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  1. Welll.. okay, why not. Not entirely sure why I'm checking this site, as long as its been, but why not! Main RP Toon: Jobolg, Super Genius Extraordinaire! Horde Or Alliance? Horde, duh. That's where all the super geniuses are! Like there's intelligent life on the alliance. Psssht! Guild: Sanctuary. Does this guild still even exist in any form? Seriously, it's been years. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? - Too hard to say. I was in a lot of them.. let me grab my walking stick so I can shake it.. way back in the good ol' days! Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? - Surprisingly, one of these people posted on this thread, although it was a month or two back! Fhenrir, my old buddy! I've missed that big lunk! There are others like Niethan, Terich and Jaeus, but I doubt they check this site. If any of you chaps happen to read this, send me a message! Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: I don't have any screenshots from that far back!
  2. <p>Hey there.</p>

  3. <p>Sup yo.</p>

    <p>I've been wanting to do some more gag writing, so as one of my biggest fans (and sources of inspiration, because seriously... Jobolg is awesome), I figured I'd ask you first.</p>

    <p>What should I continue? Right now I'm most heavily leaning towards a fourth "On Roleplaying" or a long-awaited sequel to "Twisted Twisting Nether". Though I've also vaguely considered some more Lich Clod, or just something completely different.</p>

  4. Joblog: "I wish I weren't just an emo death knight clone of Jobolg..." Or, more seriously: "Make them all suffer as I do." Joborg: "Error! Error! Type 2 malfunction. File: Wishing Fountain Wishes not found." Or, more seriously: "Please let this one be taken more seriously. It is tired of being insignificant." Jobolg: "Come on, wishing fountain, do your thing! Bring on the beautiful LADIES!" Or, more seriously: "I'm not kidding when I say this, fountain... WOMEN! Hordes of gorgeous babes!"
  5. ((The best lines, I think. It was tough to choose just a few favorites though, because this story was awesome! Absolutely filled with gem lines that had me laughing the whole way through. Curious though.. the second part of my quotes, the blizzard comment... A jab at our fair WoW producing conglomerate, Fhen? Gave me a chuckle.))
  6. ((Hah! That one was pretty good, Fhen. I think it was made even better by the fact that I actually got the Kenan and Kel reference (not that you didn't make it obvious to someone who'd seen the show or anything though). Keep up the good work!))
  7. Definitely. Glyph of AMS is basically worthless as a major glyph as things are now. Given you use AMS on most occasions when it pops up, your AMS up-time (the time you have the buff affecting you) is almost exactly the same with and without the glyph. Even worse, if you have the talent in blood that decreases the cooldown of AMS, using Glyph of AMS actually decreases the average up-time of the skill. I think it's a bit ridiculous that there is a circumstance like this where taking a major glyph can actually make a skill notably worse... Personally, I'll be using glyph of frost strike or obliterate instead, which have both been changed in ways that I like. And now it's time to go meet with my stupidly massive (35 or so people) family for Christmas dinner. Turkey, pumpkin pie and sweet, sweet homemade egg nog. Mmmm.
  8. While I'm also a fan of frost, it really doesn't seem like Ravenous Dead would be worth much without a permanent pet. It would only affect you 1 out of every 5 minutes on a pet you can't control, and 3% strength isn't all that impressive. I'd say they might go better in Virulence. 3% better chance to hit with spells is pretty good for frost, which makes good use of spells. The dispel resist on your diseases is just a bonus. I think I might try something like this http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=jci0acZGTxzG0d0GRIsst for PvP. It offers a lot of survivability through Frost talents and Imp. Rune Tap, plus it gives Obliterate an extra 31% chance to crit just from talents. Alternatively, I'm considering going down Unholy for this: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=jZGTxzG0d0GRIsstbgG0zbo build. Not quite as much survivability (Rune Tap is awesome), but it's got some other fun tools like Corpse Explosion I might use on occasion. I come back to life as a ghoul, and importantly, On a Pale Horse. As an orc (15% stun reduction), with On a Pale Horse (20% stun reduction) and eventually the stun duration reducing metagem (15% stun reduction), stuns will, I assume, only last half as long on me. Very handy when I don't have my trinket available.
