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  1. Damn, the cap gets doubled? What arena rating do you have to have to unlock it?
  2. Never fear; I only jest. Sarcasm does not travel well via text. I'd never re-roll seeing that I play a class that can fill any need. I might consider respeccing, mostly for the fun of doing something new, but even that isn't going to happen because Vicious gear is too damn expensive for me to fill out on different specs. Nerfs or no, resto I shall remain.
  3. http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/02/28/patch-4-1-ptr-notes-updated-for-feb-28th/ Well folks, its been fun, but Elder Talarian is joining the Wisconsin democrats and hiding out in another state until druids are de-nerfed. Wait a second, Stampeding Roar is buffed!? Nevermind! OP Feral, here I come! "I shall run away from you a second time!" Edit: Saw this on Blizz's Druid forums and laughed for so long I couldn't resist posting it. The poster was coming up with new Druid abilities... Extinction: The Feral druid explodes, killing itself and dealing lethal damage to all other feral druids in a 50 yard radius. Atruistism: Druids no longer have rebirth; every other class, however, does.
  4. <p>Hey, sorry for not getting back to you this evening! I have class on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 9:00pm-12:00am (server time), so I was unavailable that whole time. Hope to catch up with everyone for RBG's on Friday!</p>

  5. Although this post has mostly been about PvP bots, those darned farming bots are no cooler. I was thinking about solutions to farming bots - how could the designers make botting unprofitable? - and as I perused The Old Republic website, I realized that Bioware is well on their way to at least solving the farming bot problem: http://www.swtor.com/info/systems/crew-skills In short, it seems that players won't be doing much resource gathering in TOR. That role seems mostly reserved for your crew members to fulfill, both when you are playing and when you aren't. It also appears that you'll be able to farm resources yourself, if you choose to do so, and whether or not you can do that much more efficiently than your "built-in bot" crew will probably determine whether or not TOR will also be rife with illegal, gathering bots. The point here, though, is that Bioware is attacking this intelligently: they are working on a system in which farming via bots is not profitable - or at least less profitable - for the botter. That's how you fix this problem.
  6. Indeed: http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?21023-%28A%29-lt-Praetorian-Guard-gt-hosts-a-Call-to-Arms
  7. I agree that some bots will still fight against this system by posting some sort of numbers via their macro programming, but "moot", I'm not so sure. They'd still be very low on the honor roster unless they were pulling numbers that put them in the average of the BG field, and if a bot is doing that, well, maybe its as good to have that bot on your side as a real player. Sure, a bot healer isn't going to be dispelling curses and doing all the important things that don't show up in the BG boxscore, but I've seen some actual humans that play just as poorly. Based on my limited understanding of how honor is awarded in a BG, I think a curved, scaling system would, at the very least, make botting less profitable, and that's how you actually reduce its prevalence.
  8. There is (yet another) bot thread going around the Warcraft Community forums, too: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1965995408?page=1. I had an off-the-cuff suggestion there and I wonder what the TNG community thinks of it: I look at bots in the same way that I look at marijuana (and I hope you'll forgive my analogy, here): so long as marijuana is illegal, someone, somewhere, is going to find a way to grow and/or smuggle it because there is a market for it. With alcohol, the U.S. government learned that the easiest way to reduce crime was simply to re-legalize it and take away the incentive for a black market. How is botting any different? Each time Blizzard finds a way to shut one sort of bot down, a new one crops up, and why not? Its profitable. Thus, I think maybe the cure is not to find ways to ban bots, but rather to find ways to make them unprofitable. The way to do this, in my eyes, is to revalue how honor is distributed in a random battleground. What I would suggest is putting honor rewards in any given BG on a "curve" like you have in some academic systems. The top DPS'er is doing 2 million damage? Then he is at the top of the DPS component of honor scoring and all DPS honor rewards (I know that's only one part of the equation) are run from that number. Your bot did 1967 DPS, total? You get zero points awarded in the DPS section of honor rewards. You'd have this for every category that Blizzard scores, then, and the totals would come out to the honor you get in any battleground. In fairness, I have no idea how honor is actually scored and awarded in BG's (I've long sought this information, to no avail), so perhaps something like this is actually quite difficult to implement, but there has to be some dis-incentive applied to players that don't contribute within the average range of the players participating in the battleground. I've definitely seen "bad" bots that provide a tallied "0" in DPS and "0" in healing that still earn average honor in the BG, and this is just the sort of incentive that botters need to keep finding ways around the "Report AFK" system. Take away this incentive - make it so that marginal or non-contributors are awarded scaled honor, going as low as ZERO honor if they do absolutely nothing - and I think a significant step towards eliminating bots will have been achieved.
  9. This summarizes how I feel about random BG's. Though to add to it, there is a whole different level of frustration (beyond the bots) as a healer. Random BG's are clusterfucks of disorganization, most of the time, and as a healer it can be monstrously frustrating to be healing people that run about without any semblance of strategy and, oftentimes, a serious lack of PvP talent. When I'm in a pre-made of some sort, or a rated BG, I don't mind losing. I guess its the feeling that "well, that other team was better than us" as opposed to "man, our team is turtling the Warsong flag room when we are down 2 to 0." I much prefer the former. For what its worth, the inclusion of high-tier PvP gear that can be obtained in rated BG's will certainly make the bot rewards less than they used to be. On a side note, I find the differences in personal play strategy in a random BG vs. a rated BG to be really interesting. Rated BG's obviously have team strategies that focus on winning as a group, whereas my personal, random BG strategy usually revolves around an idea like "how can play this BG effectively given the liklihood that 50% of my teammates don't understand what's happening here (or are bots)." Usually, I focus on deterrence, in those cases, rather than trying to "win" the game. Little things like letting the opposing team see me go stealth in order to try and frighten them into a few more seconds of waiting before they try to cap a node or take a flag....that sort of thing. Edit: One of the most hilarious (and effective) random BG strategies I've seen has been during 5-man pre-made's in Warsong Gulch with Elindil. Our 5-man team would exit the flag room and go out the ramp. We'd then wait, as a group, at the bottom of the ramp, where the whole Horde team is headed. As the Horde team would show up, they'd all back off and run around wondering what to do about this group of Allies that were clearly there only to blunt their first flag rush. On average, they'd end up waiting 15-20 seconds before grouping up and charging us and, although we'd get overrun, that was an additional 20 seconds that the PuG'ers in our group had to grab their flag and head back across the field (at which point we'd rez and run directly to him). Not to mention it had everyone in vent laughing every time we did it. Good times.
  10. This is exactly why I hate TB. Its such a yawn-fest on defense and little better than pure frustration on attack. On defense I usually take some time to farm herbs in the swamp because, frankly, it doesn't matter. When farming for crafting materials in the middle of a war zone has little or no impact on the outcome of that battle, there's a problem. Mr. Chikt, I really hope you are right and that this issue DOES get addressed soon, though Blizzard's history doesn't necessarily support the idea (remember Wintergrasp!). On a slightly humorous note, a bunch of allies were recently camping a few, poor Horde players in a Tol Barad Peninsula graveyard and I opined "this is unsportsmanlike", to which someone yelled "Remember Wintergrasp!" I laughed and was compelled to join in a for a bit. Ha. Sorry. Old wounds heal ever so slowly. Thus far Blizzard's second attempt at a "world PvP battleground" has been questionable, at best. Let's all hope they remedy it and can find a way to bring the general even-handedness of instanced battlegrounds to the world battleground scene.
  11. <p>Just a typo that my spell checker didn't pick up for some reason. Fixed!</p>

