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  1. Late-night Hijacking this thread so I can get this off my chest: I miss the TNG I quite literally grew up on and all the people that came with it. Just spent an hour going through 28 pages of old stupid blogs I posted. 2 years of history, yeesh. Okay now I can go to bed.
  2. Urivial’s eyes moved across the rolling hills around him as the stallion he rode trotted down the road towards Lakeshire. The lands around him were quiet and calm and it disturbed him more than he cared to admit. The Redridge Mountains were not known for their peacefulness. He grew happier when he saw someone else walking along the road as well, a woman carrying a basket with flowers poking out of it. He couldn’t help but study her even as he raised a hand and prepared to call out. From what he could see, she looked to be an adult of some years, not some child or teenager. She had short blond
  3. A thousand times this happened, with them trading insults back and forth amongst each other. And then Igh had a moment of inspiration. Before the large explosion that inevitably ended both of them could happen, he placed himself within an ice block, both middle fingers outstretched at Altherion as he became invulnerable. The explosion tore Altherion apart and Igh cackled evilly as he let the ice block dissipate. "Ahahahahaha! Yes, finally free of that ignorant buffoon! I shall take this world by stor-" It was at that point that shrapnel the size of his body went through his head and he died
  4. Igh only had a moment to contemplate Altherion's stupidity before the explosion took them both in a fiery blast. Moments later they found themselves reconstituting once more under the large tree in Stonetalon Mountains that the druids had made into a school. Igh turned to Altherion and spoke this time, "I fucking hate you." And then the Horde's giant spiky red bomb went off and they were once again destroyed.
  5. Uniformity and Personality, Solidarity and Uniqueness. These things did not always go hand in hand, but neither were they completely anathema to one another. It was a melding of the two that Urivial found himself contemplating now. The Knights of Turalyon were unified under their purpose, but their personalities were now allowed to shine through far brighter than they had in the past. Urivial smiled as he considered his time as a Knight of Stormwind. In the beginning of his time he had worn the standard uniform of the Stormwind Army. It had been made to fit him, and he had worn it with pride
  6. ((Hey look I wrote dis.)) The World of Azeroth had always been one of change, a world of a million dangers, all vying for power or control or a thousand other inconceivable things. It was surprising how long some folks lasted in a world where everyone and everything could decide to try to kill you at any time. To put it truthfully, Azeroth bred dangerous individuals, people who would stop at nothing to obtain their goals. Strangely enough, this is what Urivial Beckett found himself thinking about as he sat upon a saddle and looked down upon the Shrine of Seven Stars from his perch. Only a mo
  7. Urivial ran a palm over his face, contemplating his course of action. He would shortly be heading to Stormwind where he could take the portal in the Mage Tower on his journey to the Dark Portal and Outland beyond. Bringing his fingers to his lips, he let loose a sharp whistle. Moments later Blueberry landed in front of him, four powerful clawed legs touching down onto the snow of Don Morogh as the sapphire panther turned to look at him with knowing yellow eyes. He reached the first portal and found himself in the Blasted Lands. Breathing in slowly, he took in the scent and taste of fire and b
  8. Thanks for sharing this, was really good.
  9. ((Loved getting to read this again. One of my favorite RPs Eve <3))
  10. Main RP Toon: Urivial Beckett Horde Or Alliance? Alliance Guild: The Dusk Watch What was your favorite RP event or storyline? I loved every single RP storyline I watched/was a part of while on TN. I'll never forget this server. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? When thinking about amount of time, I have to say that Cavanaugh was someone that I truly missed for the remainder of my time on TN after he stopped playing. But truthfully, I miss RPing with every last one of you, even those of you who may not like me for one reas
  11. <p>Wait until a double exp weekend hits, drop the $15 and finish 2-3 class stories a week. I've only got two to go, and I've doen two of them twice. </p>

    <p>It's not like it's taken my entire play experience to get there either, most of my play time is at end game gearing or roleplaying.</p>

  12. <p>I sort of agree, but I'm not willing to pay 15 bucks monthly to see each. And I tried SWTOR's F2P, when you get to around 30, the exp gain is so much less than a subscriber that you have to go kill hundreds of mobs to progress through the stories. Not worth it to me.</p>

  13. <p>TOR is the third KOTOR, and the fourth... up to the tenth. </p>

    <p>With the exception of two of the 8 class stories, theyr'e all pretty amazing. Two of them are pretty "meh" (Counselor, Trooper)</p>