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    Full Name: Lisette Nicknames: Date of Un-Birth: The first day of Winter season. Age: Four of Undeath and eighteen living... Twenty-two. Race: Forsaken, undead human Gender: Female Hair: Wilted auburn, kept short and pulled back into bows. Skin: Bloodless white, the spectral lines of her veins can still be seen beneath the skin, pumping shadow magic and whatever else still remains. Eyes: Hollow remnants of faded innocence that now burn with the magic that fuel all forsaken. Height: 5'3 Weight: 115 lbs Place of residence: A small apartment in Undercity Place of Birth:- Known Relatives:- Religion/Philosophy: Too feeble minded to hold onto a specific belief for any long period time. When wandering through memories, she will sometimes make reference to the light. Occupation: Psilus' assistant. Group/Guild affiliation:- Guild Rank:- Enemies: When she is confused, orcs are often her biggest fear. The more time she spends traveling with Psilus though, she learns to hate what used to seem safe. Likes: Butterflies (bats), Hukky Fin (Void Walker), Flowers, tea parties, beetles, pretty dresses and children's stories Favorite Foods: Biscuits, hard candy, ears, jam, rat kabobs, candied eye balls, and ladies wearing large, fine hats Favorite Drinks: honey and tea Favorite Colors: Apathetic towards colors. Weapons of Choice: Curses and shadow magic Dislikes: Loud, vulgar and otherwise angry individuals, music lessons and being told to stand up straight Hobbies: "Gardening", hosting tea parties and attending them Physical Features:Willowy and sullen, she has a thin frame and often unresponsive expression. Dark makeup is painted over her lips and eye brows, while a soft pink shades her eyelids and cheeks. Subtle signs of undeath cover her shadowed corpse. Below her eyes, hollow circles give her a sleepless countenance and a mournful smile. Her right ring finger is partially exposed bone and up her arm, patches of skin are missing. The left arm is complete and is often the one she favors, typically saving shadow weaving for the right. Special Abilities: Curses, demon attraction and a naturally affinity with shadow magic Positive Personality Traits: Innocent in mind and polite Negative Personality Traits:Cannibal, enjoys cursing people and animals, fickle Misc. Quirks: Will often confuse reality with the past, believes her void walker is the kitten she found in her mother's garden when she was a child, often "gardens" in the woods, has a childlike perspective of her surroundings Played by What Famous Person: Maggie Gyllenhaal Theme Songs: "Once Upon a December"- Anastasia, Disney History: Eyes lit by shadow magic watched their owner in the mirror, eying the stringy remnants of red hair that now clung to a pallid face. A bony hand lifted to sweep a strand from view, but stopped over passionless lips. They moved, but the ears belonging to them did not recognize the voice coming from within. “Is that how we are maintained, master?” “No, it is clearly another magic all together.” Amused by his newly acquired pupil, Psilus decided to draw the young forsaken miss from her own reflection and begin his lesson. “Shadow,” the silken word cut the musty air between them as he took his place behind her. With his hand he combed the back of her head and brushed the forgotten hair behind her ear. In a cold breath he whispered, “You will learn to wield it, as I have.” - Three years ago
  2. I know I am jumping in late, but this applies to my interpretation of Mithdhel's holy abilities. I know that many high elves did understand the light and wield it as priests (ala WC3), but when reading about the Sunwell and watching the 2.4 trailer it is evident that to some IT was the focus of worship. I doubt they were worshiping the sun, as the power of the Sunwell was stolen from the Well of Eternity... which primitive night elves/trolls/whatever worshiped before turning towards Elune. To me it is the magic, the source of creation that Mithdhel and other "priests of the Sun" worship and draw their powers from. In my creative mind, I see her and her ancestors as members of one of those "sects" who turned from Elune back to the majesty of the Well of Eternity, and then to the Sunwell. I imagine after it was destroyed, those who did actually worship the Sunwell suffered greatly and were probably among many of the Wretched and pilgrims who followed Kael'thas. Assuming I did not lose my point somewhere in that wall of text I'll add this in closing, I agree that the high elves did not trade one primitive deity for another, so "Priestess of the Sun" etc. is more denoting of their separation from Elune and night elves.
  3. Welcome back! I am also a returning player, though new to TN. Consider the time you are spending re-leveling your new account nostalgia before Cataclysm. That's what I am doing to get through it.
  4. <p>Yes, still interested in TN. I just remade Mithdhel, so I'll have to re-add ya.</p>

  5. <p>Oh alliance is great, i havent seen much of the horde rp community but im guessing it lts alright. sorry for the late reply i dont use tng in the morning.</p>

  6. <p>Hello again, and welcome! I was wondering, the other day, if you still intended to have a look around. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  7. These are really good! Your "Christmasy" one is amazingly detailed.
  8. <p>Thanks! How's ally side?</p>

  9. <p>Welcome to the TNG</p>

  10. Full Name: Mithdhel Fairhawk Nicknames: - Date of Birth: (still mulling over official and unofficial time-lines) Age: (^ see above) Race: Sin'dorei Gender: female Hair: strawberry blonde Skin: ivory, slightly sanguine Eyes: harlequin green Height: 5'5 ft. Weight: 120 lbs Place of residence: Silvermoon City Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas Known Relatives: Religion/Philosophy: She believes magic is the life source of all things and reveres the power of the Sunwell as holy. Her daily and long term motives lie within this belief fueling her use of magic as a priest. Occupation: "Priestess of the Sun" Group/Guild affiliation: - Guild Rank: - Enemies: - Likes: Quel'Thalas, festivals, times of peace Favorite Foods: - Favorite Drinks: - Favorite Colors: pink Weapons of Choice: none Dislikes: Physical altercations, night elves, shady trolls, riding mounts, and dark, damp, cold sea witch infested waters Hobbies: Basket-weaving Physical Features: A slender frame, with small hands, small feet and fair skin. No scarring or blemishes are noticeable and she does little to "stand out." Special Abilities: Magical healing, slight shadow affinity Positive Personality Traits: Generous with her magical gifts, genuinely empathic, and honest Negative Personality Traits: Veiled snobbery, distant though kind Misc. Quirks: Carries a walking staff though she is neither injured nor old. She is afraid of mounts and prefers to travel by foot. Played by What Famous Person: Shirley Manson, I guess Theme Songs: - History: Before the fall of Quel'Thalas, Mithdhel followed the path of her mother and her mother before her, and so on. Her family has dedicated more than a millenia to worshiping magic and its subsequent forms, claiming a link between themselves and the primitive priestesses of Elune. Their greatest treasure being the Sunwell, of course.