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  1. Little of Column A little of column B Seems to be a mix of both
  2. Trying to get the fix but it keeps telling me that "The file doesn't exist" I can only assume it was taken down to fix some bugs and will be posted again shortly.
  3. Read it, great read. I've liked Garrosh since I saw the video of the finale of Stonetalon Mountains. Also now I understand why Thrall is letting Gallywix stay as the leader of the Bilgewater Cartel..... Anyone wanna take bets on how many patches before Garrosh Demands Gallywixes head?
  4. Went to this a few days ago and got a tour of Orgrimmar and Undercity from Swerto (well Swertos current character) Who is also Marlyssas BFF now apparently...
  5. I don't use states for that, and there are things that states can do that descriptions cant. ~Example~ My character jumped in some water and got a "soaked" state with 9 minutes remaining (so he/she would eventually dry off) which is awesome. You can also show when your character is tired or other things that your character is not 24/7.
  6. Found this music video, pretty kickass. Alliance Didn't start the Fire
  7. ~Avatar: Last Airbender~ A disertion M. Night Shamalamalan: IMMA FIT AN ENTIRE SEASON INTO A TWO HOUR LONG MOVIER HERP ~James Cameron: Avatar~ a disertion Assistant: MR CAMERON MR CAMERON we have all the special effects but what about plot Mr Cameron... James Cameron looks up: we do Pocahontas..... Assistant: Wha? James Cameron: ....IN SPACE
  8. @Aleria (I posted this last night but it was accidentally deleted, even got an apology from a mod =P) When you say that the warsong lumber camp is overrun, which lumber camp are you refering to? (the two being A) the one in west ashenvale and B) the entrance to the BG in northern barrens)
  9. Man this will be a hot topic when Varian is up for re-election OH WAIT And you're all missing the point the point is when will the debt be fixed to where Topper McNabb can get his farm back (preferably without alliance towers behind it)
  10. Found this little gem with my new dwarf huntard my second pet is a gnome pilot? Sweet! cant wait to hit 18!
  11. Well thats only because they didn't expect you to bring siege weapons.... damn danish
  12. Duroxas' hair is a bird your argument is invalid. (to everyone)
  13. Actually I've been having trouble, but more like the launcher doesn't want to admit the servers exist. and now its downloading something.... also ZOMG Golden Sun must get.... must find money...