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  1. Been a few years, but I just reactivated my account. Looking forward to seeing what is new and seeing what is old.
  2. Along the banks of Lordamere Lake is a little beach known as The Misty Shore. On this beach is a modest little campsite consisting of a medium sized tent, a table with 2 chairs, and a small campfire. In all, a very tranquil looking site. As Redburn exits the tent, he pauses to take a look around the area. Once he is satisfied that everything is as it should be, he starts to set the table, almost as if he was expecting company. Once finished, Redburn sits down at the table, pulls out some parchment and starts making notes. After some time has passed, Redburn puts down his writing utensils. Shaking his head, Redburn murmurs, “I think this is going to take a while..” He then turns and enters the tent to retrieve his fishing pole. “Might as well do some fishing while I wait”. Standing on the edge of the lake, Redburn casts out his line in the hopes of catching some lunch. After a few minutes, he gets a hard strike that almost takes the pole from his hands. Fighting to land what must be a monstrous fish, Redburn becomes a tad annoyed when his line snaps and the fish gets away. “Well, at least I know there is something worth catching.” He thinks as he ties on another lure. Once again, our intrepid fisherman casts out his line. Almost immediately the lure is taken again. As he struggles to reel in the fish, Redburn cannot but help imagining the size of this monster. “I cannot believe that there is a fish this big in Lordamere Lake. I can only imagine what it has done to the local fish population.” Just when he thinks he can see something in the water, his line snaps again. This time the sudden release of tension causes Redburn to fall backwards onto his bony rear. “AARGGH!!” he exclaims. “This is getting ridiculous. I think I am getting caught on the bottom, and not catching some monster fish.” Even so, Redburn decides to try one more time. This time Redburn fastens his strongest test line to his pole and casts back into the water. For the next few minutes nothing happens and just as Redburn is about to give up, it happens. His lure is once again struck by what must be some kind of monstrous fish. As his pole almost doubles over due to the tension on the fishing line, Redburn decides to give the fish some slack in the hopes of tiring the creature out. Just as he starts to let the line out, all fight from the fish evaporates. The line goes slack and there is no resistance as he reels in his line. As the end of the line comes into view, Redburn sees that he has indeed caught a fish. But instead of this monstrous fish he had imagined, he has caught what can only be described as bait. “No way did this little thing give me that big of a fight.” He says, as he unhooks the fish from his line. As he pulls the hook from the fish’s mouth, Redburn notices a piece of parchment stuffed inside. Unfolding the parchment, Redburn reads “This was fun for a few minutes, but now I am bored. Lets sit and talk.” Turning back to his camp, Redburn sees that one of his chairs is now occupied. Shaking his head, Redburn grumbles, “You always have to make a splashy entrance don’t you.” Once he is seated opposite his guest, Redburn pours 2 glasses of ale and say “ I was beginning to think you would not come. We have much to discuss Morghoul, so let us begin shall we”.
  3. I need a vacation. Time to go camping....
  4. Finding Morghoul is turning out to be harder than I originally thought. I never was very good at this "cloak and dagger" business. But, I still know his patterns and once he learns that I am looking for him, I am confidant that he will come to me.
  5. Everything is done. My journey is almost over. The Crimson Lord will soon be free. I am soo tired. I was never suppose to be the last. Morghoul and the others should have been there to help. I know that Sister Yomi would have loved to have seen the end. She always did love destruction. Morghoul...... My former "Master"..... I think I will visit with him one more time before the end. I suppose it would only be fair. After all, He did set me on this path all those years ago...
  6. Cataclysm is going to be the end of Redburn and The Crimson Watch. I am going to have to kill my main off and my guild (big loss since I am all that is left anyway ) Back in Vanilla when the mythos for The Crimson Watch was originally designed we chose as our "Crimson Lord" a character in lore we thought would never be used physically in WoW. We were wrong. Our Crimson Lord has always been Deathwing and our main goal as a guild was to sow as much chaos in the world thus enableing his Return. Makes for a nice premise as long as the bastard stays gone. And since I have spent way to long rp'ing Redburn as a fanatical follower of "The Crimson Lord" to change, Redburn must die. And by proxy The Crimson Watch.
  7. I have an idea I would like to throw out. A perfect way to start the new expansion would be with a cross faction event that would culminate with the perma death of both a guild and a character. Namely The Crimson Watch and Redburn. These names wont mean much to the any but the old gaurd, but if there is interest let me know. I plan on killing both off anyway, might as well use it to jump start some RP.
  8. Griefers on a PvP server are like Herpes. No matter how much medication you are on, you will still get the occasional flare up. Not much you can do but deal with it as best you can and hope it dies down soon.
  9. O how I love TNG. You people have given me 5 years of lurking entertainment. I know it is the internet and what not, but it is still amazing to me how 1 simple question that gets answered in the 1st 4 posts, breeds 2 pages of posts arguing about the answer.:rolleyes:
  10. Redburn


    HIYA Kuro!!! I be missing you
  11. Since I have come back to WoW, I keep seeing people wearing items that are "Bind on Account". What is this, and what do I have to do to get some? I can only seem to find vague explainations online, so I have come to ask you guys. :confused:
  12. [quote name= People of the Horde. There is a group among your ranks known as the Raven Cross. This group has a ‘proud’ history among you as lawbreakers – people that overlook orders and rules in order to get their own way. Years ago, many of the people that would become members of the Raven Cross were part of a massive jailbreak that resulted in the serious harm of several Silvermoon guards, the death of proud members of the Horde, and the destruction of public property all over Silvermoon. We have proof that they then followed up this act several months later by organizing for the Alliance to attack Silvermoon. An attack that they would then defend in order to weasel their way back into the city proper. These people are dangerous criminals without honor, unworthy of bearing trust or the right to claim themselves as being part of the mighty Horde. While they fight the Alliance, they have themselves betrayed and put at risk your own people. They are now without leadership and disorganized, and we have respectfully asked them to disband their ranks indefinitely. We do not expect them to comply, and as such, they will be destroyed. Supporting the Raven Cross will only get you destroyed in kind. Do not aid this group of terrorists! -Captain Judas Ackerson[/font] Redburn smirked after reading the pamphlet. He had heard of The Raven Cross of course. Who amongst the Horde has not. But he has always been too busy and preoccupied with The Crimson Lord's work to pay much attention to other matters. This may prove to be an interesting diversion. After all, even an Historian needs some entertainment now and again.
  13. Well, it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. There must truly be something wrong with Morghoul. I tracked Liadian down using her mystic resonance that I was able to isolate from her finger bone, before it disapeared. That Tauren was actually doing a quite good job of rescuing her. I could of just stayed invisible and let him do the deed. But I was concerned that Morghoul was lurking somewere in the shadows, so I intervened as a distraction. In all honesty, I was expecting some serious pain to come my way. But, Morghoul appears to actually have sent the doppleganger to kill Liadain before she was fully developed. That is the only explaination for the ease I had in destroying her. That and it appears the doppleganger truly was a kindred spirit and let herself be destroyed and in the process fulfilled the Prophecy. It can only mean that the time of The Crimson Lord's release is almost upon us. Time to start preparing in earnest. On a side note, this journal thing seems to actually work rather well for focusing my thoughts. Now that my memories are restored, I just might have to start another one.....
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    Seeing Red

    ((It was fun, thanks for including me.))