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  1. /touch[/quote spit coke out my nose do not make me laugh or ill get caught @ work and wont be able to troll these boards when in inactive times i need an outlet . Humble Servent of TheGrim BrotherGrim ]P.S. Vilmah is the hottie of the horde as far as orc women go !!! I say we make a poll!!!
  2. Ok, I almost swear I invented that joke quote quite some time ago! Posted it on one forum, and a few months later, I started seeing it quoted all over the place! And you even said it wrong! "Make a man a fire and he's warm for the night. Set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life." Yeah, I know.. off-topic, but I couldn't help myself. The secret to creativity is knowing how to keep your sources secret! Humble Servant of TheGrim BrotherGrim
  3. will do /join thega when i enter the game. thanks for the info. hopefully we can make some nice night runs. Oh yea Abric is not allways angry just sometimes..... well ......hmmmm.... mostly...... ok yea he is allmost allways rubs everyone wrong! but hey hes one of my guild leaders so rub who ,what and when ya want raw. they usually taste better that way. Humble Servant of TheGrim BrotherGrim
  4. ooC: thanks guys you rock be looking for ya tonight be around 11:15 pm hope we can have some fun thanks guys this server is the best roleplay server ever. ever ,ever ever yah!!! I prayed to god for a bike,quickly i found out god doesnt work that way ....so i stole the bike and asked god for his forgiveness
  5. im on from around 10 to 11 pm server time to 3am or 4am servertime i lie heheheh sometimes till i fall asleep in the chair (been known to happen )
  6. Well BrotherGrim has hit lvl 60 and what fun it has been .The roleplay has been fun but now im a undergeared tank proection spec. In need of a group to run some late night raids on some of the instances so i can get some of these quests off my quest list lol! why am i undergeared cause i been on the server day one all roleplay and could not have asked for a better group of players the adventures we created could not be beat. The Grim has been awesome fun and i do not intend to leave the roleplay is as good as the old Frostwolf Brotherhood. So not really my guilds fault work hours have changed and im on quite late now. Any instance groups willing to run old Brothergrim Through. I am an excellent tank if i do say so myself hehehe. Humble Servant of The Grim BrotherGrim ooc: if you give a human a match they can stay warm for a night, take the match and set them on fire they can stay warm forever.......hehehe
  7. TONIGHT 9:00PM server time This doesnt have to be a well planed event drink some ale and go dragon hunting no lvl limits everyone join a raid group and lets have some fun meet in orgg then we will have some pictures and some nice roleplaying to boot. Lets kill these beasts FOR THE HORDE!!!!! OOC: by the way This event is sponsored nor endorsed by any sect, religion, or race but a bunch for healers would help. everyone who is intrested meet in orgg bring your bottles of ale you will need it! nothing like a bunch of drunks killing dragons!!!! put down your hammers and un-que for battle grounds stop leatherworking , making potions ,etc lets have some fun i wanna watch and help though ill be cannon fodder one of these beasts to go down! If not all of them.
  8. Waiting on the Zepplin many dance, spar and joke. I seem to cant get rid of the old memorys. Head forward, eyes that look into the nothingness empty and hollow. The background noises of merchants screaming there wares are none to beat ,laughing tounges, banging sounds of metal. I remain a husk my tattered past never to leave my side. Old friends dead and gone, watching from the nether must be a pleasure no coins needed no reason to feed or keep an eye on your back. The battle scars heal some take longer than others but they all heal. Some think their scars are stripes of honor and pride. I only think of them as scars of the many thoughtless deaths of brave warrior's who thought they were fighting for something. A peice of land ,a way of life ,there guild or there cult. I wish there was a clear way to see through all this black and white good and evil. We do what we must to linger onto another sunrise. There are many shades of grey questioning the many deaths of the unforunate ones. Could they be the blessed ones. I wish i could dance and laugh ,drink ale and rage into the arms of love. I find myself in envy of those that can but for me that will never fill the empty holes left inside.The scars you cant see are the ones that ache and i ache. Am i the cause behind my Mother and Fathers death? Do i have a heart as black as theirs am i born with the curse of evil warlock blood? It can fester inside rolling thru the empty holes of my life. Do i kill for pleasure or for honor those are shades of grey i will never unravel. Did I kill my parents did the burning blade warlocks twist my mind ?, more shades of grey.So many shades of grey so many ways to waste away.So many shades of grey so many ways to fade away. AHHH the Zepplin has come time to meet some new friends only if Brakogar was here to see the orc warrior i have become the shell is hard but inside things move things i dont like to feel. Your a warrior shut up and kill the honorless. and kill I will !
  9. It is good to hear the words from an elder on a spirit journey. i have heard tell there may be a portal opening soon maybe brakogar could return to help with this new battle.
  10. ooc: says your website is down. look for me ingame and ill add yours to mine. if there are any others in the guild who can invite i can add them to my list.
  11. i would be honored to join i will fill out the scripts and you have yourself a tank.
  12. i havent been able to play for a while rl steps in from time to time . The Frostwolf Brotherhood is all but a legend. Looking for a new group to join all options are open. Looking for rp fun. good to see Zusteakai is still around.
  13. this ooc: I have been offline for a month rl has taken over a death of a close friend and handling her estate has taken all my time. I have learned that the frostwolf brotherhood has dissolved. Im looking for a new clan ,guild, cult. My past and tales have been told on twisting nether gazette. lvl 53 warrior i think lol. drop me a line if interested.
  14. Hail to our new brothers we shall be strong i can hear the blades begin to sharpen,Hail to the Ash bringers Hail to the Frostwolfs