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  1. Byrun would’ve wiped the sweat from his brow, were such a thing still capable for him. He had been digging for several hours into the soft earth in the plaguelands. Ever since the uprising in Undercity, he’d left his tabard and several jars of samples hidden to prevent discovery by those that would use it against him and call him traitor. Deeper and deeper, he dug; it had to be deep enough that the tunneler beasts would not come across the hidden cache, and accidentally drag it up. The robes he wore now, were covered in dirt and slime from the curious creatures that had approached. A few plague hounds were now consuming the remains left behind some yards away. “And I know...” another shovel of dirt was tossed aside, “...he’s still going to be upset.” The dirt piled higher as he continued musing to himself. “He’s never happy, and there’s always something I did wrong.” He jabbed the shovel tip into the ground, leaving it standing upright as he leaned over to investigate the newly exposed dirt. He wiped away the freshly turned earth, to reveal a large wooden board underneath, a triangular symbol in sickly bone white just visible. “Make sure everything is secured Byrun, don’t leave room for mistakes Byrun.” He shook his head from side to side in mockery of the words as he started to claw away the dirt along the edges of the box. It took some time, but he finally cleared the space next to the wooden crate enough to get a grip into the sides of it, and dredge it up from the ground. He settled it down beside him, and whispered a light incantation. Soft purple light emanated from the seam of the lid, and a pair of quiet clicks could be heard. Byrun nodded his head, as if agreeing with the release of the locks, and then slowly opened the box… ..to find nothing inside. “You’re too slow.” A tabard covered his head and shoulders, thrown down from the top of the pit, as soon as he heard the voice Byrun knew he disappointed him again. More frustrating was realizing that Vales had to have not only dug up the box already, emptied it’s contents, but then buried it again just to watch him toil away digging it up himself. Byrun hated him, but more than that, respected him. They hadn’t ever truly got along, but when the executions began, it was Vales that saved him, killed the guards charged with bringing him to an execution and stole him away in silence of the night. Others too, but he knew the one who actually sought him out was Vales. “Wear it with pride, but keep it covered still. We want to be ready if she calls us back to her side.” Byrun nodded, and saw that Vales had taken a knee and offered a hand to pull his protege out of the pit he’d dug for himself. Byrun reached up and remembered for the first time in so many months the gargantuan strength of his mentor. The plate gauntlet wrapped around his hand and easily lifted him up out of the hole without any noticeable effort. “Thank you.” Byrun said dusting off his robes, tabard clutched tight in his boney grip. Vales silently nodded and started off down the road. Byrun hastily threw the tabard on under his robes and chased after the armored juggernaut. Behind them, a pit, a vast open chasm along the side of the road near Darrowshire, inside a long black wooden box, empty, with their symbol upon it. Infection.
  2. ((Been a long while since I've written anything, but now seems as good as any.)) The orc lowered the blind of grass, pushing it aside, his friend and long time companion, a full grown Lynx named Gene, crouched low. "He wanted me to follow, but I think we’re in over our heads now." The faintest of whispers, but Gene seemed to hear. "We should leave, now." Farek called up the primal spirit of the pack, and he and Gene began to flee from the scene. As they ran towards his talbuk waiting for him, he could hear the chorus of shouts behind him. The most terrifying being that of the large brutish two headed ogre. They ran, together, Gene and Farek, for what they were asked to do this time, was too much. “Gene, get to the woods, hide, I will come back for you!” The Lynx darted into the tree line and in the way only a feral beast can, faded into the shadows of the woods instantly. “The beast is of no concern, fetch me that Orc! Ignavarus obelito, karshun varin!” The talbuk pounded the dirt as fast as it could, Farek tried to keep his distance between he and his pursurers, but now the elementals were pouring in from all side. The power of the pack clung to his spirit, he hopped from the beast and set it away as he tried to keep speed with it. The talbuk was frightened and more of a threat than a proper vehicle to escape now. He needed to find cover, and somehow get away, but nothing was going right. There was no escape. No way out. The talbuk screamed as it ran through the elementals, but it made it. There was but one last duty to perform, and though he hated it, it must be done. Reaching to his belt, he un-clipped a crossbow of elemental and elven origin, and a small stone. "Are you there?" “I am here," spoke the stone. "They are coming, my duty is done, my debt fulfilled.” "Let me hel-" "My debt is over undead, there is nothing more for me. Take care of Gene." He orc gripped the stone hard, and cracked it so that no more communications could be made through it, and threw it away. “Loktar O’gar!” He fired many shots, fought hard, but there was no way, and he knew it. He turned