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  1. Lifting her head as she looked up at the gryphon a frown appearing on her face. Hearing the wings beat against the air and causing the water to spray out as it flew over the water, thinking about it very closely she kept the spell she was building back as she prepared it for a just in case moment. Not making a rash decision about attacking a unknown rider, especaly if it was a person coming all the way out here. She figured they would have a very good reason to do so. ' To kill or talk.. which I don't know..' she thought to herself at that before letting out a small laugh since it was still a few moments before the rider could land. Stepping back as she looked up at the gryphon coming closer to her little sanctuary as she leaned against the building at this point her staff leaning against her side as she crossed her arms waiting her eyes narrowing at this point as she focused on continuing to draw upon the arcane magic that she had built up around in the area. " Only This time I'm not going to let myself be taken again.." she said this out loud at this point.
  2. Turning her head as she looked upwards her mouth opening, her eyes widening before a smile appearing on her face as she saw the distant Gryphon in the distance. Looking up at the sky at this point her eyes narrowing a little as a small chill ran up her spine. She let out a small laugh at this point, 'Someone is coming here?' Thought to herself as she watched the gryphon descend. She looked back to the cabin knowing her prized research was still in there she turned again to the sky to watch the gryphon. Her thought trailed off at this point at the start of what had started her downward spiral, to that day on the island. Dalaran, where she had first met the elf, asked her for information and being as innocent as she was at that time Cytiana had wanted to know about Serstrant. She said she would do what she could though it went against anything everything she had stood for. Ada'maris herself had been very much different, she soon felt her own memories go back to the Island. The very island she now stood, thinking about the Paladin and the Warrior who had thrown her into the stockades Tortured and burnt into her memories that humans were things to be hated and loathed. Thinking at Carlos and his buddy she felt a cold hatred to those people. Then on top of that Cytiana was not punished along side with her for, the fact she was as guilty as ada was that day. Her mind racing at this point as her hand tightened on her staff looking up at the sky feeling a searing cold hatred for the alliance wash over her. She growled something under her breath, as she started to summon a lot of the arcane energy that she had even breaking part of a seal she had put on her own powers that had been passed on from her 'mentor' and father at the same time. She had been too young to inherit the powers she got. She was still relatively young which for a elf. She looked up at the gryphon now seeing a silhouette of a rider and recognized it to be another elf. (( also I was reading them as well laughing my ass off ))
  3. Blinking a little as she looked over the water shaking her head. ' Its funny if I had not done what I have done. I wouldn't have see everything I have' she thought as she turned away from the water the arcane sparrows were finally out of sight before they disappeared. ' I wouldn't have met the people I have, or learned that I was indeed foolish at times wishing for neutrality.' She thought this as she let out a small chuckle looking up wards towards the sky blinking a little. " Maybe it's time...finally" She said this as walked back into the house for a moment as her hands wrapped around a staff. 'heh, I get one bad feeling and I get immediately paranoid.. dammit Caly..' She thought as her mind wandered back to a warlock who she and herself could never get along. A few of their encounters had left Ada completely wishing for death due to the Warlock's cruelty. On the other had it had shown ada to push back on several different sides and even attempt the dark fel arts before having the assistance of duroxas to put that to a end. Her staff in hand as she looked outside the door and looked out at the horizon her hand gripped the staff in her hand making a frown appear on her face as she seemed to look up at the sky her mouth moving silently as she mouthed a incantation to be on the safe side. " Alright..who is all the way out here now?"
