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  1. I completely forgot about the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream and losing my immortality. Thanks so much for those. ;P No Emerald Dream for me. Maybe I am worried a little too much about my history. I guess I just want to make sure I have a firm grasp for what general "big" things I would have experienced. Thanks to both of you for helping me get my mind straight lol
  2. Hello TN I'm currently trying my hand at writing the story of one of my characters from level 1 to 80.. which is turning out to be a bit harder to start than I expected. If my character (who is a druid) was starting out in Aldrassil, I would assume I am a young adult, about 300 and had previous basic studies in typical night elf knowledge and such in Ashenvale where I was born. I mainly just need help with what I was alive for. Would it make sense to say that hearing the tales of the druids at the Battle of Mount Hyjal inspired me to become a druid, so I found my way to Teldrassil to start official training? What would I have been doing during the Battle of Mount Hyjal? What would have happened to my town/people? Stayed the same or would some leave to fight? Also, would I ever walk the Emerald Dream in my training? When would I do that? Any info on what I might be missing lore wise that my character might have experienced would be great. ;P It's amazing that you can go completely through this game and not know all the little things lore wise.