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  1. <p>Death Grip too stronk :<</p>

  2. ((Such nostalgia, and all the feels ;_;7))
  3. <p>It's been a couple years since I departed from Twisting Nether, but it's good to see the TNG has life in it :3 Thank you for the happy birthday wish!</p>

  4. <p>Happy Birthday, person I have heard of but never met!</p>

  5. "This madman just won't stop killing himself. Better set his ashes aflame to be sure."
  6. Main RP Toon: Captain Raynell A'laria, Blood Knight Horde Guild: Warsong Liberators If I had to choose the ones that made the most impact on Raynell's character, I would say The Nameless plotline and Sun Rock Retreat. Funny thing is, everyone I used to know basically followed suit. I kinda miss Uri, but he's a dumb prick. All my screenshots got deleted, alas.
  7. I think I saw Leo in a BG on my Nelf Mage. He's a Human Paladin on Emerald Dream, and he was leading a "cross" guild.
  8. "Dead? I'll believe it when I see his corpse. Otherwise, a good paladin never dies. They just turn the lights down a bit..."
  9. <p>herpy birfderh</p>

  10. You could always go the Captain America route and be a "man out of time". It's kinda like time travel. I guess you'd have to be frozen in ice, though.
  11. "Another knight fallen. Another loss to our crippled people." Raynell gazed from a distance at the casket, her face stiff and emotionless. The forest seemed quiet, aside from the sobs of mourners as they gathered for the service. She did not know the knight well, but to her, she was as much a sister in arms as any other knight. She closed her eyes, whispering a soft prayer as she bowed her head, then turning her eyes once more to the casket, she sighed softly. One day, that casket may be my own... Donning her helm, she turned swiftly on her heel. Blood would be paid in blood.
  12. And Night Elf lore continues to suffer because of it.
  13. Dalaran is one mana bomb away from ending up in the Maelstrom. And who knew Varian would take Malfurion's place as the "HUSH TYRANDE" guy.
  14. Dear Greatfather Winter, Protect the young and the innocent. There's only so much one Blood Knight can do against the restless evils of this world. -Raynell
  15. As long as CC is coordinated and a burst target can be agreed upon, you can get around a DPS/Heal team. Force defensive CDs/Trinket pops and CC/burn to the dust after.