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  1. <p>You left me. And I was coming back and everything. </p>

    <p>You broke my heart.</p>

  2. I love your artwork, and the emotion that you captured on both people's faces... beautiful. I actually feel that she's more a monster than he is, but that may be because I'm sexist. *Disclaimer* Aurlien is not sexist.
  3. Yet again, the Knight reached into his mailbox to find a still cold postcard. He smirked as he read it over, laughing at the last picture. "Of course you can't have it," he mused to himself, "you're too little to carry it." Being that she was no where around him, he felt quite safe saying such things. She... she wasn't around... was she?
  4. *Prances about happily* This has made my day.
  5. Hell yes. And cute? No. Not cute. Manly. Badass. Not cute. *Is pretty cute*
  6. Well, we clearly know who the good looking brother is...
  7. [The handwriting looks rushed and agitated. Words running together in some places.] I can't believe that she has the gall to speak to me. IN PUBLIC, no less! Perhaps she thinks that because her cousin and I are on friendly terms, that she is welcome to converse freely with me. Does she forget? Doessheevencarewhatshedid!? [A few lines are just blatant curses and scribbles of a raging small man, using a rather large pole arm to behead an elf woman.] It was fine that she disappeared. I wanted to be a ranger anyways, never wanted a family or to be tied down to anyone. And now, however many years later, she thinks we can just be friends!? Yes, fine, I loved her, but still! [Another few lines of indecisive writing and curses, followed by a picture of a raging small man tearing down a house with his bare hands.] She can't honestly think that now that she's married and happy, that we'll just patch things up and continue on the merry path of friendship, does she? She tore my heart out. No wonder I didn't feel the Lich King's grasp as firmly as others did. She destroyed me long before he got to me. Women. Gods, I hope Mery never finds this...
  8. Aurlien chews on a piece of hellboar jerky, thinking of how to properly word his feelings. "Well... I hate her sometimes, love her all the time, and think that she'll probably be the end of me." He grins all to care-freely to be truly upset. "I'd give anything to see her smile. The wench."
  9. <p>Well, I look forward to new blog posts by you, Madam. Your writing excels where others simply fall flat.</p>

  10. <p><span>Hmn, not sure if I should apologize for that. I of course always appreciate the compliments, but I think it's far more fulfilling to move someone emotionally. Thanks for letting me know, I see so many names on my visitor list and never know what they think when they read my writing.</span></p>

  11. <p>You really do have a talent for writing. I've almost teared up a time or two, but never actually cried because of course men don't do that.</p>

  12. <p>Walk like an Egyptian...</p>

  13. He takes the worn and still cold postcard out of his mailbox. Reading it over once he laughs out loud. "Gods, I love that woman. Nice detail too..."