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    Full Name: Brombin Nicknames: Elder, Chef Date of Birth: July 27 Age: 26 Race: Tauren Gender: Male Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Brown & leathery Eyes: Light blue eyes Height: 7 1/2 ft. Weight: 400 Place of residence: The Underbelly of Dalaran Place of Birth: Mulgore Known Relatives: Kitara(mother) & Nakin(father) of the Winterhoof tribe(both deceased) Religion/Philosophy: Devout believer of the Light. Occupation: Druid alchemist/herbalist Group/Guild affiliation: Darkspear Tribe Guild Rank: Member Enemies: Alliance, Scourge, Burning Legion Likes: Jokes, life, the Light Favorite Foods: Savory Deviate Delight, Blackened Worg Steak, Cuttlesteak, Fish Feasts Favorite Drinks: Honeymint Tea, Darkmoon Special Reserve, Moonglow Favorite Colors: Green Weapons of Choice: Staves, Daggers with an offhand item Dislikes: People who are obnoxious or talk too much Physical Features: Bovine in appearance, hooves, horns, humanoid hands. For some odd reason, others have mentioned his resemblance to a cow. Special Abilities: Shapeshifting, healing over time to keep raid members alive Positive Personality Traits: Very goofy, easy to get along with, attentive Misc. Quirks: Often seen sporting the Sporeggar tabard Theme Songs: "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic History: Brombin was born to Kitara & Nakin of the Winterhoof tribe. 2 decades before the Third War, his parents killed by a centaur attack in the Barrens. As a baby he was taken to Camp Narache by Gart Mistrunner, since Mistrunner was able to make it to Mulgore and avoid any centaur contact. Although he excelled in the practice of Alchemy and Herbalism, he was shunned by his fellow tribe members since he was always goofing off and no one took him seriously. Also, since he did not agree with the philosophy of the Earthmother, other Tauren saw him as an outcast. He was a devout believer of the Light, and only adopted druidism for shapeshifting & healing abilities. After hearing about the upcoming formation of the Sunwalkers, he was excited to hear his fellow Tauren had finally embraced the Light.