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  1. ((One final, grim update.))
  2. “Et's no small wonder I don' tear the tabard off ye meself.” Ceridwyyn winced. That one stung. "I did not believe he would harm anyone. I was deceived. I take full responsibility, sir. May I speak freely?" Captain MacDonagh's tone remained unshakably stern. “Speak.” "While I would fully understand making the decision to put the prisoner down... I beg you to reconsider, and perhaps even spare him." She struggled to keep her voice steady and professional. There was an uncomfortable pause. His dark eyes narrowed. “...on whit grouns? Ah'm curious.” “There was definitive progress being made, he is not all he seems from this letter.” “Aye, he innet!” He exclaimed with exasperation. “He managed t'pull th'wool over yer eyes once already, don' let him get unner yer skin any more'n he already has... lest I teke et upon meself t'extract 'im like a bad splinter.” The Lieutenant sighed with defeat.“With all due respect, Captain, I've spent far more time around him than any of you, you don't see what I see.” “Aye, clearly. Neither do ye see whit others 'ave seen.” Will's gaze strayed over to the fires of the Great Forge nearby. “Ah'm goin' t'be speakin with ye further... but ah've a place I need t'go.” Silence reigned awkwardly once more, the troubled look on Ceridwyyn's face speaking for her instead. His expression softened a bit; less like an angry superior officer, more like a disappointed parent. "...Ye're gonna 'ave t'argue damn hard t'get anyone t'do more'n want t'put 'im down like a rabid dog. Ef there's more t'him, I pray ye see it, an' not some mask. But ye must unnerstand me own point of view." “I know,” She replied, her voice quiet but resolute. “And I swore that if it came to it, I'd fell the blow myself. However, this is something I want to avoid now at all cost.” Will shook his head, massaging his temples with his fingers. "I apologize for vexing you, Captain MacDonagh." “...Lot's been vexin' me lately an' it ain' ye firstly. But ye kin expect t'be called before yer fellow officership.” "And I will answer,” she said, firmly accepting the handshake he offered. “Walk en th'light an' know no fear, Lieutenant.” * * * * * “Sentinels! There is a dangerous criminal in your city! To arms!” I didn't need to ask where. Within a second he was flying by me in a flurry of dark robes and fiery hooves. I threw myself astride my growling saber; she sensed the fight too. The heavy rattle of plate armor passed me as I started to catch some speed. Just ahead of me rode a golden-haired human, waving her hand around wildly in the air and rallying my sisters-in-arms. The tabard of the Dusk Watch was displayed proudly on her chest; her pin marked her as a Lieutenant. Soon there were a total of four of us in hot pursuit, and he was heading for the densely forested parts of the island with his enemies in tow. The armored woman smiled back to us for a half-second. “He's got nowhere to run!” she cried. Soon into the forest, we left the road, easing my fears of this Sin'dorei man endangering the people of Dolanaar. He began to weave his way through the trees, but our riding skills were on par with his own. The Sin'dorei seemed to be getting desperate, and began using his magic to fell branches from the trees to obstruct us. As we would follow him beneath a tree, he would bring them down on our heads. Just ahead of me the Lieutenant was calling out to the man, perhaps trying to subdue him through words, but this was only met with a backwards blast of fire that she barely avoided by her horse's frightened rearing. Still in the saddle, the Lieutenant caught up to my unit again within a few moments. Perhaps thinking he'd found some passage, he made a sharp turn but fast found himself cornered on one of Teldrassil's long branches. We formed a blockade, trapping him on the ledge, and the human dismounted and stepped out in front. “It's over, warlock.” She said, brandishing her axe. “I will give you a swift, painless death.” He slid out of his own saddle, looking over to me and my sisters. I glared right back, and he turned his attention to his adversary. “You have no choice, right?” A smirk. “Fine...” She strode toward him. He made no defense whatsoever as she approached, grabbed him by the robes, and pulled him down to his knees. “For your crimes, you have been sentenced to death. May the Light have mercy on your spirit.” He leaned forward, leaving the back of his neck willingly exposed, and the Lieutenant readied her axe. None of us noticed when he had conjured up the flames-- not until they were streaking down toward the base of the branch where they ignited in force. My sisters and I staggered back, separated from the Lieutenant, and watched. He raised his head and smiled at us. Another forceful burst of flame splintered the wood near the base, and the branch began to sink, the aged wood groaning. The human glanced behind to be sure that there was no chance of getting back, and planted her axe in the corner of his robes, pinning them to the branch. “We go together, then, demon.” There were no screams as they fell.
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