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  1. I'm siding with Skaadvik and Swerto on this particular topic. Over-doing something (like reporting EVERY odd name) will likely just destroy the server further. Twisting Nether already seems to be barely floating, at least on Alliance side. Granted, I don't hop over to TN all the time anymore since I do all my roleplaying on Wyrmrest Accord and had stopped raiding (semi-hardcore). If someone acts like a total asshole to others/roleplayers or has something offensive in their name, by all means.... Or even those that try to squeeze a sentence into their name. I know the cause is noble, but all I can't really see anything good coming out of doing a full-blown crusade against anything remotely OOC. My druid's IGN (Kitsuneko) of course, isn't a "proper" Night Elven name... or of really any race in general. Rolled with that name long ago, back at the start of BC and that's what people both Horde and Alliance server know me as. It's the name that's really stuck, so it's one I choose to keep. Is that her IC name? Hell no. TRP 2 and it's changed to "Shari'fal Duskwhisper" for other roleplayers to see. When I had made that name, I was new and didn't really understand how the game worked. I'm probably not the only one out there in that situation.
  2. Quoted for truth. I transferred my druid (Kitsuneko/Shari'fal) over to Wyrmrest Accord several months back. On TN, it seemed like the only roleplay I could find without feeling like I'm unwanted or interrupting something was started in the Blue Recluse. Those roleplays tended to be short-lived and relatively stale (not necessarily the people themselves). Alliance side at the very least, there seemed to be roleplay "cliques" and if you were outside of it, good luck finding halfway-decent roleplay. I would hear about all these nice things that were going involving the same people often enough, but never seem to be able to get involved in anything except occasionally with 2-3 other roleplayers. After a while, that seemed to fade quite a bit too as two of them became focused on a relationship. On Wyrmrest, I can get involved a great deal easier and find longer-lasting roleplay even by meeting people in a tavern. Overall, the people are nicer and more open to random roleplay. Sometimes, there are "bad roleplayers," but they seem to stay mostly involved with others like them interestingly enough. People just learn to disregard them and have fun. I miss some people on TN, but I'm overall much happier on Wyrmrest. Something needs to change on Twisting Nether if people want a decently-sized roleplay community that flourishes rather than a small ring (or rings) of people that stay together and blow off others that try to get involved. TL;DR: Transferred to Wyrmrest because I felt unwelcome in the roleplay community on TN. Wyrmrest is more welcoming overall and something should be done to fix TN.
  3. Um yeah. Slightly discolored upon saving the damn thing (not that I can color worth a damn anyway). Shari being ferocious as a child. The snowbear is probably her rendition of an angry furbolg, being that she grew up in Winterspring.
  4. An elf, rather short in comparison to most of her race, could be seen kneeling down next to the nice pile of presents around the tall tree in Ironforge. She acted as a helper of sorts for Greatfather Winter along with a select few others, helping to sort and distribute gifts among the children. Up until today, she had mainly been guarding the presents, making sure no sneaky little child made an attempt to open their gifts before this special day. A taller, male elf quietly approached her from behind and peered down at his sister. Upon looking over her green winter outfit, his face started to flush from embarrassment, "Shari... must you wear such a... provocative outfit...?" Shari'fal paused in what she was doing, glaring up at him over her shoulder and pursing her lips a bit, "Hey, not my fault! This was just what... 'helpers' were asked to wear... and I've made very sure that nothing can be seen. I've seen others wear a LOT worse. Besides, don't I have a nice form? Should at least show it off a--" "SHARI!" her brother, Falore, interrupted. His face darkened even more before he just sighed, his shoulders slumping, "Just... seeing my beloved twin sister in such... clothing...." He covered his face, to which Shari grinned mischievously at even though there was a hint of red on both her cheeks and along her ears. Surely, she was a little less than comfortable being that she usually had a rather conservative mind when it came to clothing. However, she returned her attention forward to the mound of gaily-wrapped boxes, continuing to sort through them as her brother departed to speak to one of the nearby goblins. As the pile around the tree got smaller and smaller as gifts were given out, Shari started to keep an eye out for any gifts that might have her name on it. Upon finding one from Greatfather Winter, she smiled brightly and set it off to the side. Apparently, she had been very good this past year, as she had a few different gifts from the legendary dwarf of the winter season. However, she paused upon finding another gift with a tag reading "Shari'fal" on it. This time, the penmanship was very different... and incredibly familiar. Flipping open the tag, her eyes widened in shock and her face paled upon revealing the identity of the sender. ------------------------ To: Shari'fal From: Your Father ------------------------ She just knelt there, staring intently at the tag with an expression that appeared to be a mixture of extreme shock and disbelief. How was this possible...? Her father... her father was... "Shari~..." the voice of her brother interrupted her thoughts, causing her to look up at him. Immediately, his brows furrowed in concern, "Is something wrong? You seem as if you have seen a ghost." Blinking a few times, she shakes her head and attempts to recover by smiling awkwardly, "N-No... just fine. Could you... erm... do me a favor and carry a few of these home? I'll be there in a bit with the rest." Seeming unconvinced, he nodded hesitantly and picked up a few of the gifts, aside from the parcel she currently held in her arms, "That would be fine. Arrive home safely, will you? Try not to cause too much trouble." Upon seeing her glare a bit at him, Falore couldn't help but feel a little relieved and smiled faintly before walking away. Once he had left, the druidess returned her attention to the gift in her lap, her own brows furrowing in confusion. Perhaps she would open this gift in a short while....
