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  1. Hey MooMoo, It been waaay too long since I wrote you. 12 years? I be seeing you more recently than that, but I wish I be writing you. It be a year and a half since you be taken from me. Before that, things were not just good. We were together, but you not be feeling good for years. We not be able to adventure, but I wish I would have, could have. I be missing you more than this troll could ever say. Even if I be saying it, it not be making sense. I be looking at this last letter that you wrote and I be never did respond to.. There just be so many things I be wanting to say but never be able to. MooMoo, I be loving you and always will be loving you. You were the star in my eye, the warm in my heart, the smile in my bounce. I would be given anything to wander around un’goro swamp with you. I know that aint going to be happening again. For that, my MooMoo, I don’t know what to be saying, other than I love you and I be thinking about you every day. I not be saying I never love again, but I never love like you again. I love you MooMoo, and I will be missing you forever. Love, Your pogo-troll, SwiftBleid.
  2. Raz, agreed. I did BB PC sales for 3 years and I won't let a family member buy a computer from BB unless I'm there to "help".
  3. This might be new to some of you: http://www.valyriansteel.com/ Replicas from the book/TV series. The picture of the Actress playing Arya with a replica needle is pretty dang cool.
  4. <p>Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!</p>

  5. Well, now it's much more real and tangible. I can't wait until this dang series is made and on TV.
  6. I just got the mod installed. Other than the obvious growing pains, it's very well done. A crapton of fun, too.
  7. For those of you who have not yet seen it: Crysis Maximum Edition $13.59 http://store.steampowered.com/sub/987/
  8. What's that? In my pants? Is that what I think it is? Yes, it's mechwood!
  9. Amoola and I played for a few months, at my prodding. I bought two copies of the game, etc.. Well, the free trial when I first played it, that was pretty good.. Eventually I realized that I'd just wasted $80.00..
  10. It has no impact on gameplay, there is very little reason to worry, whine, bitch, moan, divine, complain. In beige text OR red text. I have no plans on purchasing either of these pets, primarily because I think vanity pets are a waste of time. Then again, I haven't logged on to wow in over a week, so I'm not sure if I really care.
  11. The kids, our youngest, Mae, was a Pumpkin, oldest, Hiro was a Jedi, and our oldest Daughter, Brenna, was a spy. The Jedi costume had so many layers, it too about 5 minutes to pull it off so the poor kid could go to the bathroom. The pumpkin and jedi costume were made by Amoola. The spy costume was conceived by Brenna and I, and made mostly by Walmart.
  12. Jack Black is completely and utterly obnoxious.. Still, he's cast very well for the game. Don't judge the game because of Jack Black, if you like heavy metal and action games, you'll appreciate this one. Of course, I've only played the demo..
  13. Name: Chind Los Llarth Nickame(s):Chind, Chind Gul Rag Race: Orc Gender: Male Age: Middle age Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: red Ht: 6'3" Wt: 240 Physical Features: Gaunt Skin: Pale for an orc Favorite Food: Favorite Drinks: Not blood Current Residence: Orgrimmar Theme Song: Yaketty Sax Background: ((working on it))
  14. Yup, perception of being mean is relative, that I agree with... This isn't directed at you specifically and I honestly don't know of the thread you are referring to, but it seems that the gyst of what you are saying is "If it's true, then it's true and it should be said". While stating absolute truth is somewhat admirable, if you keep on that line too long and without exception, you are definitely being "mean". Example, I see a person who's face is covered with piercings and comment on how it's unprofessional it's unattractive and than they'll never be able to get a good job(I don't necessarily believe either). This is a rude comment. Another example, I see a person who is butt-ugly and say out loud that they are ugly and they'll never be able to get a date. Well, there is very little this person can do to change this. This is a legitimately mean comment. Both examples are actually pretty similar, pre-judging just on appearance(very similar to judging an individual by their words on a forum), but one could be considered a little bit mean and the other one is downright cruel. Also, both are basically true statements but while true, both statements should be words kept inside your head, or at the VERY least quietly muttered to a friend. It's not that a person should make their purpose in life to make another person feel good, but you can avoid making them feel bad just by excluding a few rude phrases from what comes out of your mouth for that day. That's called common adult decency. My kids know it, and some people on this forum need to learn it.
  15. There are male Night Elves?