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  1. Ok so drawing on hiatus until I take some drawing classes this winter, but I have been practicing my digital art skills I also have a bunch of photography on my deviant Mah Deviants I'm always just looking for things to make, I have access to a lot of programs like Paint tool SAI, Photoshop cs5, adobe InDesign, Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop elements etc... So if you want any guild posters or anything I may be willing to take a crack at it.
  2. Things you should keep to yourself and your own rp buddies, not publicly displayed.
  3. <p>It's looped on a one month track now. Just in case I cancel, I don't want a lot of time left. I don't play much on TN, just to wrap up some storylines and RP from time to time, but if you wanna stay in touch, I'll add you to RID.</p>

  4. <p>So how long are you getting your sub up this time around?</p>

  5. In the grand scale of global tragedies this was barely a blip on the radar. That said it was still a shocker, I was eight and sitting in my mom's room watching TV when it happened, I was eight so I had no idea what the hell to think.
  6. <img src="http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/15/20328000/ngbbs4afcbc1ba80a7.jpg" alt="ngbbs4afcbc1ba80a7.jpg" />

  7. <p>You know your post l loses value with the fact you also posted a useless comment to point out the fact I made a useless comment.</p>

  8. Oh, well if you make a linework layer instead of a normal layer you get the line and curve tool
  9. EDIT: I scrapped the original body and did some freehand sketching The arms are awkward and her torso is a little small, I also really need to make a new face for these bodies but I really want to draw my own hair but it still always looks like shit.
  10. Then pen tool in Photoshop is kind of a glorified pain in the ass version of SAI's line tool. So do you use the line tool at all in SAI or just the pen tool?
  11. Maybe NSFW? Heck if I know it doesn't show anything just basic anatomy outline first full body It is just a rough as hell sketch, the Xs are where the hands should be but I was having trouble with them. I'll hopefully turn this into a full picture soon.
  12. Rawr. One, yeah it sounded better in my head the way that was supposed to be written but it was late and I was tired. 2: Scroll back a page or so and you'll see I've been in this discussion for a while. 3: The point I was trying to make is that Wow isn't going to "die" per say, but that it is coming to a point where a good chunk of the playerbase will move on and the game itself will become another Ultima Online, or Everquest. As it has been stated multiple times Wow is an outdated system and nothing lasts forever. Blizzard should be investing their time into a new MMO instead of futilely throwing goodies at us like transmog.
  13. I think its a general consensus that the "Twilight's Hammer" is just a clever way way of saying its the Twilight of the era of wow and that it's dying and Blizz is just throwing fun goodies at us to soak up as much cash as they can before it crashes.
  14. <p>Kenichi only being 50 episodes is like the most gigantic ripoff of all time. I am dissapoint.</p>

  15. Hehe, the time spent on drawing 1 was like... an hour. Drawing 2 all in all took like 4 hours, probably an hour alone on the eyes. Hair for me I just need it laid out literally strand-by-strand as I have trouble picturing it as a finished product, but I conquered eyes so I'm confident I'll get to hair eventually.