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  1. Horde Triumphs with Special Operations Group WINTERGRASP—Horde members consisting of 9 Raven Cross, 2 Frostwolf Brotherhood, 2 Warsong Liberators, and a 4 irregulars took action as a special operations team last night around 2300 in Wintergrasp by holding Alliance militants at their own fortress gate. The special operations group used air to their advantage, precise timing, and decisive maneuvers with utilizing line of sight to gain the advantage against then hundreds of marauding Alliance late last night. Over the course of the engagements, the Horde group had been pushed back twice in the hours in which they fought valiantly. Upon their final push before the fight for Wintergrasp, Horde SpecOp groups held their ground Relic Chamber, exploiting their vast determination and focused strategy to keep the chamber until the fight began, to which the gate closed in front of them. “It was a prime example of Horde dedication and precision. Every member of the group was disciplined enough to know when to use our surroundings to our advantage,” stated a Raven Cross Arbiter and field medic, Szordrin Jolnin. “It was a tremendous victory for the Horde and now we know how to hit them where it hurts, their pride.” After the group had reformulated their plans and took time to mend to their wounds, they pushed out from the gate and took the fortress from the inside out, allowing Horde siege vehicles to break through the walls with little to no resistance during the onslaught of Wintergrasp. The battle for Wintergrasp took no longer than a few moments as the cooperative effort of the Horde left Alliance dazed and disorganized from the earlier battle. “It was like they didn’t know where they were. I think they needed some milk and cookies from mommy after the beating we gave them, “Opalexian of the Frostwolf Brotherhood explained, “Nah, they just needed more beatings.”* After the battle, the group headed off to one of their favorite taverns and celebrated their victory and innovative tactics against the distraught Alliance. It is said that Raven Cross Arbiter, Arokai, opened the act to the Tauren Chieftains with a cover of the band during their celebrations with Naama covering the drums. *Denote heavy transcribing due to dialect. (Anyone can respond, only Dalaran Crier can update the news: Semi-Open. If you want an article posted, please PM Dalaran Crier. Alliance and Horde allowed.)