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  1. Full Name: Dreska Bloodrain Nicknames: Ghostclau (ingame), Ghost, Ghosty. Date of Birth: Not sure. Age: Young adult, around 45 to 50 yrs of age. Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: White w/ silver ends. Skin: Fur is ghost white w/ a silvery shimmer. Eyes: Pail blue and silver. Height: About 6'11" Weight: Um...420lbs -ish Place of residence: Currently a small tent outside of Crossroads, Barrens. Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: I can't recall any that I remember. I was just a infant when I was found by nomadic pirates. Religion/Philosophy: Study the call of the Druid. I am one with the lands, those who challenge the balance will answer to Earthmother. Occupation: I have found my self as a Scribe, a master of Scrolls and glyphs. The herbs I pick assist me in my Scribe work. Group/Guild affiliation: I talk among many clans. But my loyalties are with Keepers of Death. Guild Rank: Blood Lord (Officer) Enemies: Any who challenge the balance of Earthmother, or just piss me off. Likes: Sneaking onto enemy territory, curiosity is to blame. Favorite Foods: Meat, and lots of it. Favorite Drinks: Fresh water. Favorite Colors: Dark colors. Weapons of Choice: My claws. It's that simple. Dislikes: Those who are quick to judge. Also I'm not so tame around these "Death Knight's". They worry me. Hobbies: Hunting, in lands not of my own. Physical Features: Well, as you can see, I'm ghost white in color from hoof to horns, and yes, there is a little bit of a silvery shimmer. My mane is the same way, white with silver ends. I guess you could say i'm like an albino, but I can hear just fine. I don't have any apparent scaring that I can see. In my shifted forms, I do take on my natural coloring, so sneaking around is not an option without my enhanced ability to camouflage myself. I do have druidic tattooing visible and a light grey in color. Feline Form: My Body is a ghostly white as my Mane is a silvery white. Dire Bear: My Body is a Ghostly white as my thicker hair is more of a silver. Flight Form: Just a Ghostly white eagle looking bird. Some silvery shimmer to my feathers. Special Abilities: Just the gift the earthmother gave me. Positive Personality Traits: A good listener, patient, and protective. Negative Personality Traits: Curious, over protective. I embrace my feral instincts a bit too much, and perfer to not be in my tauren form. Misc. Quirks: In my feral form, I love to lick ankle's. No matter who you may be. I just can't help it. I also love my belly rubbed when in feline form. Played by What Famous Person: Will tell later. Theme Songs: "Unstoppable" You can talk all you want but my skin is really thick I’m the leader of a crowd and my game is really slick I’m unstoppable... History: I was abandoned as an infant and found by nomadic pirates. I was more for their entertainment until they realized the gift Earthmother gave to me. Secretly I was studying and caring out rituals of the Earthmother. My skills grew as a druid but in their clutches I was not allowed to practice them. For most of my adolescent life I was a servant and wench to them. At about my 30th birtday, we crossed the dry lands of the Barrens from Ratchet heading for a known trading post, now known as Crossroads. I felt like an outcast going there, as other Tauren stared at me. After our dealings there we traveled to an oasis where we got overrun by the marauding centaur, the Kolkar. Some of us ran into the caves nearby, but found ourselves in the hands of a cult. I would have been killed, but they took interest in my skills. I was in my 40's when I continued to be trained in the ways of a "druid". I served "The Druid of the Fang" for a short time, but was overwhelmed by a group of intruders, which spared my life. One in particular took a liking to me, if I do remember correctly he carried the family name of Runetotem. He taught me and redirected me in the way my path was to lead. Currently, I’m just a roaming druid, learning as I go. I have no real home to call my own, for I just wander letting my feral instincts lead the way. I can not tell you much for now, that is until I find who I really am. ((Any and all information posted above is solely for Dreska (Ghostclau) as a charecter. No RL personal envolvemnt/info have been posted except my nicname. In game, you will not use this information posted unless otherwise informed by me. Interested in her story? It will be available for download soon. I look forward to meeting you, if we do meet.))