  4. Looking up through a window as she peered out at the water. ' It's ironic, I survived this long. Put myself into Isolation, got attacked by those highland marauders, the lost of my family. Or is it the fact this where a destructive cycle of use and be used started. Where I started to betray the man I looked up to, even took his face to murder a mother, then to lose myself in the nether over and over..' she thought this as the ruins started to appear on a parchment. ' I turned against duroxas svet, lost my cousin demitri. And even nhal disappeared, then my husband, my children. I at least know they are safe from me.' she thought as she looked out at the water her expression still blank. ' Though I have come here to where it all started, where my cycle started. Cytiana.. the dark twisting fate between us. Though it's a shame I couldn't give Caly a good punch in her perfect face before this may all come to a end. Some part of me always knew she was right.' As she thought that she smirked a bit and got up wrapping the cloak around her shoulders as she walked outside leaning againct the wooden frame of the door. ' Kylok, Kyune... I'm sorry about this .. I should have told you.. once I woke up' she thought closing her eyes as she bowed her head over. " I hurt a lot of people.. " she whispered as she was mostly talking to her own personal ghosts. Lifting her head she quickly wiped away the tear that fell from her eye. As she walked out holding out a single hand before a sparrow landed on her finger before flying off once more as it flew off. 'I'm sorry my friends and family I've hurt you so..' she thought before lowering her hand as she muttered a small spell and a few dozen arcane crafted birds flew off in several directions.
  5. Standing out on the island, located off the coast of the barren near Ratchet. A long haired magi stood looking out at the water her eyes blank as she stared at the reflection of the sun hitting off the water. 'How strange this journey took me here after so long.' she said this a small smile appearing on her face. ' This is where it all started.' She thought as she looked over the surrounding areas. Thinking back at everything her smile slowly disappeared as she shook her head. " I have so many regrets. I should have never turned my back on the people I have cared about..just to prove myself." She said this back before pulling out a small photo of her family a faint smile appearing on her face. " Especially them.. " Waves of memories kept washing over her as she looked along the homely cabin she sat down in a chair as she oppened a book and started to write within it. The pages filled with locked arcane runes as she continued to pour her research into the book.
  6. Sleeping soundly in a small cot at brill, Ada'maris sighed a sigh of relief as a peaceful sleep overtook her. ~EARLIER~ After two zeppelin rides and a couple flights Ada had ended up within the territories of the forsaken. Watching some of the condemned criminals she blinked lightly surprised as she watched them. She got up before walking over to the death stalkers as she came up with a solution that would keep her promise and also provide seven souls, a grin appeared on her face as she quickly came with a deal with the forsaken. She handed over a sack of gold for each person she payed in full. With also a large discount from the fact she had previously earned their trust while her travels as an Arcanist. She took the prisoners as she led them into a quiet area. She allowed them to pray to whatever they wanted and wrote down some last requests of theirs, before taking their souls. She smirked a little to herself as she held the shards of those people, ' This should help..' she thought this before heading out to brill towards the graveyard. Walking up to the crypt she shook her head lightly, reaching out she set a hand on the doors before turning around as she saw Mordru standing behind her.
  7. Laying in a bed wondering what happen her eyes scanning the room as she sat up holding her chest. " What did he? Mordru.." she whispered to herself as she took in a deep breath as she sat on the bed. " How did I get into bed?" said out loud to no one but herself. Then she remembered the people that had been in a panic from her collapse. " Calystae.. " she whispered before looking out the window before getting up quickly. Feeling the room spin but pushing threw it she walked over to the door opening it up as looked down to her hands seeing they were there and not transparent. At this point she knew that she was not in the dream she had, but none the less she was more determined to get to the bottem of why the pain had stopped. She knew who she had to go to, and where to find him. " Please.. just I hope he didn't do anything stupid.." she said this out loud as she set down the money for the room and quietly slipped out of sight before anyone could notice her disappearance. " I have to help, this is my mess. I'll clean this one up.." She vowed to herself as she walked down the road passing the civilians of the small town she had spent the night in. Sending a mental message to her fel hound to hurry up and check on Mordru while she made her way to his odd home rubbing the spot where the wound was and not looking to see if it was still there.
