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  1. <p>Even less subtle...</p>



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  2. Yeah, I'm not gonna sit and pretend like it isn't a topic that we've run into the ground more than anything, but, it's not like anybody else has really proffered any other ideas, and even though people in authority have said it's not even worth arguing about, blizzard put it on their page as a speculative point anyway, so I'm stickin' to it. Also, those Tauren probably are committing fraud, they seem like white-collar crime is the kinda thing they'd be super into. Yeah, I know, I'm just being a shithead.
  3. Well let's just break it down Horde: Orcs: aliens from another dimension, presumably evolved from indigenous species of mammals. Trolls: the first evolved and "civilized" race, had a working civilization before the rest and begot the night elves which further begot the high elves. Tauren: Also evolved, possibly around the same time as the trolls, but due to the tauren not keeping written records, much has been distorted and lost to time. Forsaken: Used to be humans, see below. Blood Elves: see Trolls, above. Goblins: Possibly a creation of the old gods to match up against Titanic creations, but didn't have a modicum of intelligence and were kept as slaves until the discovery of kajamite. Alliance: Humans: Evolved from monkeys, duh Dwarves: Evolved from Earthen Gnomes: evolved from Mechagnomes Night Elves: see trolls, above Draenei: Well, they're intergalactic, spelljammer-having, space-travelling, whoknows what. I'm gonna chalk their origin up to being lost in time. Worgen: Used to be humans, see above
  4. <p>oh, now you're takin' me back to my younger days darlin'.</p>

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  6. I'm throwing my lot in with the raven cross, but I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.
  7. yeah, Devil was easily one of the worst movies I have ever almost seen. Unbreakable was pretty goddamn cool, and The Sixth Sense wasn't too bad, and Signs wasn't super horrible the first time I saw it. But basically everything other than that is just proof that Shaymalan should not be in control of a story set in front of a camera.
  8. Vol'Jin has one n, but otherwise, yes, he should be next, because he's more important than anybody else.
  9. While we have females and japanese on the same page. An all-female japanese band [video=youtube;pWkL-T2NMQw]
  10. Your power is absolute mistress.
  11. I don't know why you would come up with something like this, but I also didn't know that you hadn't.
  12. X Japan rules so hard So does nasum [video=youtube;iGcZsA0vLu0]
  13. if that's your deviant art account, which I suspect it is, you are a much more unhinged and ridiculous person that I hard originally thought.