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  1. Hojo

    <p>Hoot, chirp. Birthday.</p>

  2. <p>Happy Birthday!</p>

  3. Will bite the bait. Meta achievements reward everyone. Maybe not everyone is at the same level, but they're a nice push for everyone to feel like they get something. A mount or title, it's just a reward for completing something that ( normally ) takes a group effort. That takes their time. Next up you have xmog/gear. This is a higher RNG factor. You can squeeze in a loot rule here or get lucky with that one piece of gear. People will want for xmog though and they'll still give time and effort to help get it. The final tier is legendaries. They're a singular thing that takes a great amount
  4. I've said my part. If people want to encourage such selfishness then they can do whatever they want.
  5. Well, at least you are honest with being extremely selfish! If you up and ninja it without loot rules in game, enjoy a possible ban.
  6. I'm the same for Ulduar 25. And to a degree about ICC as well. ( I do have some Horde! ) Because you still need those 'idiots' to help you clear. You can't do Heroic LK alone, you rely on others to help you. You shouldn't feel entitled to something like that. At least not when you need 10+ other people all the time. Yeah, leading the raid is stressful. It's not a fun job and everyone has issues with achievements, loot, and paying attention. You've already reaped the rewards of ICC though. You got gear/xmog, you've probably gotten your meta drake, and you've gotten a legendary. Isn't that en
  7. You're reserving the mount? Why would people even go to a heroic kill if not a chance for that?
  8. Being that ridiculous and stupid can turn off people just the same. Logging onto Horde side and hitting RP to see 'butt rape' and other lewd comments isn't the best if you're wanting new blood to feel welcomed. Or be taken a little more serious and less troll-like. I'm not saying to be a complete negative grouch. Just balance things a little.
  9. This server needs new blood so badly. Someone give us a transfusion asap.
  10. Sett


    (( -weeps- Farewell, Amallah! ))
  11. "This is going to make a lovely souvenir." Settana chuckles at the thought before removing the nicest poster she can find down. The paladin then heads back out towards her forge to continue to work.
  12. More treeees. Oh man. You were right about the blue shading making a difference. Looks amazing.
  13. That is the best post I've ever seen, Necro.