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  1. Organization: The Jaunty Bandit Faction: Alliance Description/History: I thought of bringing together the most people by establishing a tavern, because everyone from knights of the holy orders to shopkeepers and cultists likes to eat and relax sometimes. This should lead to some interesting dynamics between characters. I will be using the guild calendar to organise work shifts, rotas and larger events. I would love to get more people on board as soon as possible, the more activity we have the more likely people will participate on a regular basis. There will be such things as formal ball evenings and putting on plays but these all require more members to join, as it is currently just me on my lonesome. Roseanna (Miss Rosie Myles) will be IC in the Tavern from 5pm server time for 1 hour daily for the next week on a trial basis, if no one shows up I will abandon the project, but by then hopefully there will be more participation. Currently I have selected the Stormwind Park District tavern (the one with the mailbox) as a base of operations, as it has been empty all week. This is subject to change if it receives a lot of unwanted attention from OOCers or people that want the territory for other purposes. Looking for:Anyone and everyone. Your character can find work here on any skill or basis. Strong folk can deal with trouble makers, magic folk can conjure tricks for entertainment, we'll also welcome poets, dancers, bards, storytellers, musicians and of course catering staff such as cooks, waiters, bartenders and so on. And of course we need the customers! The aim is to bring people together every day so whatever your talent is, I will try and find you a position. It is not a requirement to join the guild to participate in the events. Established characters:None as of yet. Restrictions:Metagaming, powerposing, crude language will not be tolerated. Level of RP desired:Full RP during event times, free time you may conduct yourself however you desire. Misc. notes: It is not a requirement to join the guild to participate in the events. Contact Roseanna and they will add you to the invitational list to be contacted about upcoming events. Contact:Roseanna
  2. You might know Roseanna Myles if: -You have spent any significant amount of time in the Hillsbrad/Silverpine area in the last 30 years. -You work high up in SI:7. -You have noticed a plump, red-haired woman winking at you in Stormwind.
  3. I've been wandering around stormwind looking for RP and despite the number of people there, I am finding it hard to make connections so I have started The Jaunty Bandit programme and you are all invited to come and take part. Some of you may have received a flyer in the mail, if not here is the IC flyer that may be found floating around Stormwind and pinned outside the Auction House: -------- Attention heroes, knaves and civilians! The Jaunty Bandit Tavern has opened its doors for business. Join us of an eve to ease your mind, fill your bellies and drink your worries away! Leave the war outside the doors and come on in to where the food is hot, the beer is cold, and the dancers work for tips! You can find us on the south side of Stormwinds scenic Park District. Opening times: 5pm till 7pm daily HIRING STAFF! Chefs, Bartenders, Waiters, Entertainers, Security. Inquire within ---------- OOC postamble: I will be there every day at 5 for ONE WEEK trial period, July 17th to 25th, with good attendance from roleplayers I will continue, sharing the schedule with other participants (Hence the hiring) I have created <The Jaunty Bandit> guild to ease administration by using the calendar and bank features. It is not necessary to join the guild to take part in the events, all roleplayers are welcome. I will be seeking to enlist the help of many people as possible to run this project smoothly, so regardless of your character type there should be a viable way for everyone to participate. Perhaps you can tell poetry or recite songs to entertain the patrons? Are you a particularly savvy chef? Bonus points if you've got your own cleaver and rolling pin. Gift of the gab? Perhaps bar tending. None of the above? Perhaps you could be security and deal with troublemakers. Or simply come along for a drink and a bite to eat. Edit: The guild is up and running, staff positions are finalised, we're still hiring and would love to see you visit. I look forward to seeing you there. Sincerely, Roseanna Palm