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  1. Evil Entry Number 666 Today is a great day.. A triumph for evil, and all of its evil goodness. Perhaps, should all of my triumphs be this great, the goodie-goers of this bright weak world shall all be dessema.. decim.. HOWEVER THE FEL YOU SPELL IT! INDEED! Today was one of my greatest victories. As a young priestess of Light walked down the path from Elwynn to Westfall, I confronted her. We had a conversation about the joys of owning a pet, and she was so kind as to show me her pet bunny. So, hating kindness as I do, I slew the rabbit infront of her heathenous eyes with my ritual dagger and splashed the blood upon her clothes. She wept for many an hour before a guard from Westbrook Garrison retrieved her. He took her back and gave her hot soup. Luckily I was able to drop a strong laxative into the soup before she reached the garrison. Buahahaha!!! Evil shall triumph!
  2. Evil Entry Number 6--- NO THERE IS NO "ONE" IN EVIL! Dearest Diary.. Er.. -Damndest- evil tome.. Today as I perused the wares of a shop in Stormwind Old Town, a peckooli.. HOWEVER THE DEVIL YOU SPELL IT!-- object caught my eye. It was indeed a Kidney of Evil, one of the most powerful evil artifacts in this world. And so I say to the shopkeeper, "Givest me that evil stone, whelp!" To which he replied "Where is your mommy?" Needless to say, the man was obliterated where he stood. The might of my Powerful Evil Cotton Ball forced him onto his knees as I retrieved the evil kidney, and ra-- evilly waltz'd out the door. His shouts of terror soothed my bloodlust, screaming "OH! MY KIDNEY!!" HAHAHAHA! What a fool. His evil power is now mine, and I shall use this power at my next tea ceremony to torment the minds of my dearest allies: Doctor Stuffinzevil, Pauletta Ursafluff, Professor Stuffenstein and my arch-nemesis-- "Little" Amanda From Down the Street. Should I knock her off her feet, perhaps I can retrieve the Grindgear Gorilla she stole from me ages ago. Evil Entry Number 66 The project was a success! I held the stone up to Amanda's face and it evilly sprayed her with an evil blinding substance!--- "evil" mace, as I recall.. Is that how you spell it?! FEL WITH IT!.. She ran back home, clutching her eyes and whimpering for her mother. GREAT SATISFACTION I FOUND as I retrieved my Grindgear Gorilla that she left behind in such a hurry. Bwahahahaha! Evil has triumphed once more.
  3. ((I have decided to revisit the character for comic relief. Dare not to leave your ankles unattended, lest they be munched off right from under you!))
  4. I AM this moon guard person. That's my character. I have no intention of healing with that spec in the slightest. Perhaps self heals, but that's it. i eat melee classes in PvP in this spec. I can outheal their damage output easily, burn them quickly.. Holy Radiance is by far the most impressive spell I've got. A continuous heal AND a dash. Nom. I'm not going to spend points in healing talents because 1: I'm not designing the spec for healing AT ALL. And 2: Because I find holy paladin dps to be more viable than holy paladin heals. With such huge health pools and huge ddamage output, they cna't do much. So they have a couple of damage talents.. SO what? They aren't going to do much. They'll just die without someone else helping them. I can heal myself efficiently and kill enemies efficiently. That's really all that matters.
  5. Doesn't radiance go through beacon? >.> I dunno. I quit playing holy heals when holy light quit giving holy power. ShockadinQQ (Look up Morivia-Moon Guard for a working shockadin spec when you give up on heals! I gave up! ^^)
  6. the majority are unattractive and un-hygienic. Violence + Yuck = I r sooo turned off rite nao
  7. Healing is the hardest role in Cata. Don't even say otherwise, poser tanks. t(^.~)z Huge health pools + huge percentage loss within short periods of time + weak heals + high heal mana cost = inefficient difficulties. (this sucks. My three characters up for Cata content are healers. Holy/Holy paladin Disc/Holy priest and Resto/Ele shaman. It's hard.)
  8. ((Update. Found an evil residence. She took it forcibly and evilly from a family of squirrels and two little girls.))
  9. Warrior ~ Prot: Spam revenge. Fury: Spam whirlwind. Arms: Spam slam. Warlock~ Afflic: Spam DoTs. Demo: Summon stuff, run, fear, repeat. Destro: Spam immolate.
  10. Holy cow! 57. You have less of a life than I do! ^^
  11. ((She is an herbalist. An EVIL herbalist! She uses evil weeds in evil mixtures to create evil brews to use in her evil plans to evilly destroy all which is good! All before bed time. Evil villains need their evil slumber. Evil.))
  12. Full Name: Deathessa Deathblood, the Deathmancer Nicknames: Deathy, Grim Reaper Date of Birth: Pure evil has no mother! Age: Pure evil has no record of time! Race: Evil Gnome Gender: Female. Evil. Hair: Devilishly long and deathly black. Skin: Deathly pale. Eyes: The color of what pours out of her enemies open veins. (Though as a professional goblin reporter, I'd say she wears colored lenses.) Height: Evil size. Weight: Evil weight. Place of residence: She lives in an open-roof enclosed space found along the Caals of Stormwind, near the Cathedral District. There, she hosts tea parties of death and plots against the weak. She sleeps under her tea party table. Place of Birth: Evil has no mother! Known Relatives: Evil has no relatives! Religion/Philosophy: Evil shall dominate all which is good! Occupation: Witch. Deathmancer. Cultist.. Doll maker.. Group/Guild affiliation: Evil has no such ties. Guild Rank: Would be the evillest rank. Enemies: All which is good and just! Likes: Answering questions with minorly relevant answers. Space. Evil. Favorite Foods: Devil's Food Cake... Favorite Drinks: Blood! Favorite Colors: Evil crimson! Weapons of Choice: Ritual dagger! Dislikes: Bright things, happy people, good, churches, cathedrals, priests, et cetera. Hobbies: All which is evil..- Sewing.. Physical Features: Appears to be very evil. Special Abilities: Has the ability to create spheres of pure evil and launch them at enemies with evil intent. Positive Personality Traits: Evil. Negative Personality Traits: Occasionally punches children. Misc. Quirks: She is evil. Played by What Famous Person: Ashley Olsen, age 14. Evil. Theme Songs: Main Theme: When You're Evil - Voltaire History: Surprisingly, this concentrated essence of pure evil was not always evil. She was born into a family of engineers who dabbled in ev..- Er.. Engineering. They engineered things, but Deathessa saw right past their scheme. They were planning to turn her into a shoe and sell her to some noble house in Silvermoon or some other garbage. Deathessa couldn't have any of that! She decided to become evil! She donned an evil red robe, an evil hairstyle and evil colored lenses. She now corrupts Azeroth with her evil by commiting acts of evil in morally good places. BEWARE! DEATHESSA DEATHBLOOD, THE DEATHMANCER SHALL COMMIT EVIL
  13. The only real way to fix a lack of roleplay is to cry about it to the community. Don't say this ISN'T a QQ thread. Say it IS a QQ thread. I'm a great role model. (P.S. Try RP Walking around Stormwind Lake and Olivia's Pond. You'll find some super awesome lake dykes to RP with, like Looti.)