  9. RPs very good here by the way, especially horde side since the alliance suffered a tragic large scale loss of players when BC (and blood elves) came out. Oddly enough, the number of horde side players suddenly swelled around that same period. Quaint, no? At the very least, the RP is better than any of those other lame servers. Whether or not said death knight would be accepted RP-wise would really just depend on who you chose to associate with, but I really don't think you'd have too much trouble. *Brig edit: removed response to deleted posts
  10. I'm only 60 at the moment, so of course I'll have to try out the skills I don't have yet to decide just what glyphs I like, but I've got an idea what I want. I've given each spec a little bit of trying out, and I think I've decided I like Frost best, so that's what this is based off of. Major Glyphs: Glyph of Icebound Fortitude: Makes this skill cost no runic power. Nice. I'll mostly be PvPing. Having this skill available for use whether or not I have any runic power is a good thing. Fairly decent against rogues, especially when combined with Lichborne which can break out of Sap. Glyph of Icy Chill: 10 runic power at the cost of 10% damage from this skill. The damage loss is no big deal, really. It is only 1/3 the gains from Improved Icy Chill, meanwhile the 10 runic power is a nice boost toward that Hungering Cold, or perhaps just another Frost Strike. Glyph of Blood Strike: What?! Blood Strike? Not Obliterate? I must be mad, right? ..well, I haven't used Obliterate yet, so maybe, but I don't like the fact that it costs an Ice and an Unholy rune. This glyph gives Blood Strike an all around 20% boost, including the bonus damage it gets from diseases, while the target is snared (IE, as frost, almost always). Combine this with the Blood of the North talent which increases it's damage all around by another 15% AND gives me a Death Rune every time I use Blood Strike and the glyph seems like a pretty solid choice. This leaves me my Frost and Unholy runes to do other things with, like Howling Blast or another Icy Chill for more Runic Power and the chance to proc Rime. Minor Glyphs: Pestilence, Horn of Winter, Death's Embrace: Not really a lot to explain here. Pestilence is just generally nice, Horn of Winter becomes easy to cast, and Death's Embrace will let me Death Coil heal myself while I'm in Lichborne. Not a lot to em'.
  11. Personally, it doesn't bother me that much if I see a name that carries a reference. I'd prefer it not be a complete copycat name (IE: Cloudstrife, Vegeta) though. At least some form of misspelling makes it more tolerable. It is also better if the name is actually one name. Not fond of the firstnamelastname format. First and last names should be seperated by a space, damn it! Alas, Blizzard does not give you such a space to work with, so I can't get too annoyed by it. Those things said, I do have my limitations. If your character is named after a character that has long/big hair and an even longer/bigger sword (or vice versa), your character has earned my immediate hatred, and I would very much like to come to your house and punch you square in the face.
  12. <p>WHERE YOU BEEN OLD MAN?!</p>

  13. Your works have an extravagant, amazing amount of detail Muju. If anything, my criticism is that you tend to use too MUCH detail. Yes, it's possible. The fact that there are so many textures floating around coupled with the monochromatic toning you use, no colors to differentiate different areas, means that sometimes I've got to strain my eyes to tell just what I'm looking at. If I look at one of these high detail areas as a whole and try to tell what it is without focusing on tiny individual sections, sometimes it just looks like a bunch of random lines, albeit pretty looking lines. In this piece for example, there is a tremendous mass of detail above her head (or rather, on it). I had to look three times to distinguish between all the individual flora and such on her hair and I thought that the horn was her (suspiciously massive!) ear for a while until I happened to glance slightly below it and see.. an ear. It's like a texture overload. Yes, I know. It's much easier to be a critic when you can't draw for beans yourself. Since I can't draw for beans, I'm like the perfect candidate. Besides, your threads need an occasional post saying something other than "This is the greatest thing ever!" We don't want you getting a big head.