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  1. This is good, since I needed to post out anyways. Family stuff came up. Sorry. Am interested when you pick it back up again though.
  2. "Move aside, Altherion! I'll be making the announcements here!" Fairbreeze Faire "The Fairbreeze Faire is back in full swing once more! The festivities will be taking place on Sundays now, invites given at 8:30 pm (server). The Faire remains a bi-weekly event, so make sure to ask a Dragonhawk Brigade member if the event is taking place that week. We will still be giving out a door prize to non-Brigade members as well, so tell your friends!" Lixxel's Duel Club "The Dalaran sewers have been busy with the attendance of duel club members. Test your strength against your fellow level 90s in a tournament-style bracket to win the final prize! This week the duels take place on Friday at 8 pm (server). Oh, but if anyone asks...nah, forget it. You can say I told ya." Altherion's Tavern Nights (See RP Events Forum for multiple postings) "Join the Brigade at the Wyvern's Tail tavern every saturday night for fun, drinking, and even more drinking! We're totally Gravy's favorite customers, don't let him tell you otherwise! (I swear, I'll pay back the bar tab next week. Promise!) Anyways, if you want to know more you gotta ask Altherion himself. Who knows what's going on in that goofy dead brain of his." Team Leibowitz - Pet Battles! "A dastardly trio of evil battlepet trainers has emerged! Help fight them off and prevent the villains from raiding Brigade coffers. Fight against Aidrianna's level five team, Peejee's Level 15 team, or the mysterious leader's level 25 team. They must be defeated in succession, otherwise their evil plans will succeed! And as a reward for saving the Brigade's treasury, you will be granted a small portion of it's funds for standing up to the trio. You won't get away with this, Team Leibowitz!" ((Remember, all of the above events are IC events. So remain in character at all times. Hope to see you there!))
  3. I took a screenshot for you Ugraz. =)
  4. Horde: Masquerade Alliance: Raeyñ (n = Alt+0241)
  5. I'll do whatever you ask of me, sire. Am fine with both group or solo.
  6. Claiming Raider Brennan then~ <3 Although would rather be Hogan if Lixxy can't. =P
  7. <p>I'd breastfeed your centaur anytime</p>

  8. Giving you guys a link to my Tumblr if you want to see what I've been up to in figure drawing class this semester. http://instant-human.tumblr.com I just warn you, there are lady boobies. So possible NSFW. (Hence why I'm not posting them here.)
  9. <p>I love you like a dog loves a smelly butt</p>

  10. (Images shouldn't be so large if you refresh the page.) I was Chell for Halloween. Still don't have a portal gun yet though, but I will have one by the time I go to my next con. Spent $100 on the damn jumpsuit however. EDIT: OH! My friend Jordan also dressed up as Slenderman and photo bombed me. >.>
  11. Mrs. Crotchet Past life: Mrs. Crotchet was always a hideous woman. She has boils and lumps all over her. Greasy hair protrudes from her manly chin. But, she -is- rich. Her father was a wealthy businessman that claimed his family was related to Varian Wrynn. Mr. Crotchet set his eyes on you clearly for money. Almost a month after you two got married, your father took an 'accidental fall' down a mountain. So then you two got all the money. You know your bitter husband did it. Oh, and about your son..when you look at him you see your husband, so you hate your soon too. The only person you like is Heckles because even though your ugly he still can 'spend the night' with you whenever you let him. Day 1: Introductions During the performance, you're one of the last acts. SO, while OTHER carnies are performing, PLEASE make small talk. Bash your husband. You really don't like the Sisters because they fuck your husband. Tell people that. Tell people how he murdered your father. Anyway, eventually, You'll go in the center and just walk around with your beard. Your husband will mock you. That's the act. When Heckles performs you smile at him. You can brag about him to Mr. Crotchet. If your son comes over to you, kinda' neglect him. Night 1: Go across the street to yell at your husband, because all you two do is argue. THIS MEANS FEEL FREE TO /yell YOU UGLY BASTARD I NEVER LOVED YOU etc etc. Do that for a few minutes then go back to your house. Make sure you /yell that you're leaving though. When you go back home, Heckles will comfort you. Then he'll leave. Stay in your house for the rest of the night, until they find a dead body. Day 2: Your son was in his crypt and some person threw a torch down, and lit the crypt up. Crotchet Jr. was killed. You don't care what anyone else says, you KNOW your husband must have done it! If he kills you then he gets to keep all the money and the carnival! If he's solely in charge of the carnival then he'll just make every performance naked women dancing! Like those Starlight sluts. Tell people about your paranoid suspicions. Don't feel that bad for your son, he was a weirdo-demon spawn of Mr. Crotchet. Whisper to Heckles and tell him to meet you tonight at your house, so you can plot your husbands death. Heckles would do it for you. Night 2: Talk to Heckles, only make smalltalk at first, because Wyatt comes in momentarily. When he does, send Heckles away reluctantly. When Wyatt asks if you need anything, yell at him for interrupting for something so unimportant! Then wait in your house. You might be killed here. If so, when the murderer comes, you can't escape. No /yelling. You can resist like once in emote but thats it. Keep in mind murderer has to be quick. IF YOU DIE, you'll rp a dead body for a bit and then you'll RP one of the mayor's guards, as a side role. if you don't die, they find your husband dead. Day 3: Some people suspect you cuz' your husband died. In his will, it says he leaves all his goods to Satin. THAT EVIL LITTLE BITCH! She manipulated him into putting her in his will! And now she went killed off his heir with her Azurefire torches and then killed him at night, probably during sex. Bah. Tell people of these suspicions. Night 3: Go visit Slumber who is taking a bath on the ocean. Interrogate her and ask her if her sister did it. She's going to send you away. Go back to townhall afterwards and just chat with the mayor. Day 4: Everyone is in the town hall and the mayor is forcing everyone to vote on who they think it is. You think it's Ironsides or Satin, BUT you might have a new opinion now. Anyway, you all choose to execute the voted suspect. Night 4: Everyone goes to their homes. If murderer wasn't killed, he may come for you. Day 5: If no one was killed, you all won! If someone died, repeat day 4. Night 5: Repeat night 4.
  12. Was AMAZINGLY fun, the best time I've had with RP in AGES. Thanks for the awesome time Ugraz. <3
  13. <p>stop breaking my heart over and over</p>

  14. THIS IS PRICELESS! Oh my god, Bels. Just....you never cease to amaze me. I LOVE YOU, GIRLIE! <3 Still love your characters and their expressions sooooooo much. I'm completely jealous. *glomptackles*