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  1. ((Forgive awful formatting and grammatical errors I'm on mobile rn)) A recruit of the Legion falls to his knees, coughing and holding his chest. "Get up and do it again" Izeal says to the boy of maybe eighteen coldly. The recruit reaches for his training sword and is quickly hit in the back with a wooden blade, the recruit screams in pain. "I said get up and do it again... Now!" The warrior barks, then he notices a squire bolt out of the fortification carrying something. "Hmmm... that looked like Cavs boy. I wonder what he's up to?" Izeal looks at the lumped over recruit, now crying, bleeding from where the wooden blade hit him across the back. "Get up and go get cleaned up ya big girl... we'll continue training tomorrow." Izeal tosses his training sword to the ground and makes his was to Cavanaughs quarters.
  2. *Izeal reads over the parchment in goldshire and exhales through his nose audibly* "Well, looks like things might start getting serious around here... Good, these animals have spread their filth for far too long and it's time we clean them up."
  3. <p>I'm good. Playing on another server and trying out some other MMO's ^^ How are you?</p>

  4. <p>Gooosh its been forever! Howre you?</p>

  5. <p>Haiiiiii.</p>

  6. I don't mind the cc. But the way burst is drives me nuts Even when I'm on the side bursting I play vanguards cleave atm and when we get everything lined up. We can 100-0 almost anything without a bubble
  7. Abelham is a name I remember! Evellin! Hi! Aye I used to play warrior before mop. Didn't like the changes to it, I miss the need to change stances. But i play ret now
  8. Yes your name is familiar as is your guild name!
  9. <p>Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  10. Maxxinius reads the letter he recieved from "an old friend" with a smirk. "Well.. it looks like I'm off to go get my hands dirty". The man now in his mid fifties gets up from his chair with a grunt and mutters before heading out the door of his home. "One last time, into the only thing I've ever known... one last time."
  11. <p>Nou...</p>

  12. Still waiting for my Maxx shaking his fist at kids on his lawn
  13. With the changes to ilvl caps in instanced pvp, PvP power and resilience, how do you all feel about pvp right now, regardless of the kind you do? I personally dont mind putting on about half of my pve set because the pally 2 piece tier bonus is nice when I'm popping cooldowns. but when I'm in an arena/rbg/bg I'll wear my full pvp set minus a pve trinket that I have. I remember seeing a bunch of QQ on the forums about how" OMG THIS IS GONNA RUIN WPVP CUZ LYK HEROIC RAIDERS ARE GONNA SHIT ON US" however I haven't seen that yet, has anyone had an experience with wpvp that was "unfair" due to you being in pvp gear and the warrior that flew out of the sky and sat on your poor little head was in full raid gear (non LFR)? My only real gripe with this patch and arena season for that matter has been the lack of activity in the 3v3 bracket. What do you think Blizzard can do to "bring arenas back to life?" mabye add more cosmetic pets? more titles? I'd like to unlock elite transmog tokens as youprogress in rating... You know, like you get a token to transmog your bracers at 1500, and for every 100 rating points you gain, you unlock a new transmog token.That would actually give me something to look forward to as I climb rather than make me feel like im just breaking necks for nothing Thoughts, opinions?
  14. <3 Keraph, you were a hunter hordeside if I recall correctly! Aara!!!! There's a name I remember! Yes we must bg soon! LOVE U SERIAN *spams chatbox*
  15. I hope I'm posting this in the right spot! Wow I haven't been to this site in ages! I miss those of you that i remember dearly, I still play but i play on emerald dream. If you remember me and wanna chat/rp/bg. Here's my realid Rsnyder20@gmail.com Hope to hear from familiar faces!