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  1. Nikaaaaaaa Sethredto is the name, ya know it.
  2. Shhhhh The first thing I noticed while lurking these parts, no more shoutbox :<
  3. <p><img src="http://i.gyazo.com/b633e5d3b7e49bc2c70a1060c5a64c3f.png" alt="b633e5d3b7e49bc2c70a1060c5a64c3f.png" /></p>

    <p>Because I can.</p>

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  5. Hojo

    <p>Hoot, chirp. Birthday.</p>

  6. http://i.imgur.com/geY3coK.jpg Because I dont know where else.
  7. "Shhlurphh" (How boring...) Things were going more into an open fight, and such things had little fun in it. (I knew I should had went for the lady in plate armor!) The paladin was about to come all over everyone with some light.. (silly human) and the gnome was already spitting some over that other undead. The forsaken kicked Nika off in front, removing the edge of the blade off her shoulder, and took a few steps back. (Too many magic users) It was time to back out and watch. He sheathed his tonfa on his back and with his left hand he "grabbed" the air just over him. As he pulled his arm
  8. Blood... It followed the curves of the blade, an exotic blade rarely seen, if not never, in these times. A blade that makes the user's arm become the weapon itself, a tonfa with a large blade. The teleportation spell was no surprise to him, it was something quite common when both the horde and the alliance came to use Dalaran as it main base of operation in Northrend, but it gave him the opportunity to vanish into the shadows. (Oh sweet sweet shadow, it has been too long since the last. It time to bring out the ladies). The "threesome couple" and some others were all present down here it s
  9. <img src="http://s.myniceprofile.com/myspacepic/162/16267.jpg" alt="16267.jpg" />

  10. oh god a wild Cavanaugh I must let the others know.. it still lurks around.
  11. Drinking, well I would not call it like so... imagine whats left of his mouth being a snail having fun in a puddle of water. Either way, the walking corpse was done sucking it all up but he craved for me. Not caring one bit for the whole mess he had done, he rose up marched quickly to the counter. [He just had to get an other]. At the counter, "the threesome couple" [That was their new nickname] was still arguing over probably who performed best in the bed or something stupid like that. He didn't quite pay attention to them anymore, but the paladin did reek of alcohol. [Well that wasn't too b
  12. true.. tried a couple of words and etc, and got nothing.
  13. Imagixs is a coloring pages search engine that you can use for free. We search coloring pages and pictures of any topic all over the Internet, so that you can find easily great pictures to print and color with your kids. Basically it somewhat search via google for black and white pics or something like that.
  14. There he was, all comfortable in his chair in the very same room as all these agitating humanoids. He'd been fixing his glass for... well he doesn't quite know himself (time was irrelevant to him now), wondering how he would do it. A straw would had been the easiest way to do, and the most "normal" way as well ("what is normal anyway?" he would often tell himself). But why do it like others when you can do it in your own style! Tension was rising among the people at the bar, some ol ' drunk holy priest or something was getting more angry or afraid or in need of more ale... probably the lates
  15. <p><img src="http://oyster.ignimgs.com/ve3d/images/06/54/65497_creepy-birthday-cake_orig.jpg" alt="65497_creepy-birthday-cake_orig.jpg" /></p>

    <p>Happy birthday</p>

  16. ABNORMAL MAGICAL PLAGUE CLAIMS MOONBROOK Quite earlier this morning, screams of agony and running transit citizen were seen running out of Moonbrook. "The scream, the bodies twisting, I couldn't endure it anymore" ~from Loris Weldur, a local taking shelter in Moonbrook whom sadly died shortly after the interview*. "Its like in a matter of minutes, people started to get sick, vomitting.. then then I can't describe it. It was too terrible so I just ran" It all started just before sun rise, when some of the folks started screaming in agony. Mere seconds later it was the whole town. Dr Alk
  17. <p>just flipping the table.</p>

  18. <p>(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ THERE! HAPPY NOW? YOU MADE ME DO IT.</p>

  19. <p>Well happy birthday Matt, although you might not really check this site anymore ><</p>

  20. http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/193/b/b/dream_team_by_atryl-d6d3y1s.png I guess so.
  21. <p>Oh hey... a midget!</p>

  22. <p>*looks around* Oh I was sure I saw someone new around here.. guess there's no one.</p>

  23. Main RP Toon: I guess it would had been Oraph. Horde Or Alliance? Both Guild: The Raven Cross, Fordragon Import, etc. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? God dam Oraph's drinking buddy, Rethius. And oh, well many more other people. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Dont have any, oh well. Duno, might poke back.