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  1. I have headed out on my own for now. I am not very good with the laws of man. Why I am not allowed to shot someone in the eye for trying to steal people is beyond me. Granted it was not my person they where trying to steal, but if you try to take peoples love from them with others watching than those people should at least be able to have an arrow graze your arm or your eye which ever. On a happy note Dehta is now getting very strong. Unlike Lilly she does not eat any meat not even fish! It is a little harder to feed an animal that does not eat meat. What am I to do though since Lilly thinks her silly babe is more important than adventure? Oh well I think I should go back to the hunt that will make everything seem right.
  2. Well Lilly being gone has got me into a pickle. Last night it came to my attention that some one plans to take what rightfully belongs to one in my ranks. I made a few subtle comments about her missing an eye if she keeps it up. I do fear I was to subtle. If this continues I will be having to get a lot of eye patches. I can fully understand Lilly not wanting to leave town, but Ebrun should know better than to let me go on for so long unsupervised. I sometimes forget to be civilized. The Lord and lady seem to understand, and have never gotten to teribly cross with me. I do fear that if left to my own demise I might end up bringing dishonor to them, or at least bring the Lady a presant that would cause her to not want me in the hall for a week or two. I still am unsure as to why a babe can not have a pet snake.
  3. Well Lilly went and had a baby! Why in the world would she go off and be a Huming Bird I will never know. Now she has decided it is not safe to adventure any more. How am I suppose to get anything done with out her? These erends they send me on are not easy to do by myseld, and lets face it none of my companions are nearlly as seasoned as she is. Not to mention who is going to keep me in line? I never really know how to behave right she has always had to tell me what to do at meetings and such. I know my manners are not going to be near as good with out her. I have no one to stop me from fighting in the bars with Harrlets, or to stop me from saying the wrong thing. I just do not think this is going to end well for me. She has even tried to say that I am a huming Bird, but I just don't see it. I could never allow a person to make me act like the others do. I do enjoy watching the huming birds though. The way they fret about how their hair looks and if their make-up is done right before their mate shows up. It is all very interesting. I think I will go back into the forest. I always think better in the trees.