  5. Shari'fal- Artemis and a little of Ares. As for my other characters, none of the gods seem to fit any of them.
  6. I've only explored around the island a bit. Didn't even realize that I was in contested areas until I read this thread. I think I'll just stick around the tournament grounds, then... EDIT: Nevermind. PvP bug bit me again and now I'm stealthing around, looking for people fighting. I did moonfire a DK who was running around on the water just to make her fall in. She wasn't too happy about that. Died soon after between her and a paladin. It was fun, regardless.
  7. Amidst all the chaos, two large shapes could be seen weaving in and out of the aerial battles, closely followed by a much smaller figure. The trio were sure to remain a safe distance away from the artillery fire, not wanting to become an accidental casualty in this war against their greatest enemy. Heavy wingbeats, shortly followed by a furious roar alerted them that they were being closely followed by yet another one of Deathwing's ilk. "When will they learn?" the apparent leader, a red wyrm by the name of Talostrasz, asked no one in particular. "It seems highly unlikely that it will be in the near future," replied the other behemoth, Sendormu, a proud member of the bronze dragonflight. "... not that he has much time left if he truly aims to attack us. Nel! Blind him!" The blue drake trailing behind, returned her gaze forward upon hearing her name, trying to momentarily ignore the much larger black dragon closing in on them. Hearing the bronze dragon's instruction, a mischievous glint shined briefly in her eyes, "Yes!" Whirling around, her eyes glowing, she charged up a spell and released it suddenly just moments before the beast would have reached her. Hearing the roar of surprise, Talostrasz and Sendormu both banked sharply, speeding towards the blinded black dragon and tearing into him with both talons and teeth. As their enemy's corpse plummeted towards the snow-covered ground, Talostrasz lightly glowered at his bronze counterpart, "... I thought it was agreed upon that I would make the calls in combat." The bronze wyrm almost seemed amused by this before replying in a rather nonchalant manner, "You were too slow, I am afraid." "Look!" called out Nel, directing their attention to the airship above Wyrmrest Temple. Upon closer inspection, they could spot humanoid figures slowly descending towards the tower. However, it would seem that their enemies had taken notice as well and moved in to stop them. "Sen, fly up front and slow those dragons down by stopping their time. We'll have to work quickly to gain the advantage," Talostrasz ordered as they swiftly flew towards the top of the temple to intercept the various cultist dragon riders, twilight and black dragons.
