’s walk. If ya’s can’t, den looks lioke ya comin wif us. ‘Ow bout it Gamblah?” He doubted the offer was legit, but he saw no alternative. In a cold voice he spoke. “Challenge Accepted.”
  5. <p>So yeah, it's been ages since i've been on here. seems I should check it more, I pass my national exam december 13 being tomorrow, then I'll be an LMT. worth the effort, and has definitly been good to be off games for so long, but i must say I miss wow Q.Q</p>

  6. I can already tell this is going to take a significant amount of time to decide. There are alot of talented artists on this server.
  7. I have taken a fancy to your work in the past and that hasn't changed. I'll keep you in mind but I think I'll wait untill we see what other competitors decide to partake before making a decision myself. and nikaa I saw Secus's art and also am impressed if he's interested hopefully he'll post here.
  8. Hey all, it's Arcanibus, or Gurrah the Gambler, or some of you may even know me as Vakshna. Long story short I've quit wow, and moved onto the starwars mmo, while I'm glad i made the game switch, there is a few moments in rp situations with my characters that seemed to feel too epic not to immortalize. (IE Arc's final showdown with Venedict, or Gurrah's Fight with Smiles in the burning courtyard. Maybe even one of Vak's fight against magryth or him and his steadfast partner in crime Melynisa fighting side by side.) Long story short these are action scenes, I'm looking to make these few memories last and I am willing to give the total sum of all my gold including what my items sell for this commission. I have no intention of returning to wow so giving up everything i owned in game for these items isn't petty. Only wish I could sell arc's collection of some 60 odd mounts too towards this. But I have yet to decide which artist to request these drawings from. So anyone who is interested in this job please send me a link of your badassery/epic art pieces and the one that peaks my interest the most shall be granted the commission, Please have experience in drawing action scenes to the winner I shall give links of the scenes to be drawn and explain the way I would prefer it drawn in very elaborate detail. And for old times sake Gurrah's most infamous line. "Run along little rambler and be well, I'm Gurrah the Gambler and I'll see you in hell!"
  9. <p>Yay, good grade! So how are you? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  10. <p>Well my reveiws for poetry are probably the best reveiws one would get from me. Though I tend to lack descriptiveness when it comes to reveiws. But when it comes to judging poetry one should be satisfied with a appreciative nod from a shrewd man such as myself. So the fact that you have words with this critique means you got an A+ <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh.png" alt="xD" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/laugh@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  11. <p>>.> Oddness equals goodness. And just meh? *Tackleglomps*</p>

  12. <p>tis a curious and interesting way to go about poetry, i like it <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> And I'm just meh</p>

  13. <p>Correct, the most recent entry in 'Poetry From The Heart,' is a prayer to Elune in the form of a poem. Do you like it? How are you doing?</p>

  14. <p>Correct, the most recent entry in 'Poetry From The Heart,' is a prayer to Elune in the form of a poem. Do you like it? How are you doing?</p>

  15. Hmm, interesting, a prayer to elune? curious indeed