  8. As Ada'maris opened the doors to where she thought the woman would be she let out a gasp of surprise seeing that the woman was not there. Walking to the center she looked around as she looked down to her own hands seeing that they were starting to become translucent. Closing her eyes as she stood in the middle of the room before dropping to her knees frustrated at this point. " I can't do anything.. " she whispered out loud to the darkness as she bowed her head setting both hands on the ground as a single tear hit the ground. She wasn't sobbing but just completely frustrated she couldn't do anything at this given moment. Worried about what would go on and punching the ground with a balled up hand. " FEL BLASTED!" she cried out to nothing. " JUST MAKE IT STOP!" she screamed at the end closing her eyes a little before staying there and just staying put. " I can't kill innocent people.. I just can't.." she said this softly keeping her promise to Kylok, a unspoken one but a promise none the less.
  9. Hearing the words of other elfs, Ada woke up a little her body wracked with pain. " Help.. " She barely managed before a priest showed up and tried to heal the wound causing a even larger scream of pain as a fel hound came bounding up nuzzling her hand as she layed on the narrow bed in the back. Her breathing starting to shorten even more as the priest was trying to heal the wound but failing horribly at it. Making harder to focus and more and painful to breath, as she could no longer hear the voices of others. The fel hound running around before catching a name under ada's labored slow breathing causing it to run off towards the crypt in a hurry obviously worried for it's master. Her mind wandered into the Mausoleum as she formed there looking around at this point. Walking along the path she took this time to try to figure out where this place was and where she could easily find it if she needed to. Knowing now she didn't need that Soul shard with her to be here. She hurried down the path as quickly as she could. She looked around her for any clues on who lived here and why as she was confused before something at the back of her head screamed out. Turning around she looked at a perfectly preserved Statue before walking over as she reached out touching a hand to it. Turning her head a little more she found the Heavy doors as she ran to them at this point before thrusting them open as much as she could.
  10. Let out a scream as she woke up to the searing pain from her chest. Rolling over to her side as she gasped for breath shuddering with each breath, it was agony to her core as she could hardly breath at all. " help..." was all she could muster out for a plea as she fell out of the bed she had been sleeping on. Falling to the ground with a thud as tears blurred her vision from the corruption on her chest. " Some..please..Duro.. Mordru.." she gasped out slowly as she stumbled from her room in a daze not knowing where her feet were taking her. " It.. hurts.." she gasped out keeping the blankets wrapped around her as she didn't hear the angry inn keeper's yell for the blanket's to be returned. " The.. shard " she cried out before falling over onto the red dirt ground as her eyes rolled back and she soon passed out from the pain once again.
  11. With more dark circles underneath her eyes, Ada'maris traveled up to Dalaran knowing that Selash Gustblade was about in that area. Knowing though she and him, did not have the best of a talking relationship. And it was mostly to the fact points at times, not excluding her past with him she decided even against the odds to see if he could do some digging up on this caly person that seemed to almost haunt her mind. Between the soul shard, and the letter, the strange burn on her chest that had started to split open she knew she had to get information and fast. Finding him in the forge area as she walked up trying to once again mask her aura as arcane. For one not to freak out all the mages that still resided in Dalaran but two, to make sure she seemed like herself. Though that was a bit of a stretch, upon starting to talk to Selash Ada noticed that he held his head and arcane sparks appeared from him. Finding this odd she reached out a hand to grasp one of the sparks. It turned quickly almost black and deep purple in her gloved hand. Finding this more interesting ada let the spark fall before getting down to business with Selash. For a hour the topic went on if he knew anything, and he didn't sadly, But she was able to get him once his current job was done to do some digging around on this Caly person. For all she knew, she was a target for something. Only showing the Soul Shard and the letter, Selash's comment was quite amusing to say the least. " I hope I don't have to hunt you" After awhile as she sipped on a cup of coffee trying to keep herself awake as she wrote down more notes on more parchment one would think that she was becoming obsessed with something. She was recording what had happened and what was going on, to make sure she wouldn't ever forget. Her own journal helped her the last time on that. Picking up where she left off as she started to write more making small sketches of things in some of the pages, she sighed lightly knowing that this wouldn't help her and she had to seek out Mordru and Duroxas some time soon. Getting up and leaving the money at the table as she made sure her robe was covering the mark on her chest as she headed out of the little cafe and to the