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  1. Naked Draenei's always appropriate, amirite? (Click for full version)
  2. ^.~ Photoshop can be very... unfriendly for people new to digital artsing. I made the mistake of starting with it, though I can't say it's entirely a mistake. I learned almost everything I know by just browsing online, finding tutorials, things like that, and I'm honestly glad it was the program I started with. It can be very versatile if you know what you're doing. Funny thing is, I started in Photoshop with mouse, not a tablet. I was really good at coloring with a mouse
  3. I've noticed lately that all I seem to draw is WoW. Not that it's really a BAD thing, but I kind of wanted to get away from WoW art for awhile and expand my horizons. Eventually I ended up in GaiaOnline at a suggestion from my roommate. I did an auction, I was happy with the result. Problem is, I realized I was being payed in a currency that was entirely USELESS to me. So, why bother? I've started taking free requests for avatar and OC art there in the hopes that not only will I expand my horizons, but that I might also get more practice in at the things that I can't quite grasp. I accept projects based on two things: The character has to stand out to me, and it has to be something that I perceive as a challenge. Lately my focus has been fabric and hair. I've been surprising myself. Here's a cropped version of something I'm working on that so far pleases me greatly:
  4. In Photoshop you're gonna want to toy with the "Shape Dynamics" and "Other Dynamics" brush settings. Shape dynamics controls things like jitter in the brush as well as thickness and a few other options. Other dynamics works with opacity and a few other options. I can provide screenshots and instructions if you can't figure it out by toying with it. Getting used to a tablet can be complicated
  5. I get bored and uninspired when it comes to artsing some times, and when that happens, everything I draw is uninspired and repetitive. When that happens, I try to find ways to get me to draw something I wouldn't normally. My roommate is always on Gaia Online, and she told me that I should open up a shop or something. That wasn't exactly on my list of things to do, but I did decide to do an art auction for a silly currency that I'd never use and will likely just end up giving to my roommate. At least it was a fair amount. I was very specific in what I would not do, and what sort of references I needed, and yet it seemed that everyone ignored my directions and I was left with a client that frustrated me to no end. I felt like she didn't even know anything about her own character. It's hard to draw something when you don't know what you're drawing. It's even harder when your CLIENT doesn't even seem to know what they look like. Anyway, I wanted a sort of unique character to draw, and yet this person didn't seem to know any of the details. I literally had nothing to work with aside from the fact that she wanted her to be gothic lolita/punky with lots of accessories, black hair with purple streaks, green eyes, and she showed me a pair of boots that she really wanted the character to have. I was at a loss. I didn't know if she was short or tall, thin, curvy, nothing. I didn't even really know what to outfit the chick in or what colors. I'm TERRIBLE at designing outfits, and I always feel like my clothing creations lack character. Also, whenever I asked this chick about her character, it would take her a week to reply. I almost didn't even do the picture, but I like to stick to my personal challenges. I'm very happy with how this picture turned out. Anyway, end result (click for bigger size :3):
  6. I've never posted any pics here before so.... Here's some of me getting holes put in my face! These were actually taken a few months ago, but they're like... the only recent pictures I have. Got three done in one day. That was fun
  7. So, I've been working on something in my down time. It's a huge picture, involving 11 characters. I wasn't going to post any WIP pictures, but since it's going to take me so freaking long, I figure I can post a little something for now :3 GAH! WHY DID I MAKE HER HAIR CURLY?!
  8. I'd have to say I like the version without the palm trees a lot better. They just stuck out too much, that being said though, I would try to work in different shades of green to maybe give your leafy things a little bit of variation. I'm not so much an expert on jungles though... Or background elements. As a matter of fact, I'm terrible at backgrounds. I really like it though. Everything's spaced out in a very natural way, not anything like me and my OCDness could do. I wish I could do stuff like this!
  9. So, I've had this picture for a little while, I just neglected to post it because... well... I kinda forgot. I actually curled the long cotton-candy looking dreads for Nekocon, and it made them look really nifty. So here's a pic! Those ears and that headband REFUSED to stay in place. I'm also a little mad at myself. I ended up shoving them in a bag afterwards, and I still haven't taken them out. They're not so curly now. I'll either make some attempt to re-curl them, or I might just leave them in that bag forever. I've learned for next time that these need to be stored hanging from something.
  10. I would totally commission him and his awesome arts, but I'm totally broke. ;_;
  11. <p>Well, they're made with Kanekalon synthetic hair. They're backcombed, much like the way you do dreads in human hair, and then heat sealed to prevent them from unraveling in the future. As you could imagine, there are many burnt fingers to be had ;_;</p>

    <p>And you can NEVER go wrong with pink and turquoise! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  12. <p>Ooooh curly ones!! I'd like to see those. What do you use to make them? </p>

    <p>I was going to dye my hair turquoise and pink but wasn't sure how it would look, then I saw your thread and was like hey that looks pretty badass!</p>

  13. <p>It really depends on how long the dreads are, and if I'm curling them or not (I'll have to take pics of my curly set. They're AWESOME!). The really LONG sets can take two or three full-time days, but the average length ones are closer to a day, maybe a day and a half.</p>

  14. <p>Don't want to spam your art thread with comments. =]</p>

    <p>Those look really cool and as someone who changes her hair color all the time I can definitely appreciate that they can be removed and changed so easily. How long does it take for you to make a set?</p>