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    Horde Meetup

    Originally posted at http://www.ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=216
  2. Removed TN only references, removed reference to forum sections that no longer exist. Reinstated/reworded PVP rules.
  3. Hello Ravenholdt! As we are almost server buddies, I wanted to give you all a warm welcome to this little corner of the internet formerly devoted exclusively to Twisting Nether server RP. Please feel free to post your RP stories, character journals, fan art, or lore insights. Pop into the new members area and give us a howdy-hey. Start up a blog, or make a private group and invite your RP collaborators so you can work out the details before posting the story publicly (Groups are located under the Community link. Note by the last updated dates that nobody has been using these for a long while, so I would not suggest joining any of the existing ones, they are all inactive). We hope you'll think of our home as your home now. While I will do my best to remove all of the "Twisting Nether RP only" signs, this place has a long history with lots of ancient stickies floating around. Just ignore anything that says that. Obviously follow any non-realm specific rules. They're mostly there to keep things organized and welcoming. If you have any questions, just ask!
  4. huh, I thought I had deleted all of his insanity. I guess I missed a post.
  5. nice image, who is the artist?
  6. Enjoy. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/12557468/
  7. I changed Kimiji's email to the one you used for kimiji recovery.
  8. thanks! it does look to be my host, I'll let them know.
  9. I have my suspicions that wow-tng.org must have been added to some general corporate software firewall ipban list. In order to troubleshoot the problem, I need those of you having problems to run a traceroute to see where the fail is happening. This website shows how to traceroute: http://www.wikihow.com/Traceroute Copy and paste the result in this thread or send it in a PM. If you can't copy, just print a screenshot.
  10. I've installed a different one until the vbTech one is working again. Remember some people are on dark versions of the site, and some light, so try to use medium colors that can be seen on both black and white backgrounds for now.
  11. testing a different chatbox mod soon. I think the main problem will be it coming in the default white background
  12. Until the shoutbox is back, feel free to post random stuff here.
  13. Unfortunately, the recent upgrade of the forums has caused the shoutbox to stop working. The creators of the shoutbox software are aware of the problem and hope to have an update soon. I will install it as soon as it's working again. Sorry for the inconvenience
  14. I'm not sure if you are accusing TNG of something shady here, or just warning people that, surprise, if you post a picture up on the internet some dishonest person might jack it. If I have time I'll crawl through the logs and see if I can block their robot or the site in general. From what I can tell, it's pretty much a google images rip for line drawings.
  15. I did a minor update this morning, so if you see anything off, let me know.
  16. <p>*poke* you still playing swtor, or what are you up to these days?</p>

  17. Vilmah is their singer. She still has top number of posts on TNG even though she hasn't been on here in a couple of years.
  18. *waves* welcome back! Vilmah's a rock star: http://www.asoundofthunderband.com/ I know a few from BoL have changed their names. Most of the rest that I was in contact with have left for other pastures.
  19. If you want more RP events, make them. Advertise them. If you want a guild to participate, let them know, and be willing to reschedule if it conflicts with that guilds internal events. Every single expansion becomes boring to a percentage of the players after 3 or 4 months. People accomplish whatever goals they have (hit 90, get gear, get rep, max professions, etc), and then either stop logging in as often (less people for RP), or they suddenly want to participate in more RP and can't find it, and declare CRISIS. Is RP dead on TN? No. Has the amount of random RP available been slowly, year after year after year, been declining? Sure. We do not have the RP population to support random RP (although I thought the cross-realms stuff was helping with that?). We will never have the RP population to support random RP. People who enjoy that have either moved on to whichever RP server is currently trendy, or have come to terms that whatever it is about TN that keeps them here, is keeping them here. We do not have any new blood coming to this server, minus a random person here and there who show up. The number of people leaving TN/quitting the game is a much larger number than new people coming in. Although that number isn't nearly as large as some people make it out to be. It's been a slow and steady decline for years. I've only been to 2 non-Grim RP events since Panda hit. Part of it is I no longer really know many people anymore. Part of it is a few of the ones that interested me happened at a time when I was either busy IRL, or busy with Grim stuff. One I just forgot about and never logged in. Also, I think people think the only character I have is Mortica, and she's pretty much on permanent farmer duty so she only logs in for all of 5 mins to redo her little 4 plot farm.
  20. You guys make me want to pull my undead ex-paladin out of RP-retirement.