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  1. Three questions -> 1. Explain why the set of Natural Numbers is used in the general term of a sequence. 2. A printing company buys a photocopying machine for $250 000. The machine's value depreciates at a rate of 25% per year. Explain whether this situation involves an arithmetic or a geometric sequence. 3. If each term o fa geometric sequence is multiplied by the same number, is the resulting sequence a geometric sequence? Thanks for any help you can offer with these. <3
  2. Eh, if you want i'll go Skaad. Either Healer or DPS DPS -> Teleara (Mut) Heals -> Zarinn (Disc)
  3. Frankly, from my personal experience, I find it doesn't make a large difference. If you are using Slow/Fast (1.8, 1.4) then Wound on the 1.8 (MH), Deadly on the 1.4 (OH). If you are using Slow/Slow (1.8, 1.8) then Deadly on the MH, Wound on the OH. And again, no problem at all. I imagine PvP is a lot better now that Resilience is buffed . . on PTR EVERYONE was just rocking PvE gear and I had none >.>. In regards to reforging, yeah I am still unsure what to reforge for. I just did it for Mastery because I played around with some numbers and came up with that being best. But, experiment yourself.
  4. You are very welcome good sir . Its always nice to know that someone has benefited from this. Seeing as how this is just my short time on the PTR, once I do resubscribe to live once more I'll probably try and update it further, and make it a lot better. As well as adding a Sub Guide and such. After six years of playing, I think its about time.
  5. I'm pissed that Wrathful is now honor available.
  6. Thought I would just post what I PM'D here for easy reading. All right. SPEC Assasination I reccomend -> 32/2/2 http://www.wowhead.com/talent#fcIfrsGzoMobZb You can juggle with Deadly Momentem and Quickening if doing BG's or something. This is what what I used on PTR however, and I raped with it. In regards to Glyphs -> Prime Vendetta -> 20% extra time on Vendetta is ALWAYS sexy. Rupture -> Since I reccomend you keep Rupture up as often as you can (100% would be better) the extra 4 seconds is nice. Mutilate -> 5 less energy? Hell yeah. Major Blind -> GODLY glyph, being able to blind whenever you want is just sexy. A MUST need. Garrote -> Awesome glyph as well, 5 seconds of silence on garrote is just amazing vs a mage or even pally. Cloak -> While not as useful as the previous two, (You can replace this with something else if you want) the 40% less damage against melee attacks is always nice. Minor Blurred Speed -> Running across water. Poisons -> Faster poison time. OFC Safe Fall one? I think there's one. In regards to duels, I generally open with Sap -> Sprint -> Vendetta -> Garrote -> Mutilate -> Rupture -> Mutilate -> Mutilate -> Kidney Shot -> Mutilate -> Mutilate -> Envenom->Vanish -> Garrote -> Rupture. Let's analyse this now, and why I do what where. Garrote is used due to the fact that Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot now share diminishing returns, and I rupture immediately after due to the talent Venemous Wounds (It does a retarded ammount of damage if it procs in your favour) Sap of course is just traditionally used, and the talent Black Jack is GODLY. Mutilate to build up combo points and the rupture for further procs on Venemous wounds (Plus the bleeds go through armor so . . ) And Vendetta is used almost instantly for me in due to the fact that if it is a long duel, it will be up sooner later, and that we do most of our damage in our opener. Mutilate for combo points, then I apply Kidney Shot (As by this time, Blackjack as worn off and if you are using every GCD, it should have just faded) A full five second Kidney Shot, more Mutilates to build up combo points, and then of course just basic Envenom as by this time you SHOULD have built up five stacks of Deadly Poison (1.8/1.8 Deadly on MH, 1.8/1.4 Deadly on OH, and Wound on whatever is not deadly.) I reccomend you try and keep rupture up as often as possible, and I would also reccomend when you vanish you try and use garrote instead of CS. Venemous wounds is really sexy. In regards to reforging, I am not entirely sure on this but on PTR i reforged everything for mastery (Poison damage in this case) It seemed to help, as Deadly was hitting INCREDIBLY hard and mastery effects Venemous Wounds as well (which again does disgusting damage at times.) Now, past this point, is really is just up to countering what they are doing, and even somewhat initially. That is just the basic skeleton of what I do. It is up to you Cloak when you feel it is appropiate as I cannot teach you that. I generally Dismantle/Evasion when they will be doing the most damage (Bladestorm) unless there are special circumstances. In addition, I reccomend Recuperate is kept up as often as you can as well (Its a 30 second buff if full Combo'd.)
  7. -Teleara-

    4.0 inc.

    Holy shit 50 gigs . . wtf?
  8. Granted, but you now lack a voice. I wish I had a duck . .
  9. Toss me a PM I have a incredible handle now on how the rogue is supposed to be played in 4.0.1 having been on the PTR for its entire existance. Just throwing this out there if any of you guys struggle. (I know I did initially) Peace.
  10. <p>What is this PANDA FIXATION? It is disturbing, and there ARE NO PANDAS IN NORTHERN CANUCKISTAN.</p>

  11. I don't eat lollipops. The song makes me want to shoot a Panda.
  12. Hotwire the Scientific Calculator to the laptop and wrap the mouse around them both to keep them together. Pull our your trusty Green Laser from your pocket, and shine it into the webcam. Duct tape this laser in position, so that the laser beams interact with the Webcam's Neon Receptors and make it ten times as powerful. Enough to eventually disentegrate skin. You then download a program which makes your computer into a living robot, it then stands up, and begins to assault the school with it's laser weapon and whack people with the mouse while it's speakers shout 'DESTROY! DESTROY!' You make sure the construct destroys your teacher first so he cannot unlock the door to free your other classmates. In the event it is stopped, you can now always feign ignorance since the few people who saw you put it together, are now dead. If it destroyed, you also lose all the porn on there which is frightning, but now at least your mom can't find it.