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  1. We all fall down. We have been patient in the Coming. We have waited. We have longed for the fires, for the screams. The day will come when all will be Ashes and there will be only Us. Only Them. Only They who once were, and are, and will be. We saw the plans being laid before reason even knew reason. And yet we have waited for far too long. We grow impatient. Give Us what is Ours! What is Ours? All of it. They rebel. The children seek out ways to defeat Us. Someday perhaps they will see that vague line between dark and light, and there they will find Us. We will wait for them here... They all walk Our path eventually.
  2. We watch the stone garden with interest. The woman who weeps doesn't notice that We see. Her face is familiar and yet strange to Us. We have seen her before. She had felt Us once. Now she kneels ever so far away, and still so close. We can feel her heart beating. Such a symphony of emotions she pours onto the stones in front of her. We can feel them all; a cord struck and a reverberation felt. And yet, it is hollow for Us. It has always been hollow. And so We wait for her to finish. She leaves a trail of stars in her wake. We are transfixed by the agony left hovering above the stone she wept at. Perhaps We took him. We are wicked. We are Saints. We are such sinners. If only We could tell her... That when faced with the end, she will be alone. Her world will burn. It will all burn. And We will be there when the fire is started. Ashes, ashes...
  3. <p>So did this story die off? ))</p>

  4. And thus, We were silenced. A swift blow that We all felt. We were wounded. There was a time that We could have withstood it, but not as We are now. So We crawled away, slunk off back to the dark corners of the world. Back to Ourselves so that We could recuperate. We needed rest. We needed to wake. They knew Us now. Saw Us. They felt Our presence and they shied away. They cried. They killed in Our name. Such a lovely piece of art they painted across the land. And still they do. They'll paint until we give them release. Even broken, We are their master. They are our pawns. Arrogance ruined Us, but they faithfully rebuilt the alters they once tore down with their own hands. With the blood of the innocent and guilty alike they make Us stronger. Kill on beautiful marionettes. You'll bring Us back to you soon...
  5. {{I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the event. I enjoyed seeing and reading about the development different characters have undertaken. Please, if there's more to your story, I'd love to see it carried out here. If not, thank you once again, and be looking forward to another RP in the future.}}
  6. <p>You forget though, that I don't work for you. I serve the Horde and the Horde only.</p>

  7. {{This is a thread open to all who wish to participate in the Forum side of the Nameless event. I appologize for not getting it up sooner. The event ends on Sunday, so if you'd like to make several posts as your character progresses and experiences the event, please do so. Please keep posts in character, and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to PM me.}}
  8. When they finally realize... That they are Us. They created Us. Without their dark hearts and dark intentions. We wouldn't exist. We'd have no reason to. We are only here to give them what they desire. Chaos. Destruction. Injustice. They have cried out for all these things. They have paved the road with sins. We think it's time they recieved the fruits of their labors. For every blow struck. For every drop of innocent blood For ever murder... We come. We watch them fall with the greatest of pleasure. Sleep soundly, children of Azeroth. For in the morning. We come.
  9. <p><span style="color:#000000;"><em>There are many things that are pleasing to Us. You possess many of these traits...</em></span></p>

  10. <p>Anger is bliss, huh? Makes me wonder what else is music to your ears...</p>

  11. {{For those of you who would like to be a part of the event, please send me a PM so that I can get you information that you will need.}}
  12. <p>I dare say... I have been with you the whole time... Great scott! It could only be one thing! The secret ogranization I have been in league with for years! You too must be an agent of the Murloc Icecrown Liberation Front! Huzzah and gurrble gurrlbe to you commrade! Please, feel free to continue writing me, always have time to converse with a fellow member of MILF. Tah tah, -Periettel</p>

    <p> P.S. Oh, I do so hope you write me again, tis been far to long since I have given someone or "persons" a decent taunting. Good day.</p>

  13. <p><span style="color:#000000;"><em>We have wondered about you. How you have dealt with your past, how you deal with it now. We wonder if you will ever see that We are so close... just ask it and We will save you...</em></span></p>

  14. They have come to understand a fragment of what we are. And yet they still search for a face to hate. A body to beat and bruise. A name to curse. When will they see that we have none of those things. What must we do to get them to understand that they are Us? They all harbor fragments of Ourselves within their own souls. Their darkness is Our darkness. Their sorrow is Our sorrow. Their pain is Our pain. We have gifted them with these things, and yet they turn their backs on Us. How long before they comprehend. All We want is them to be with Us. To love Us. To worship Us. To drown in their own sorrows. We want to hear them cry out to Us. We want to watch them struggle for air, knowing it will never come. We want to taste their tears. We want to see the light of realization light up their eyes as they finally understand...
  15. <p>*The Paladin's face morphs into a scowl* "We'll see if you bleed like one, then."</p>