spell against caster, released venomous snakes, all to little effect. Overwhelmed, this proud orc fell to the ground, burned alive. - The skeletal horse shook as the forsaken warrior dismounted with all the grace that one can bearing hundreds of pounds of metal. A clawed plate gauntlet reached to the side of the beast and took down the two lumbering war axes. The putrescent smell of decay and rot slowly lingered about the two. Beside them, a large Lynx begrudgingly lead the way to a scorched circle in the earth. In the middle of the blackened soil lay the crumpled heap of leather and mail, flesh and bone, and a single charm clung tightly into the left hand. The Lynx seemed to whimper, and darted closer to the figure and lay down beside it. Nuzzling the corpse as if somehow, he were only asleep, and any moment now, the remains of this proud and powerful hunter would spring to life. “I wonder if he ever questioned my giving him this.” The undead leaned forward, setting the two axes into the ground as if they were simple daggers, and plucked the charm from the hand of the corpse. The fingers bones broke and turned to dust as he roughly plucked the item. At this, the Lynx growl and barred its fangs at the undead. “Hush, you want him back, so do I.” The creature didn’t seem to care for the word the undead spoke, but it did not attack, it merely watched and waited. The forsaken brought the charm, now faintly glowing, to his steed. From the other side of the horse he pulled a large object wrapped in cloth that seemed to reek of death. Charm in hand, he unrolled the object, or should say, body. Freshly dug, no marring, just a bit of dirt in the hair, and lay the charm on the chest. “You are not going to like this one bit, my friend, but you will survive. I don’t want to hear a bit of complaining either.” Curiously, the Lynx slowly approached the scene, watching the charm more than anything else. “And you can thank me later,” the forsaken now spoke to the beast, it didn’t hear him. So it began, in the woods, near Mount Hyjal, by way of Darkwhisper Gorge, that strange things were done. This wasn’t the first time for this mad alchemist to do something as unique as raise the dead, but this time he intended to do it right, and not make another golem, as he had with his ‘son’. A soul is needed for true life, and the phylactery that Vales had made for this orc seemed to work quite well in preserving it. A few more vials mixed, a creation of his own he once stumbled upon while trying to restore a Death Knight to her former self, a sort of daughter, and from his work making a daughter, he now made a brother of his own. - This…doesn’t feel right. This taste, it’s awful, what did I…I’m going to be…. The ‘orc’, sat up, turned to his side, placing his clawed hands on the ground, grabbed the earth beneath him, and heaved. What felt like gallons of vomit, no, ichor purged from his lunged and stomach. Heaved and felt no pain. Heaved and felt no labor on his muscles. Heaved and felt no thirst. He saw his hands, decayed, rotting, and …human. He felt his face, beard, no stubble, and then looked down, and saw his body, made from a corpse. A corpse! What had happened? Wait no… He remembered, the stone, the fight...Loktar O’gar! He remembered his death, feeling the last of his life wash away, and as the earth mother reached for him, she recoiled, a frosty grip had seized his soul and trapped it, trapped it in a small charm he wore at his neck, a gift from the Forsaken who once saved him. “I’m alive, aren’t I?” “In a manner of speaking, yes.” The Lynx moved closer to the newly reborn Forsaken, then whimpered, sniffed, and pounced on the still awakening ‘orc’. It went to lick the face of its old friend, but instead choose to nuzzle. Even beasts have standards. “Why, why did you bring me back? Like this?” “I am limited in my option of bodies these days, the Korkron wouldn’t take kindly to my digging up an orc body, but what’s another human forsaken? Just the status quo to them. No, I have also not tested this on the orc anatomy, and preferred to not destroy your soul in the process. I knew one day, your life debt with me would bring you to this, and that is why I gave you that charm.” Vales helped the newly reborn Farek to his feet. “Now dust yourself off, I have some clothes on my mount, for you, they should work for now…we have to get you to your new home. And it’s about time too, Infection will be proud to house a Ranger like yourself. I will fetch a steed for you.” Farek dressed quickly, and gathered his bearrings, then walked over to his original body. “Hmm, I really did it, didn’t I?” The undead merely watched the Ranger, to see one's former body, it could be tramatic, but this one, seemed to be fine. Kneeling, Farek pulled a few items from his own corpse. The crossbow, a quiver of dragonhide, the Twinblade, his nether born axes, and a small bauble which screamed with nightmares inside. “I suppose I always knew it would come to this one day, ever since I found this. It seemed only fitting.” Vales looked closer, astonished at the bauble the…forsaken ranger held. “Is that?” “I have a ride…thanks.” The trinket flared a moment, and a nightmare steed, the firey warhorse of the once infamous huntsman himself, Attumen. A grin appeared on the warrior’s face. “Let’s ride.” The Lynx hovered at the side of the Ranger, ever faithful, ever his companion. Farek looked down at the beast. “Gene, we’re going home.”
