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  1. <p>*Sighs as she attempts to figure him out* So you seem to think that you have power over others. That is not the case. You have no power over anyone but yourself. Each of us controls our own fate. Keep that in mind, lest you fall prey to the darkness, that resides within each of us. For there can no be light, unless there is darkness. *Cracks her knuckles* Although I suppose that you are no threat to me. Still I will keep my eyes on you, just to be safe. I will give you fair warning though. If you make the mistake of choosing to mess with my friends, you will pay dearly for it. I will make sure of it. Keep that in mind.</p>

  2. This one clings to weak feelings, yes very week. But there is something inside of her, something I find most intriguing... yes intriguing! That other entity within her is very powerful indeed, and quite full of itself. Perhaps I should teach it some humility, and then bring it under my wing. 'Tis a shame, I almost made this one my pet. Once she reclaims my blade for me, we will see about aiding her in the death of my father... we shall see.
  3. Why so gloomy little brother? Did death really hurt that bad? How does it feel to be destroyed by my blade in the hands of our father. I'm sure the light seared your flesh away in the most painful way possible. Do not fret little brother, our father shall meet the same end as everyone else. The Der'Ænimus shall be returned to me. Perhaps I should raise your bones as a pet, yes I think I'll do that.
  4. You think you shall cleanse the world in a holy fire, I will show you the holiest fire of all. Yes, the world shall be cleansed, but you will be cleansed along with it. Death and destruction is all that awaits you. -he cackles maniacally-
  5. "Little gnome, why doth you cry? I'll tell you, everything you ever loved has faded from this world, and soon you shall fade as well. Yes yes... you shall fade as well."
  6. (updated with theme song and such)
  7. Draedaen had lived a life of privlage, he was born before the orcs ever entered Azeroth and his parents intended for him to live a life of peace. But when the orcs did eventually move north from Stormwind into Lordaeron, Draedaen's father had gone off to war. His father had returned home after the war initially ended, but was called once more at the Dark Portal's reopening, yet he left something with Draedaen. Cenco had knelt before Draedaen with a azure blade with silver lining. The blade was inscribed with the family lineage, up until Draedaen himelf. “Draedaen, my son, do you know what this is?” “Yes father, it is your sword, the one you yelled at me for touching when I was younger.” “Do you remember why I told you that you could not touch it, Draedaen?” “You said that it wasn't my time yet, and until it was I was not able to wield the blade.” “No, it wasn't your time to take this blade yet. This sword is named Der'Ænimus, it was crafted by the greatest of the High Elf smiths for a Knight of Lordaeron over two hundred years ago. That Knight was your ancestor, Draedaen. Ever since then this blade has passed through our family to the eldest son of each generation when they finished their trials and were knighted. My father told me this same story when I was your age, and upon the day I was knighted eight years ago, he gave this to me before passing into the Light's graces.” “Da, what are you saying?” “I'm saying son, that I am going off to war once more, it was a mistake to take this blade with me the last time. Even with the Light at my back I nearly died on many occasions. The orcs were more than a formidable enemy, my son, I fear we only barely won the war. Now they've returned, the portal to their cursed world open once more. Before they can return to Lordaeron and start another war with their endless tides of soldiers I shall travel to their realm and damn them to it once and for all. I fear, my son, that I may not return.” “Then don't go, send someone else in your place!” “It does not work that way Draedaen, I go where I must for you and your mother. Now that I'm leaving again you're going to have to be the man of the house again, and watch over your mother for me. Your brother and sister need your help as well.” “Da... no” “Son, I am leaving, but I am not leaving you without a part of me. I am breaking tradition, and I am giving you this blade now, before you've even seen your ninth snow.” “But...” “Draedaen, listen to me. This blade is the entire Ænimus legacy, it is the weapon that gives us our name, long ago we were simply a farming people. But this blade, it has the the love and nurturing of the most powerful elven smiths put into it. Our name has a dual meaning, of both life and cleansing, and this blade cleanses greater than any other I have ever wielded. Long before it tasted orc blood it tasted the blood of trolls and other enemies of Lordaeron. You are still not ready to wield such a blade, but I am entrusting it to you unless I don't return. It is now up to you to decide when to give it to yourself, I only pray that you continue the family tradition.” Draedaen nodded, reaching his hand towards the hilt of the blade.