  8. ((Dated technically from early this morning.)) We're heading in to hopefully vanquish Ragnaros this evening... morning... whichever it is... along with several other groups. Ours will be on the defensive, however. Our job will be to keep an eye out for any interferences from the outside while the battle rages on. I'm a little disappointed that I won't be in there, tearing into some firelord... does he even have an ass? Another one of the many things I'd much rather not find out. I forgot to mention that a warrior in our group ended up going missing just a few days ago in the Firelands. I'm not sure what he was doing in there by himself, but that's what reports had stated. As a replacement, we have another druid in our ranks. Nice fellow it seems, a bit nervous about the upcoming battle but I think he'll do well. There's something a bit odd about him that I can't quite place my finger on, but it might be my own nerves getting to me. This place does that to people, you know? Anyway, Loboes and I had a discussion finally. He was acting like a jerk and I thought he was being serious about not giving a damn about people, including me. Well, apparently that was a l____ *the writing stops abruptly as the pen trails off the page, which is covered in blood*
  9. You know, journal, love is stupid. I hate it now. Once someone falls in love, they don't seem to give a shit about anything else other than their mate. It's like they almost forget about everything else, or in these cases it seems like completely. Dalomere and I grew up together until he left to train and were incredibly close as children. Inseparable, even. Then meeting him again, it was just rather awkward when he was with Aliss. I'm pretty sure she didn't like me around him too much, but it didn't seem like he changed for the most part. Now, with Yueme on the other hand... pretty damn sure I don't exist anymore. I did at first, but now with this whole "vow" thing, I can't hold him to his word for anything. "Oh, we'll do something just the two of us. I'll discuss it with you this weekend." Nope. I wonder if I did end up dying in this forsaken place now, if he'd even notice a damn thing. Maybe months down the line, he might start wondering. "Hey, I haven't seen Shari in some time I think. I wonder where she is." Until then, I'm sure he'll be all happy and cuddling with Yueme, forgetting about everything else. Maybe I'm just being selfish. I'd like to think I have at least SOME justification in these feelings of anger, hurt and even loneliness. Maybe I just want to feel as if I'll be missed if I do end up getting killed out here... But I'm probably just a thorn in everyone's side anyway and they'd likely be glad to be rid of me. They might get their wish soon then, but I'm still going out with a "bang." Now that I've ranted, I'd just like to mention how nice it is to have a moonwell at the Molten Front. I'm starting to re-energize while sitting near it, ever so slowly. A few pomes from the nearby tree have fallen in and are floating around. Would they be okay to eat? I'd imagine so, but I'd much rather not be the first to find out.
  10. They normally aren't. Going to see if I can get my tablet/art program working again. Kinda irritating me that it's not. Edit: Nope. Still not working.
  11. Because neither my tablet or the scanner are working... I was forced to take pictures with a camera (which I fail at). *shakes angry fist at shadow*
  12. Shari'fal: 8 Granted, if they asked certain questions she may or may not be a borderline mary sue. Mother's dead, father had his soul ripped from him and hidden away and brother was possessed/corrupted and was indirectly responsible for both. Long time ago. Now, brother is back to normal, mother's still dead of course and Shari supposedly now knows where to find her father's soul. Shari was angsty for awhile there, but she's coming out of it so I didn't check that box.
  13. Hello again, journal. Why am I greeting you, anyway? You're some inanimate object, but I suppose even inanimate objects would like a greeting every now and then. REGARDLESS, things have happened since I last wrote here. I seem to be horrible at keeping up with my entries, but it slips my mind especially with my life becoming fast-paced again. I made a full recovery, though it took nearly a month and even then, I had to train myself back up to my peak from being inactive for so long. While I was unable to fight, I was appointed as a recruiter for the Avengers of Hyjal so that I could at least be doing something towards the effort. One I helped to recruit, Vaedoras... he seems to be doing quite well on the Front from what I've seen. As long as he continues to keep that temper of his in check, I think he'll turn out being a valuable member of our group. I suppose we should keep Dalomere from visiting the Molten Front, then. Speaking of him, haven't been visiting him and Yueme much lately. While still recovering, I did attend a N.E.L.F. meeting out... in the wilds and had to sit by idly and watch many different elves duel one another. I started sneaking around and Dalomere scolded me once, telling me to sit still. I did sit still... for a short time before sneaking off and dueling a rogue. I managed to come out on top because the rogue seemed to be a novice at his field, but I just about passed out from the effort and was in a bit of pain from it as well. I don't think Dal ever found out, because I didn't find myself getting dragged by the scruff of my furry neck to the stronghold. That rogue was a certified nutcase, though. He was all laughing and grinning while bleeding... not sure what there was to be so happy about with getting torn up, but... to each their own. A couple weeks ago (I think? Time flies!) I was in Winterspring and angered some furbolgs. