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  1. Name: Coldwind Sanctuary Affiliation: Alliance Server: Twisting Nether RP-Type: Light-Medium People have different tastes in how much they would like to RP, including myself, so I will explain. I’ve been in different kinds of RP guilds, from heavy to light, and this one shall be one as well. Except guild chat will be OOC and there will be a separate channel for those who wish to RP through a different kind of guild chat. The reason being is because I personally I like it better not being obligated to do something when you just feel like sitting back just to relax and have fun. I prefer RP when gathered in groups or in pairs so you can act it out. Such instances being in [/Party Chat] and [/say]. You are not obligated to use the alternate RP guild chat, but it’s there for anyone who would like to further enrich their experience. Notes: I have just recently decided that I would like to form a guild for those who want a little bit of everything in their game play, but still put their real lives first. I have a passion to role play and invite all others who do as well. This is a guild for the casual player and also the dedicated. Here are some guidelines that I have established: - I’m Christian, and find it draining when involved or reading guild chat full of cussing and swearing, or any other inappropriate talk, so in guild chat there will be none of that. If you do you will be given a warning and if continued you shall be removed from the guild. So please let’s keep the atmosphere friendly. - Only mature players will be accepted. We are here to have fun, but there are also times when you need to be serious. There is no age limit, as long as you are mature. - REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! World of Warcraft is a game, and real life comes because that. It will be understood if you cannot make a meeting or an event. We try to work the game around real life- as it should be. - Subjects like drugs, sex, abuse and alcohol are not welcomed in guild chat. Anything that should be kept private should stay that way and no one else wants to hear them. Remember, it’s supposed to be family friendly so that everyone can enjoy it. As of right now, I’m the only one in the guild. I just started it in hopes that I could find more players who are searching for the same things that I am. It’ll be slow going at first, of course, but eventually I’m confident that we will have exactly what we’re looking for. As for my current level of 42, please do not let that hinder your decision. We’re all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves and make friends, and no one’s level will be important. Now for information about the guild’s direction/theme: - Kor’okash Coldwind is a leper. You will be able to find a small character description and history in the Twisting Nether forums under “Twisting Nether RP Characters”. Coldwind Sanctuary was founded under intent to help others in need, to provide refuge for the broken and weary. Of course, no one will be turned away no matter who they are. Whether you got it all together and just want to fight and help those in need, have been the victim of wrongdoing, or if you’re just an outcast and/or social misfit. Coldwind Sanctuary is a place of peace and safety where all who enter become family, for better or worse. Yet even though we’re peaceful amongst each other, we will be ready to fight for our lives and bring justice to our lives and against those who oppose it. Kor’okash may not be very popular due to his condition, but because of his heart and willingness to help those who need it, the certain few will accept him. So that about sums it up. If you have any more questions feel free to in-game mail me or /whisper is I’m online. I’m hoping you will join me and I’m looking forward to it. ~ Kor’okash