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  1. Coeur

    <p>Just stopped by for a sec and saw your name on the front page somewhere, had to say hi. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  2. Tenj

    <p>meep meep!</p>

  3. Coeur

    <p>I miss you!</p>

  4. Coeur

    <p>Fangrin. ;> It was at Nesingwary's base in the Valley like a week ago. I didn't forget! *shakes fist* <3</p>

  5. Sett

    <p>;_; What's your hunter's name? HOOOT.</p>

  6. Coeur

    <p>You hoot at me, yet you gank my hunter! Mixed signals, Settana! <em>MIXED SIGNALS.</em></p>

  7. Name: Coeur Sungrasp Age: 285 years (old but not wise) Race: Blood elf (partial Wretched) Class: Blood Knight (Paladin) Occupation: Wanderer, ex-adventurer Family: Parents died as followers of Kael'thas, sister lives in Silvermoon City Hair: Subdued orange Eyes: Dull green Skin: Pale gray Full Description: Coeur is a normal height, though her body has been through a harsh transformation over the years. She was once thick with muscles to support her heavy armor, shield, maces, and two-handed weapons, as thick as a blood elf could get. Upon becoming Wretched, her body became scrawny, wiry, gray, and blemished by blue boils. Her hair fell out and her mouth turned black, while the glow in her eyes burned a bright hot blue. Fortunately, a friend managed to save her from the abyss and now she looks like a mixture of the two extremes. Her skin is grayed and her posture has never quite been the same, though her hair has grown back in (brittle as it is) and her eyes have (thankfully) gone back to a green hue. Her situation is much easier to hide when the most important features of the Wretched are missing. She isn't beautiful, even with a blood elf's frame and dainty face underneath her Wretched flaws. Personality: Coeur has changed dramatically since being "cured". She no longer upholds any morals or ideals of the Light. She can snap from one mood to the next like lightning, bouncing between cool haughtiness to passionate hatred. She behaves in public, but is a different story in private. She enjoys kidnapping warlocks or demons and forcing exorcisms upon them with the small amount of holy light she can still control. Burning evil entities is one of the few ways she can quell her throbbing migraines that she perpetually suffers from. At her weakest, she may relapse and disappear for weeks at a time in search of magic to consume, as her addiction is still strong despite the cure. Depending on when she last "fed", she can be very grumpy or elated. Current: Fortunately (or unfortunately) Coeur has managed to strike a deal with a fel magic supplier. She has sold her soul to the devil in exchange for keeping that migraine at bay. ((This is just for reference, as I don't RP a whole lot but I want to have the story/information somewhere. If you want to OOC comment, PM me. If you want to IC comment, go right ahead. You probably haven't had the best time if you've encountered her. Sorry in advance.))
  8. <p>Ohai, I believe I've been in vent with you. Annnd wintergrasp. Might as well be friends! (I gave you kings during that last WG, you cannot say no. You owe me. >:3)</p>

  9. <p>Quit yer bellyachin'.</p>

  10. <p>Is that even a word?!</p>

    <p>You got a lot of friends already, geez. :]</p>

  11. <p>Hey baby.</p>

  12. Coeur


    Name: Coeur Nicknames: Coe and many mispronunciations Recent Picture: Hey Age: 105 Place of residence: Dalaran. Place of Birth: Eversong Forest. Physical Details Being covered by armor most of the day has lent itself to her pale skin and slightly thicker-than-average frame. Her eyes are fel-green like the majority of blood elves, although hers seem to have lost most of their luster. Her hair is a fiery orange, usually tied back to keep it out of her field of vision. Her ears are pierced with many small rings, but she leaves them off when going into battle after a few were torn off once in a skirmish. Her skin, albeit never picture-perfect, is unmarred by any noticeable scars. Her plate armor often bears the brunt of many injuries she would've kept with her as scars. Personality Despite her past as a carefree, loving practitioner of the Light, Coeur has become jaded and slightly bitter. She looks upon fresh paladins knowing they will never feel the betrayal and the overwhelming regret of her generation. Her attitude towards others is extremely judgmental, finding it easier to stereotype others by their line of work rather than get to know the person. Rogues and warlocks are shunned, while she works to exterminate Death Knights altogether. Even when nearly proven that she is in the wrong, she will cling to her views, making her difficult to work with. Loyalty Having once worked in the service of the Blood Knights, Coeur longs to feel the warm embrace of an organization that accepts her. Working solo for so many years has left her selfish, cold, and paranoid, as methods of survival. Because of this, she has delved into making a name for herself within the Horde, even if it means having to deal with death knights in her midst and perhaps even as her superiors. Currently Aiding the Horde in ToC and perhaps gaining back some of her honor and the respect she once had for herself.