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but I didn't quite feel up to fighting just yet so I opted for fleeing on foot. "Why not fly?" one might ask. Through my adventures in my lifetime, I've discovered that generally it's a bad idea to try flying away when there is a spellcaster firing off spells at you. If they have good aim, it would be a rather long fall that would likely result in something getting broken or worse, depending on your altitude. And while furbolgs generally did not seem to have the best of aim when we were growing up, I'm sure they have been practicing and waiting for the day that they would have a chance at me again. I'm sure the stories of those "damn elf children" have been passed on through generations upon generations seeing as their lives are short in comparison to ours and that they will likely be ready. And judging about the amount of times a spell grazed me while I was running, I'm also sure that they have been practicing on their aim. And wouldn't you know? Those furbolgs managed to chase me down onto a frozen lake and I fell through the ice. I deserved it, I'm sure. They say karma comes back to bite you eventually and I'm fairly sure that I heard those creatures laugh at my misfortune, though it was hard to tell with my hearing muffled from being underwater... fel, it's hard to distinguish laughter from almost anything else regarding them. I'm sure Dalomere and Yueme were surprised to see a bundled, elven ice cube shivering next to their doorstep when they arrived home. Yueme helped me warm up and then we went to the hot springs, though once again I preferred to keep my distance for the most part. I forgot to mention that I saw my son again, after many... MANY years! Well, several decades, rather. To explain, I didn't give birth to him as he is not a Kaldorei, but a Sin'dorei. Yeah, yeah... member of the Horde and all, but I couldn't very well just leave him. I stumbled upon him in my travels getting assaulted along with his parents and despite the fact that the "blood elves" are supposed to be our enemies, I decided to get involved. Unfortunately, I was too late to save his parents, but managed to rescue him with little more than a few minor gashes. He's grown quite a bit since I had brought him to Silvermoon to train (well, outside Silvermoon since I didn't want to die) and to my relief, is still the kindhearted boy that I raised. I'm sure a few people would laugh at the idea that I can successfully raise a child... who is not always getting into trouble like his adopted mother... but I did it! I really wish Thal would send a letter though, at LEAST. He hasn't visited again in some time. Damn... it's hot here in the Molten Front. That's stating the obvious, though. I'm taking a break to regain my strength and to plan for tonight's assault deeper into the Firelands, being that I've been promoted to a Captain. So far, I seem to be doing well in the position despite having never led a group of people before. My combat experience seems to be the only reason I'm managing to hang in there. I will make sure with this group that no one gets left behind to die, even if I have to personally carry them to safety and risk my life doing so. I'll make sure that no one has to experience what I went through with being left to die, being unable to move to defend yourself. I don't foresee myself living to see the end of it all with how brutal the encounters are getting, but if nothing else, I will be taking that damn Fandral down with me.
  14. A large panther-like beast sprinted through the burning landscape of what was known as the Regrowth, dodging attempted strikes by the surrounding Flamewalkers. The creature, a shapeshifted druid, suddenly skidded to a complete stop by digging her claws into the earth. A large flame-engulfed boulder slammed into the ground just before her and she pauses, taking a step or two back. Hearing movement behind her, she turns to find herself face-to-face with three of the scaled monsters and she caught glimpse of a fourth and fifth making their way over. Her eyes darted around quickly, already thinking up a plan of action as they moved in closer. One charged forward, slashing horizontally at her with its polearm while the two others focused on casting a spell, clawed hands enveloped in flames. The druid drops to the ground, allowing the weapon to sail over her head before leaping up at the Flamewalker, her fangs sinking into its neck. Her momentum sent the fire creature falling backwards with the large cat still latched onto its neck and blood spraying into the air, near-scalding in temperature. The druid's eyes rested on the two casters as her and her first victim fell, her mind already calculating as they finished their casts and launched flames at her. She clenched her jaw even tighter upon her victim's neck, twisting her body a bit as she fell. However, she was able to use her prey's body to block most of the flames and only suffered relatively minor scorching. Upon colliding with the ground, she quickly rolled back onto her paws and sprang towards the two casters, raking her sharpened claws across their eyes in passing and blinding them. Their two reinforcements had arrived at this point and one attempted to run her through with its weapon. The druid dodged to one side, skidding a bit before taking a flying leap up at the one that had attacked her, landing on his head before he could fully recover from his own assault and raked her claws across its eyes as well before leaping away and taking off to the west. She would leave the last one unharmed, mainly because she would rather not risk more reinforcements arriving to try and take her down. As the druid bounded along, a smirk seemed to slowly spread across her muzzle as a sense of pride and accomplishment welled up inside of her, "Duskpaw has returned...."