portal to Org. Passing some of the Sunreavers who seemed skid-dish of her she frowned as she continued to try to mask her aura even more. This seemed to settle down the Portal keeper at this time who didn't ask too many questions on why she looked so ragged. It was about late in the day when she finally found Mordru, though she couldn't find Duroxas anywhere at that time. It was a slight relief that she wouldn't have to mask herself too much but she felt very annoyed at this. So in the end she just chopped it up to being him spending time with his family or on another escapade of his research. Turning her head and sighing lightly at this she started to explain to Mordru in great detail of what her dreams were about and what was going on. She eventually showed him the burning hand print that was over her heart that was starting to split open. He put his hand on the burn mark and tried to trace it back to where it was coming from though he had no luck. Stateing that the person was strong but not stronger than him. With that he also stated there was nothing he could do about it. That was fine in her book and nodded her head to that statement as she continued to talk to him. Eventually he asked her to give up the Soul Shard and leave it in his possession, she did this. To see if things got better or not. If they didn't, more measures would have to be taken it wasn't a request he had stated that alone she knew a demand when she heard it. Knowing she was in no place to refuse a demand she nodded her head and agreed to it knowing it was for the better on what he demanded. Towards the end of everything after terms were made. Mordru suggested to ada that she go get some rest, she looked like she needed it. It was true she needed the rest and nodded her head as she waved a hand lightly smiling, a small glimmer of hope appearing as she walked towards a inn and got a room in the way back just to make sure she didn't harm anyone before heading to bed this time with no help from a potion or any wine.
  12. Standing outside the tavern in the Valley of Honor Ada'maris sighed softly, she felt better than she had for months which was a relief on her end, but Sleep derivation was not far out of the way spending two nights in continuing nightmares. Tapping her chin considering alcohol but quickly tossing that aside as she thought about the dreams again. ' Probably not a good idea' she thought as she looked around. Her ears perking up as she heard two voices she knew and smiling broadly, checking quickly and seeing that nether of the two voices were around she headed out until she spotted a fel hound standing there minding it's own business. Upon hearing Duroxas's voice she turned and started walking up slowly trying to control her own aura and to appear as mage like as she could muster. She had sworn a secret that she wouldn't let her cousin in law, Duroxas know of what had happened the night her own powers had taken a different path, along with who had helped her become what she was now. " Sorry to interrupt anything that might have been important.." she said as cheerfully as she could muster, she said this to both Duroxas and Mordru as she smiled to them both. After talking about how she was feeling to Mordru, Ada sighed softly before producing the letter to both of them wondering if they could help with finding out who this 'C' Character was. And after they both had read the letter ada explained she didn't even know this 'C' person at all and showed them the grey toned crystal that she had found with the letter. With them both slightly concerned she explained then about the nightmares she was having and the oddness of the dreams. She couldn't deny that this person was targeting her and wondered if they wanted some kind of revenge for what she had done before her memory loss. The pressure of keeping her Aura as much as she could as an Arcanist, seeing Duroxas's eyes focusing upon her as she smiled. When he finally turned his head she breathed a internal sigh feeling a small break from her. Once the topic changed to the dull grey toned crystal, Mordru and both Duroxas had asked to see the crystal. Soon enough both of them had came to the same conclusion as Kylok, it was part of a Soul Stone, once Mordru examined it closer he murmured lightly a single name 'Caly'. A warlock that had once disappeared most had assumed the woman dead. Though she was not really gone as one could tell looking at a piece of the Soul Shard. Mordru said he had been taking care of her at one point. After awhile of discussion about the woman and what the letter meant, another person showed up. Selash, one who she had known that she had given hell for something but that something she didn't understand but it was easy enough that she took the opportunity to mull over the information she had gained, and the more mysteries of what was to come. Sitting at a table drinking some wine thinking it was better that way. She mulled over the information, knowing what she knew and knew she needed more information about this person, Ada sat there writing things down on a sheet of parchment as she bit on her lower lip as she wrote down a few more notes. Letting out a defeated sigh as she rubbed her temples out of tiredness as she blinked her eyes. She knew she needed more information, she knew one person that could help her and wondered how much she would have to pay. Soon after one could see her asleep at the table, the glass of wine only half empty as she had fallen asleep once more.