  12. I used to get really nervous when I was tanking because I would want to go slowly and do it right, but everyone would lambaste me for going too slowly and being, in their words, "a crappy tank." How I finally got over it is by learning to ditch my concern for anyone outside myself, which sounds self-centered, but it isn't. I like to run instances methodically, often a bit slowly, making the healer's job as easy as possible. If my healer has less than 75% mana, I'm stopping after a fight (unless they tell me they have a lower mana threshold that I can run with). I used to ask certain DPS classes if they would be willing to CC a target. I stopped doing that. Now I order them to. Macros like this abound: "%t, I want you to mind control any target that I mark with {moon}, and I want it to stay mind controlled as much as you are able to keep it so." People who don't follow order get to leave, or I leave. I see my tanking as a kind dictatorship: I will do what I believe is the very best thing for making a run as smooth and wipe-free as possible, and if you don't follow orders, you are gone. Or I'm gone. Until there's a massive swell of tanks, I see no reason why I should do any differently. P.S. - Shadow priests, I love you. Mind Control is the very best CC that has ever been. Not only does it remove an enemy from contention, but it is unbreakable by errant damage, so I can keep swiping, berserk mangling, and using all my other tanking AoE's regardless of where that MC'ed unit is. I simply love it. Apologies in advance to any shadow priests in my group that find themselves relegated to MC'ing the entire instance.
  13. <p>Pssst....you probably already know, but your signature image has a glaring spelling error. This is what happens when an English teacher browses the forums...</p>

  14. I've seen a lot of Alliance wins when I've been on (mostly through defense, obviously), and I'm still semi-boycotting it. I don't find it to be fun in any way. Every time a tower goes down I cry because the amount of time I have to be in this horrible excuse for wPvP just increased. 1:1 Wintergrasp is 100% more fun.
  15. I've moved from druid healing to tanking for Cata (which has nothing to do with the change in healing mechanics - I just wanted something new) and have this problem in PuG's too, so I have a macro that says "%t, if you do that again I will vote to kick you. If the kick fails I will leave and you all be waiting for a new tank." Man, does that ever shut down the "GOGOGO" guy in a heartbeat. In the rare instance that it doesn't, he leaves when the kick vote comes because nobody else want to requeue 45 min. for a tank. Also, one of the nicest things about being a tank is that IT IS YOUR SHOW. You really dictate how the instance is run, and a good tank marks for CC, marks for focus kills, and explains fights. I've had some really nice compliments from PuG'ers after asking "Anyone new here" and then proceeding to explain fights as they came up. Stonecore Flayers, for instance: how about you stand BEHIND them when they flay, fury warrior? He only died twice before he got the picture. Anyway, I think the new healing mechanics are good given two conditions. 1) The tank is not a jackass who rushes ahead, pulls whole rooms, and generally displays no leadership ability; 2) the party members carry food/bandages for self-healing after battles so the healer can regain mana instead. I had to explain to some fellow, recently, that you can buy food from inn keepers. He had no idea. Also, I wholeheartedly approve of healers allowing DPS to die when said DPS fails to manage their aggro. Tanks have serious ability management to deal with, as do healers. Why should DPS have it any different?