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  1. Something else I realized today... I started on TN as Alliance and left a really good guild (thats gone now sadly) and went over to Horde. You know I played my rogue from 1 to 80 on horde side and never found a guild for some reason, even now I haven't had much luck. So I think this is another reason for my change. I just really miss the Alliance I think. Oh yah... my new baby main for Alliance is Topaz, rp bio and back story on the way.
  2. Welp.... I'm like 35 now with my Disc Priest and I'm kinda frustrated with the LfG Que. Seems finding a tank is almost impossible and then getting one that just doesn't down right suck takes a lot of luck I guess. Soo... I'm going Feral Druid and moving to the Alliance.
  3. Well.... I know the Guild name is still around and a couple of members are around on the forums and in game, but I heard they had disbanded. Last year I was looking to join them, but they was pretty much gone then as well.
  4. I really like the idea.. tho for name the only things that really pop into my mind would be something like Syndicate, maybe Seventh Sanctum.. donno. But bravo, I like it.
  5. <p>Sorry. Person I knew from AoC used that avatar, never seen it anywhere else. Thought it might be you.</p>

  6. <p><span>Fred?</span></p>

  7. sowwy.. I can't live without arcane torrent!
  8. i win? *mashes her button faster, her nose wrinkled and eyes squinting showing her full concentration.*
  9. *her face brightens in delight* I like painful and slow, but to each his on I guess.
  10. Well... I am only 26 right now, so by the time I'm leveled and geared... wait, what's the release date?
  11. I'm not sure that I will like the taste of leather, but I'm sure we can work something out when I catch up with you. *smiles sweetly*
  12. Hey now! I love purple! *pout* nothin wrong with that! Well... I coulda been a Night Elf Hunter? I actually wanted to go Night Elf Druid, but I have a 80 here so it helps with my gear and leveling. sowwy!
  13. Just wanted to say hi to TNG! I'm not new to TN, just never really been much for trolling forums. I know, I really should do it more. Seems it's alot harder now days to meet people in-game with most pugs being cross-server. Anyways... Kayla is a new blood elf priest who I'm looking to get up to 70 in a couple of weeks. I plan to pvp hard with her and get as much done as I can to gear up for 80. I plan to go Shadow for random pvp and healing for planned pvp and instances. I love random RP and always love large events, so if I hear about them, I'm gonna show up! *smirks* invited or not! I am also looking into a few guilds here, I know that most of you are 80 and probably already doing your own thing, but if your interested in a strong pvper and heavy role-player, I'll be around. After reading alot of the posts, I'm really really interested in the Raven Cross, seems to be fitting for me, but I'm interested in any guild that is active and heavy into PvPing. Well anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting more of you from TNG and hope to see you all in-game!