  13. Almost dozing off a little at each passing hour. Ada'Maris stood in the mostly empty bazaar in Silvermoon. It had been now two days as she had found the shard and the letter had been delivered to her. Standing close to the water just to make sure nothing would combusted into flames yet again. Her head bowing a little as she put her hands on her face before her ears perked. " Mari?" a familiar voice called. Turning her head she was struck with a bit of sadness and felt bad at that moment looking at her friend, Kylok. " Hello Kylok" she said this with the most cheerful voice she could must keeping a smile on her face. The arcanist waved a little after turning around to face her friend. "What brings you hear Mari?" Kylok asked as he looked to Ada'Maris. She blinked a little at this before turning her head up to the sky. " And is that makeup?" Kylok asked vaguely surprised at this. Ada'Maris nodded her head a little as she smiled lightly. " Yah.. Felt it was time for a change" she said this with a small chuckle as she stood there trying to contain the flow of her fel aura. Eventually after awhile she handed Kylok the letter and the shard frowning a little as she knew she would have to tell him the truth and knowing he wouldn't like it at all. 't " Ky, something has happened and it's easier if I just show you rather try to explain." She said this softly as she also didn't want to reveal the Identity of someone who helped her to get rid of the torment she had been in. Closing her eyes before she summoned her Imp to her side before looking to ky with a smile on her face that seemed to stay there as if her face was stone. " I'm no longer a Arcanist Kylok." What would you know though her suspension had been correct though. After that he completely exploded in anger, she had been right yet again about this. She already knew she couldn't tell Duroxas and had to keep this change to herself. Towards the end of Kylok's and Ada'Maris's argument she screamed out tears streaming down her face. " IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS GO GET DUROXAS!" she screamed at kylok. The hurt feelings between the two stung, one side no longer scared of being left behind and the other angry cause she hadn't let him know, him on this. Later that night Ada'maris sat down on the edge of her bed in the inn that was by Murder Row, Rubbing her face as she reached for a tonic that had been made to put her to sleep at this point. " Lets see if these nightmares wake me up this time!" she said this more to herself not wanting to wear more makeup to hide the circles that were starting to form underneath her eyes. Lifting the bottle she drank it down before pulling back the covers and climbing into bed as she fell asleep almost instantaneous.
  14. A curse, one would think it would start to take effect immediately. One skillfully placed though could end up destroying another person's mentality where they destroy who they are and leave their friends out of fear. Though several other curses could happen, what about one placed upon a soul, it's caster dies and then the person who had the curse forgot about it. Though the rarities of this happening usually are very very small, sometimes they do happen. Upon the early morning one could see a small figure walking around the plague lands taking a walk. Her long hair waving around with the small breeze, a troubled look on the young elf's face as she stopped putting her hand on a tree rubbing her head. " What the hell was that dream about?" she said this is a soft voice. Ada'Maris looked down to the ground picking up a small stick as it combusted into a flame. Dropping the stick startled by the instant combustion of the flames seeing the fel fire she sighed softly as she looked up at the sky smiling. " It's not always cold in the dark hu? Funny how since that letter, that crystal .. my dreams have been torment of late." she murmured softly to herself as pulled out a Shard of something that was in dark grey tones. " Hmm.. it found it's way just like this C said.." she murmured softly to no one but herself. Tucking the crystal back into her pocket as she pulled a letter out reading the words written there carefully. " Why did this C person appear right when Mordru..appears once more." she said this out loud as she leaned against a dead tree. Holding the letter in front of her muttering under her breath as she sighed softly mouthing the words as she read the letter to herself. " Ah, FEL who is this C and what do they want from me! " she cryed out angerly kicking herself from the tree as she continued to walk around. " Right when things were starting to look up. The voices stop.. but nightmares..!!" Grumbling at this point as she continued to walk down the old beaten trail within the plagued lands leading to the Ghost lands.