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  1. <p>HOLY CRAP! I haven't seen you in forever! *glomp*</p>

  2. Dont forget the fugly tabard. Id just wait for midsummer fire festival for a good title and tabard that easy to get.
  3. One thing i hope they do with the worgen is to keep their voice the same in and out of worgen form. Kinda like the DK's voice, but wolfman voice.
  4. Goblins ((Female)) ((Male))Worgen ((Male)) ((Female))"I dont know if anyone has had the chance to add these or have even seen these yet, but i just wanted to contribute."
  5. EDIT: This draekon^ I think I might have laugh to hard at this post Looks like blizzard is focusing more on horde lore right now.
  6. Why cant you be satisfied with freakin undead hunters? Technically they're bein trained by sylvanis right?
  7. <p>Everyone who comes to the website should have some interest in Lore and roleplaying. I don't see why a meaty topic like that wouldn't have gotten replies.</p>

  8. <p>Oh in that case thanks</p>

    <p>didnt expect that much replies anyway</p>

  9. Heck why are we worryin' about a new class when they didnt even put them in cata? probly gotta wait till next major expansion. >:[ also, next hero class is "most likely" gonna be something every race can be. Its not called a hero "race"
  10. <p>Of course! The reason is because it was becoming nothing more than hearsay and conjecture being presented as fact, which was leading to members who couldn't keep from taking swipes at other members so I locked it before we had a further de-volving. Don't take it personally, it was nothing -you- did.</p>

  11. So tell me why draenei would ever adopt sylvanis' style of fighting.
  12. <p>can I ask why you locked my thread?</p>

  13. You also forgot to mention, Rocket Launcher, Mobile Bank, Low cost on everything regardless of reputation. There gonna be goblins running around everywhere.