  8. Unknown to his younger brother, Swerto, Draedaen was in the battle below. The former knight had been raised as a Death Knight years ago and had been freed among the rest of the Death Knights aboard the Acherus. Draedaen fought alongside his Ebon Blade brethren against the scourge. Draedaen swung his runeblade in a heavy arc crushing the two nearest scourge. They were quickly replaced by ten more rushing forward in endless waves. The harvester roared at his opponents as he fell into a fury. His swings grew in strength and consistency as he pushed forward. Undead fell before him as he moved towards the Death Knight he noticed to the rear.
  9. Full Name: Draedaen Ænimus Nicknames: Harvester Date of Birth: Three years prior to the first war Race: Undead Human (Death Knight: Horde Aligned) Gender: Male Hair: Light Blue Skin: Pale Blue Eyes: Azure Height: 6'4'' Weight: 180 lbs Place of residence: Acherus Place of Birth: Lordaeron Known Relatives: Swerto Ænimus (Brother), Cenco Ænimus (Father) Religion/Philosophy: Religion is a weak construct of weak mortals who fear death, Draedaen is death. Occupation: Death Knight of the Ebon Blade Group/Guild affiliation: Ebon Blade Enemies: Any who stand in his way Likes: Nice clean cuts across the sternum, slices from ear to ear, food for his ghouls, and corpses to make his slaves, chaos, insanity, death and destruction. Weapons of Choice: His sword: the Der'Ænimus, and if he can't have that: Two handed Swords Dislikes: Jackasses, the Scourge, anything he hasn't killed yet. Physical Features: DBefore you stands a wicked creaturre. Covered in grotesque tatoos and scars it is hard to believe that he was once a proud knight of lordaeron. HIs face is tatooed to resemble a skull, his cheeks are ripped open almost like an endless grin. His azure eyes peer from behind leather straps that wrap around his head. His blue hair drapes down unkempt and messy. His hair seems to be made of ice, with frost radiating off of it. Cold and undeath seem to radiate from him. Positive Personality Traits: None Negative Personality Traits: Unforgiving, Ruthless, Cocky, Psychopath, Insane without a doubt. Theme Songs: History: Draedaen is the eldest son of Cenco Ænimus, and the older brother of Swerto. Draedaen grew up pampered by his mother. When he was young his father left to go fight in the second war, but before leaving Cenco made sure to let Draedaen know he expected him to follow in his footsteps. Before his father went through the Dark Portal and disappeared he gave Draedaen their family blade and made him the man of the house. Draedaen spent the remainder of his youth training and serving Lordaeron loyally. He had no time for distractions that his brother enjoyed, and thus never married. When the scourge invaded Draedaen was slain defending his family's home, only his brother and sister survived (because they were elsewhere). Years later Draedaen was raised as a Death Knight in service of the scourge. The process of bringing his soul back from nether after so many years left him completely insane. Draedaen unwillingly served the very army that had put him into his grave years earlier. While serving the scourge Draedaen was covered head to toe in grotesque tattoos depicting horrific acts. Draedaen became known as 'The Harvester' due to his ruthlessness when it came to doing the Lich King's bidding. He found a certain joy in raising armies of ghouls to serve him, often falling into fits of uncontrollable laughter. When the Ebon Blade broke free from the Scourge Draedaen did nothing to lose his reputation as ruthless, all that really changed is that he lost the need for a master. While Draedaen felt indebted towards Morgraine for helping gain his freedom, he desired no leader. He would continue to fight for the Ebon Blade for a time, but only because it allowed him to do what he liked best: kill. Draedaen now seeks to reclaim the blade he lost while fighting the scourge, the Der'Ænimus. The blade was used by his father before him, and then passed onto him. In the hands of a Death Knight, the Der'Ænimus would be a tool of ruthlessness that rivaled his own.