  3. Oh don't get me wrong, I do agree on the idea of shifting to a 3 or 4 per tier setup with what they've done. That said, your prior statement about being a 5 point model isn't exactly true. There are plenty of trees both current and past that have some 4 point levels, and 3 point levels, and 6 point levels. Usually that first tier is a solid 5 and move on. The example I think you listed was a 3 and 4 first tier? It might be one of those odds spots where they are trying to get people into the 3/3 and 2/4 mindset because they think you'll come back up later for the last 2 points. (also not a good design ideal, but it's something) I know in my shadow spec on my priest, which is terribad don't get me wrong, I grab a lot of partial talents that I know I was coming back to at 80 to fill out. In the meantime, it streamlined me down the talent tree to get to the juicy bits. This idea may be what they're trying to promote. This also means that you'll have all your cute new abilities early on though, and the last levels will be a bit more grindy and repetitive. It happens. ...oh and if nothing else, blizzard has definitely shown us that they lose track of "parts" of code before. I cannot recall off the top of my head something specific, but I do remember sitting there, reading the patch notes for bug fixes and being baffled at "how did that have anything to with THAT?" (think it was a mage fix affecting druid forms, it was really off the wall.)
  4. Whew, I haven't really been here in a while, taking a break from sitting on the floor mumbling a lot - When I took a look at the new talents, I was enraged, I horrified, I was amused, I was confused, and then I remembered it can all still change. One thing I will still disagree with is the 31-point "lock" into a spec. I still fondly remember my first character, a human priest. I was 25 Disc/26 Holy I believe. I had done MC, BWL, and ZG all on release of each dungeon. I was in the 4th or 5th depending on week top raiding guild on my server. I played with a unique spec. Of course, back then - NO ONE was 31 deep in Holy, or at least, never got the 31-point Talent at the time (4sec cast Holy Nova, ahahha) So why the lock to fill a tree? Has this changed and I missed it? I can see requiring that you have more points in your primary tree than any other tree. I think there would be some fairly strong builds if you could manage a 21/20 spec, or even a 16/25. That's my only issue. Although yes, a 3-4 / tier would be nice, they've always had it based on 5s and I think that's probably not changing. More than likely the programmer that made that part of the talent trees has long since left and for the life of them they cannot find the right variable or hard line to change it.
  5. Yat, you're on my list! I just finished my coffee!
  6. Jergal/Nasuj left the game. I'm sure there's more details than that, but that's what I remember... ..besides remembering you as well.
  7. Vales


    Emmons, +4 internets, well done. Whether found or forged, well done.
  8. Vales


    Tell you how much attention I paid to the Apple release; I was more enthralled by LGs 19" digital paper, in standard newspaper size. (Article) That said, after the fact issues besides those listed above include things like -
  9. I realize I'm rarely around anymore, but I hope to be back in full swing come Cata release - and this pleases me greatly. It's a shame the CAPITOL CITIES are so often forgotten these days with the port-o-matic places like Shattrath and now Dalaran. It'll be time to idle in UC and SMC all over again for me. I'm just hoping you can't "fly" into throne rooms and the like with the advent of flying mounts in old Azeroth, there better be some top-notch net-throwing NPCs in every city. Storming the gate is half the fun!
  10. Leo's a bottom? but I -- , no nevermind...
  11. And my Axe! (and sword, and other sword, and other other sword, and shield, and mace, and...)
  12. Forever Sharp Knives; Paring, the 33cms "Forever Sharp" knife, and 4pc Steak Knives Bacon Salt 4-pack of #include <beer.h> glasses Console Mod Kit All-Star Superman 1 & 2 Cityscapes Monster Manual V Dragons of Faerun New Rockport Boots, PJ Pants, Serenity and, Firefly now I just await Nadea and Keraph to come back from NH and add to my list...still seem to be short on Doom-Bots.
  13. That depends on the laptop in question, more details would help Alek. What is the exact model number of the laptop, and what have you changed from stock inside? Also, Marroc/Kararov - he made mention of the "blocks" going away if he changed rpograms, refreshed a page, etc, which means the monitor can't be at fault in this one. Something is getting botched on the transfer from the computer up. ...which actually; check the monitor cord for pinches and damage, also if you can avoid it, don't use an adapter for the monitor and graphics card. If you're running two adapters, you might be losing data in that as well, but doubtful (better safe than sorry). Still doesn't explain the high temp of the GPU. I second (or third or whatever) getting RivaTuner and bringing that fan speed up some. Are the other fans in the case doing alright? good airflow otherwise?
  14. Gonna have to agree with Karkarov on this, sounds like you may have a fluke rail in your power supply, or the supply itself. If you have the cords to maneuver, try using a different cord from the PSU. (And avoid using the one you were using for anything if you can help it.) If the PSU itself is the real culprit it won't matter, you'll get the errors as you've seen and thankfully, Power supplies are not too expensive. The other, less likely since nothing else is showing issues, potential part that's hurt is the motherboard. You could have a hurting (PCIE 2.0? PCIE 1.0 x16?) slot, and might need to shift it to another slot if you've the room and expansion slot available.
  15. This is different from the Flash vulnerability that got you Nadea, this one is related to Adobe READER, and a .pdf file. (Details in articles)