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  1. Chowdah! Say it! *cough* Sorry. Anyway, my draenei has an obvious accent when speaking common but in her own language she speaks normally. I have seen some humans speak with hints of an accent though, depending on where their family originated from, so there is always some wiggle room with spoken word. Written is another story, but I'm not about to nitpick. And you haven't seen accent debate until you've seen the "Drow" wars of EQ and EQ2.
  2. Locks are scary. Period. As far as spec, I've always been of the mindset to do what fits the character (my baby lock is demo at the moment). You can make any spec work for almost any situation if you and your friends know what you're doing. /flings 2c
  3. Have to admit though... when you see shouts of "Fer Magni!" and "High Axe!" followed immediately by "Get the ale!" as every shorty dwarf around you moves like a flock of birds into the bar, its funny as hell.
  4. Meaning you did leave for awhile. Its hard to keep track of all those red names! The inn/bar was a very bad idea, but live and learn. It was awesome in there for the few times we could drink and enjoy it. Oh, and official RP story posts are coming soon! Would love to see reactions from both sides of the field and perhaps what develops because of it.
  5. Once we were finally situated and on the move through the portal, the raid lasted 1.5 hours. 30 minutes of that was spent RPing it out along the way and standing at the gates for 10 minutes unarmed (well, some of us). After taking over the bar (Hey, the dwarves demanded some ale) we managed to get out of the city. The force was halved at that point so we went on a tour of the newbie lands to explore and admire the sights. The NPCs there can't be attacked yet alone camped. I left soon after so I can't say for sure what happened, but I do know that almost the entire raid dispersed at that point. To the defenders, huge kudos. You were outnumbered but still put up a hell of a fight. The fountain battle was the most memorable. Bigger applause to the younger blood elves that flagged and helped defend. It was a great time despite the repair bill.
  6. Sounds like a great idea! I'm willing to help where needed as well. I know we can muster a large alliance force if given enough time. I'll link this thread to a few others. *Makes faces at Infection. Hugs. Shadowmelds*
  7. (( You'll be seeing the Honor Guard around sooner than you think. :twisted: Stay tuned! ))
  8. The Priestess sighed as her eyes came to the end of the scrawled letter. She vaguely remembered Lyselia And Sylennis speaking at the Blue Recluse not a few nights earlier. She wondered if this letter described the very same. Kira carefully folded the letter and slipped it into her bag before sitting at the bench nearby. She watched people come and go for a time while her thoughts ebbed and flowed. She missed her stealthy poking friend and knowing there was something amiss only made her worry grow. Her first instinct was to go searching, but that would be near impossible say for tracking down Lyselia. And even then she would not expect the huntress to betray Syl's trust. No, there was little to be done for now. At least on her own that is... She reached into her pack and removed a few sheets of parchment and a quill. A small smile crept onto her lips and she sealed the letter, hoping that one line would at least bring a smile to the rogue's face. She retrieved the second piece of parchment and began to write. With that she tucked Syls' letter into Lyselia's before sealing them together. She prayed the letters would reach them as the paper slipped through her fingers into the mailbox. She had faith that they would be fine, but at the very least she would know where they were headed. And so it was time to hunt down a Hunter.
  9. Kiraena


    Betrayal The words still echoed in her ears, numbing her thoughts for what felt an eternity. It was all so sudden. So fast. A small sickness grew at the back of her throat. Kurohane was leaving the Swordwaltzers. Her and Xelthan were to start a family and lead the quiet life for a time. It was the perfect and peaceful ideal. Who wouldn't want such a life in a time such as this... days such as these. She couldn't shake the metalic taste nor the heavy fog that clung. She couldn't help but feel abandoned. The Priestess held the tabard before her, tracing her fingers along the black threads and gold stitching. The pattern glittered in the campfire's light as she sat alone in the forests of Ashenvale. She was proud to call herself a Waltzer since the night she joined their ranks in that Stormwind tavern. That simple piece of cloth had seen much in its time. Countless battles had left their mark despite her careful mends and repairs. Blood stains marked the fall of enemies and friends alike. This one here, nearest the tip of the sword emblem... that was Celestrae from her struggle in Moonglade. And this one here near the waist... their fight against the Immortalis and the troll Lupa in Duskwood. This patch here on the back... from Operation Longrifle in the final battle to save Turen. All of it made her sick. Disgusted. Angry. Crossed swords. They appeared more like a target now. A mark for death from countless Horde and Alliance alike. The Waltzers followed them into battle time and time again, with pride and honor. They believed in what this symbol stood for. They believed in their leader. They would follow into the Nether and back if asked. They believed... and were loyal to a fault. When the odds were greatest against them, when their own allies began to turn them away with sneers, when all hope seemed lost... their shining light vanished into darkness. "Protect what is; fight for what must be?" She cursed and threw the tabard into the flames. Thick smoke rose as the fire crackled, burning deep into the threads and dye. Never again, she thought as the cloth curled and twisted from the heat. There was no room for hypocrisies any longer. This was her family now... and she would stand by them no matter the outcome. Day was dawning when the cinders finally cooled . One last wisp of smoke danced towards the heavens as Kiraena made her way towards Astranaar. There was much work to be done. From the ashes we shall rise Forge our own path Create our own destiny To fight To never give in That is our absolution...
  10. /agree /agree /agree To the question at hand... In general you should do what your character would do. However, characters can bend the way you or I can. If there is no way to find a happy medium between the event at hand and your character, you have three choices. 1. Do as your character would and fully accept any IC and OOC consequences. 2. Go to the event ooc'ly. 3. Don't go at all.
  11. <- wonders if the thread is taking a turn towards fountains and chairs /flees
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    Its.... entrancing... *snaps out of it* Thanks for the tip. Maybe my old ones will start working again. EDIT: That totally fixed it! *hugs FlagRSP*
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    Grats on 23! The drawing is awesome. I love the expression on her face and all the details. The only thing I could suggest is to work up the axe handle a little more so its less flat looking. Otherwise Id say its perfect. Do you have a site or anything? Id love to see more.
  14. post in the sticky thread at the top that lets you know that there is a super secret forum *smacks forehead. Grabs more coffee*
  15. Trolls *are* pretty sexy.... um... *cough* So how do I get access to the Alliance secret board section?